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A New Obstacle
Friday, July 27, 200710:28 PM
Right. Now I'm Back In UTP. For My First Year First Sem in Chemical Engineering. It's A New Environment. Trying to Cope With The New Environment Like The Others. Nevertheless, It's A Tough One. Wish Me LUCK. =)

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.: The Journey Continues :.
Saturday, July 14, 20072:54 PM

Gosh! It's Been A While Since I've Updated My Blog. Been Very Busy Lately. Hunting For New Clothes For New Sem, Helping My Aunt to Baby-Sit, Running Errands. I've Been Missing Out On My Beauty Sleep Lately. *sighes* Getting Very, Very Tired Lately, and My New Sem is Going to Start Soon. Aih.

Well, This Post is Supposed to Be The Continuation of My Trip to Swak. *WARNING* This is A Super Long Post.

Left for Miri on the 27th of June for A 10 Day Trip. Was Kind of Tired After The Trip to Kuching but Nevertheless, I Was Thrilled! Hahax. Gonna Make It Short. The Pictures Will Do Most of The Talking. =)

Arrived At the Miri Airport. I Find It So Similar to Kuching International airport. Just It's The Smaller Version.

First Stop, The Beach.

Dinner Time! We are One Bunch of Hungry People. Great Seafood!

Went to The Public Park After That. I Didn't Drink! Keep Me Out of That! Hahax. =P

Nice View of The Hanging Bridge. The Public Park Was Fantastic!

The Whole Gang in Miri.

We May Look Matured, but We Are Still Young At Heart. We Played Like There's No Tomorrow. Hahax.

On The 29th, We Left for A 2D1N Trip to Mulu. Luckily Everyone Can Wake Up. We Slept Very Late The Night Before. Took FAX over to Mulu. Very Fast, but Super Bumpy! Lol.

Reached The Royal Mulu Resort. We Were Greeted By The Locals. Cute Cute People Aren't They!

On The Way to The Caves. We Went to Deer's Cave and Ladies's Cave.

p/s : Peow Was Super Excited When We Were Heading to Ladies's Cave. Kononnya, Ada Chiobu! TOO BAD! There Were NONE. He Was So Disappointed! Lol.

Inside Deer's Cave. Amazing Huh The Creation of God and Nature.

It Started to Rain On The Way Back. REAL Heavy. The Raincoats That We Bought in Kuching Were SUPER USELESS! We Were Drenched From Head to Toe. Hahax.

The Next Day, We Went to The Local Villages and Bought Souvenirs. Then to Clearwater's Cave and Wind's Cave. It's Supposed to Be Windy Ey, but Only A Few Of Us Managed to Feel The Breeze. Hahax. After That, It's Packing Up and Leaving For Miri.

We Played in The Water. Super Cool. Refreshing and Nice!

Went to Airport In This Safari Van. Hahax!

US, and Our Tour Guide.

The Cockpit of FAX. COOL!

We Reached Miri, and At Night, We Slept Like Nobody's Business. TIRED ma! Hahax.

The Next Day, We Went to Latak Waterfall.

Then, to Niah Caves.

At Night, We Went Up To Canada Hill to Enjoy The View of Miri City. We Nearly Covered Up Miri so There Were Practically Nothing Else to Do But to Go Shopping, Arcade, Bowling, Catch Up With The Latest Movies and Drink KOKOBERRY! *drools*

We Watched Transformers and Die Hard 4.0, and that's Kokoberry in My Hands. =P

4 of Them Left for Brunei, KK and Labuan. Only Barney, San, Jason, Leong and I Were Left In Miri. We Went to Petronas Carigali Swak HQ as well as Shell's HQ.

For Supper, We Went to i-dunno-wad-its-called Place to Makan. Hahax. My First impression Was 'Wow! It Looks Like Jongker Street in Malacca'. But, I Prefer The Food In Jongker. Lol.

Happily Eating.

We Went To Curtin Uni The Next Day. Definitely The Swak Campus One La, Not The One In Australia. How I Wish I Get to Study In Australia, Be It in Curtin Uni or Any Uni. It Has Been My Dream to Further My Studies In Aus.

We Went to This Taoist Temple, and It's Beautiful. I Mean REAL BEAUTIFUL! *Han Sze, You Know What I Mean* Hahax.

Really An Unforgettable Experience In Miri. Left for KL on The 6th Near Midnite. Had to Spend One Night In LCCT. Thanx to My Two Buddies, Peow and Leong as They Accompanied Me Throughout The Whole Night. Gentleman That's What I Call. Hahax! =P Reached Penang on The 7th. *Gosh* I Was So Tired That I Slept A Lot. Like A PIG!

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More Random Pics In Kuching!
Saturday, July 7, 20075:07 PM
Gosh! These pics reminds me of the memories in Kuching! *Sigh* I want to go there AGAIN! =P

Before that, I want to express my fullest gratitude to my hosts in Kuching, basically Charles and his sister, Janet. Thanx for all the wonderful stuffs (food, sight seeing, transport, shopping, all the activities, accommodation). We are really lost if it wasn't for you both! Thanx!

Next would be Jason Anderson, for bringing us around in Kuching in his dad's car (where I always fight to sit in front) Hahax! Jason, you've been a very wonderful company to me during my stay in Swak.

Thanx to Yeong Chuan, for allowing me to experience how to take bus in Kuching, for bringing me to Coffee Bean, Swak Plaza, where I can online and blog, Lol! and for bringing me along to his church blending in Santubong.

Last but not least, to my favourite guardian angel, Jing Zhi, for bringing his lap top all the way to Swak Plaza, just for me to online. Hahax! He super buzy! Although he said want to teman me while I'm in Swak! Ceh! Lol! =P

p/s : Those pics below are very sentimental to me indeed. And I LOVE them!

Night View, With The Cat Statue. Nice eh?

At Last, Down From Gunung Gading, All Looking So Tired, After 4 Hrs of Jungle Trekking.
Waterfall Up In Gunung Gading. Really Pays Off After Hiking Up For So Long!

My Buddies and I, Engraving Our Names in Sematan Beach. =)
The Front View in Santubong, For Church Blending. Although I Din't Manage To Get In. =(
My Bidayuh or What-Ever-You-Name-It Warrior! Hahax! =P
An Org Bidayuh Using A Blow-Pipe. Gosh! He Was So Cool!
After the Cultural Performance, My Beloved Buddies and I.
In Front of Rumah Orang-Ulu.

At The Msia-China Memorial Park. How Come So Many Zheng He Dy? Lol!

Memang My Favourite Drink In Kch! Teh-C-Peng Special from 7th Mile! Gosh! I CAN Survive Only on That! *My Mouth's Watering Now!*

Last but Not Least, KOLO MEE! This is What The Swakians Are So Proud Of! I Got Kinda Jelak After Eating A Few Plates, But Now I'm MISSING It!

Gosh! I'm Really MISSING Those Moments in Kch Now.

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