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Acoustic Night 2007
Sunday, August 26, 200712:25 AM
One Word - It was a BOMB!
First time I'd been to these kind of events, well, it's superb. I reallie LOVE it. Begging them to have more of it. Vern has already blogged bout it. Read it from her kooky monsta blog.
I'll let the pics do most of the talking. I'm out of words. Brain jammed.

-Emcees for that night-

-Christon and his band. They ROCK!-

-Javier and I. The TEO CLan-

-After The Concert-

-Isn't She A Beauty?-

Songs that caught my heart that nite :
1. Dare You To Move by Switchfoot
2. Daughters by John Mayer
3. Don’t Know Why by Norah Jones
4. When You Say Nothing At All by Ronan Keating
5. More Than Words by Extreme
6. If I Ain’t Got You by Alicia Keys
7. Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional

That night was just Superb.

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Sunday, August 19, 200710:38 PM
.... leads to the most exciting day so far in UTP! Hoho. I don't reallie go out on Fridays, but this sem, I only have one class on Fridays (9-10am), so after that, it's the whole day FREE! Yay! *jumps for joy*. Well, back to the point.

After class, lepak at in2eat, back to room, nice afternoon, nice weather, and I decided to sleep. Happily dreaming and snoring away, I was awaken with my hp ringing. (Lucky eyh u Herman, I usually put silent mode)

'Eyh, wana go Ipoh anot?'
'Huh? Now kah? *mamai'ing'*
'Yea. Very sien (boring) la.'
'Who else wana go?' *eyes barely open*
'Ask your frens la'.
'Oh. Okay. I'll call u back.'

Falls back asleep on the bed AGAIN. Recalled wad Herman said. Reality has sunken in. Goin IPOH?? Serious kah?

Terus hop out from the bed. Called my first partner-in-crime, Amy Jie. She agreed to go, unless Hwee Huat GOES! *something fishy eyh?* lol. Called Hwee Huat, he agreed. Right. Then call itu sewa kereta punya budak. Sembahyang Jumaat. Din't answer. Potong Stim! =.=''''

From 12:30am when I first recieved the call till 2:30pm, baru managed to sewa kereta ah! My Credits ah!! Nvm la. Selagi boleh enjoy sudah. Lolx.

Amy Jie drove the car to fetch me, then Herman at old v5, and lastly to USM to pick up ah Huat. Withdrew money, and we're on our way to Ipoh!

Happily driving away, suddenly Herman asked. 'Does anyone of you know the way either to JJ or Ipoh Parade?' Out of sudden, everyone became so quiet. *Oops* Hahax. I bet u know the answer.

None of us know the way. Only know how to drive all the way to Ipoh. Reached town.

'So where now?'
'Turn right'.
'No! I think it's straight'.
'No way! My instinct says take left!'

Wad da....Poor Herman. He doesnt know where to go as he has 3 different co-pilots who are without sense of direction. Lol. This shows that we 'guai kia'(budak baik) ma, dun go Ipoh lepak one. Lol. We passed so many fly-overs. Suddenly like heading back to Penang. The highway sign Pg-Kl is getting more and more obvious. Like goin to reach toll anytime. Lol. We even joked of going back. Mind u. Herman and I are Penangnites. Meanwhile, Amy and ah Huat are from Klang. Lol. Wat a coincidence. Pulled up in front of SMJK Yuk Choy (I think), called our 'saviour'.

'Philip Zhai ah, how to go to JJ ah?' Lol.
'Where are you?'
'In front of Yuk Choy'.
'Swt. You're in the wrong direction. I guide u back to medan kit. From there you find your OWN way to JJ'.

Find my own way there? Kalau I tau, sudah tak payah call u liaw la Philip Zhai *no offence ya love*. Drove back to medan kit, stopped at the Shell petrol station, got down, bought some drinks, and asked for directions. We got so tired and restless of the long journey, but we have someone sitting right behind, 'preaching' us about physic theories, definitions, how to derive formulas. =.='''' I escaped from UTP but I brought the wrong person to go enjoy with. Sorry. *no offence* But nevertheless, we laughed all the way to Ipoh. He and his silly antics. Lol.

Buta buta drive nia lo. Hahax. Left UTP around 3pm, reached Ipoh Parade around 5pm. Lol. 2 hrs le! Buat malu aje. Hahax.

All the 4 of us super excited when we reached Ipoh Parade. Rushed to cinema. Watched movie. Then go shopping. Till 9pm still hvnt taken our dinner. Wanted to go somewhere else for dinner, mana tau, passed by IRO IRO, a jap restaurant, we were drawn to the aroma coming from the restaurant.

'You people wana eat jap food boh?'
'Wana eat kah?'
'Up to u guys la. As long as I eat somethin!' *weird noises coming out from the stomach*
'Sure anot? It's RM28.80++ ah'.
'Buffet dinner ma. Eat all you want'.
'Wad?? I fat liaw la!'. *wana walk away, but tempted*
'Herman, you wana eat boh?'
'Up to u la. If you want, I'll GLADLY follow!' *smirk*
The 2 girls = 'Oops. Die liaw la this time'.
'OKAY la! Then we go PARTY!' *shakes butt happily* =P

I was cursing in my heart. Sinful ah I tell u. It's already 9pm, summore BUFFET wor. Habis ah. Took our seats, within seconds, we have plates on our hands. *Gosh* Imagine all the food displayed. Ready to be eaten. By the 4 hungry cannibals - US. >.<

We went endless rounds. We reallie enjoyed ourselves, nevertheless. Too full till cant even stand up and walk properly. Got into our car, back to UTP. At least we GUESSED the correct way back to UTP tho. Lolx.

Wad a wonderful day. Reallie wonderful. I enjoyed myself, no doubts. I believed the other 3 enjoyed as well. Credit goes to =

1. Herman (our super safe driver) ^_^
2. Amy Jie (who is always there for me) =)
3. Hwee Huat (thanx for all the knowledge) Lol.

Thanx guys! You people are the BEST. My Beloved Coursemates. =)

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