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1 Week of Joy, Laughter and Fatigue.
Tuesday, June 26, 20073:48 PM
Wow. Finally I managed to get connected to the Internet. Sitting right now in Coffee Bean in Swak Plaza, bloging. lol. Well, I don't have much time left, will just post up some interesting pictures. Will blog more detailed whenever I am free. *which I don't* haha!

In LCCT. Waiting For Our Flight To Kuching.

In Kuching International Airport. Wonder why we look yellow. lol.

Jungle Trekking In Gunung Gading. Memang Susah. lol.

In Sematan Beach. Pretty Nice. So Much Better than the ones in Penang.

After Cleaning Up. Nice View Behind.

In Sarawak Cultural Village. With A Bidayuh Girl. =)

The Way To The Entrance To The Orang Bidayuh House.

Made from Bamboo. Pretty Amazing. Remains Me of My Guiding Days.

Lastly, Us in The China-Msia Friendship Park. Super Cool!

My Unforgettable Experience in Kuching. Nice. Heading to Miri tomorrow! Yay! =)

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Long Awaited Moment ^_^
Wednesday, June 20, 20079:41 PM
Well, first and foremost, I want to thank the people who encouraged me to blog, as in those who posted in my comments and others. *too long la, cant list all la* Thanx so much guys! You people made my bloggin life so much better and fun!

Well, back to the topic, I've been eagerly waiting for tomorrow! (21st June 2007). Hahax. This is coz I am going to fly over to East Malaysia! Woohoo! First time!!! Dammit. I am like super anxious and excited NOW. *gosh*

Wish me people, that I'm going to have a nice trip, a pleasant one as well. Lol. =P Will blog bout Swak whenever I get the chance to go online. ^_^

*tonight tak boleh tido liaw la* Lol! Yeah baby, I am going Swak!!!!

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A Changing Point In My Life =)
Thursday, June 14, 200712:12 AM
Well, to my own AMUZEMENT, I've finally decided to BLOG! After much persuasion and the constant bugging from my friends, I've decided to do it. lol. No. It is not to please them. But I've got my part of story waiting to be told. lol. Well people, step in here and enjoy the ups and downs in my life. =) *cheers*

p/s : I admit that my blogging skills aren't Up-To-That-Standard. lol!

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