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scream your lungs
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where do you come from
Run Away!
Monday, January 7, 20086:22 PM
Basically, I ran away from home. I can't stand it being at home! My siblings picking out on my slightest fault, parents scolding me 24/7. No la. Joking.

Was away from home for about 20 days. Travelling.

Since so many people ask me to update my blog, well, guess this will be my latest post after so long.

Left home on the 20th, 9:00 a.m. for JB.
One fun-filled week in JB.
The best place I have ever been - Danga Bay. Tandem bikes. Super cool.
Went around here and there. Sight seeing. Makan. Sleep late. Wake up late.
BAHAGIA. Lol. Iced Milo every night before I sleep. *wink*
Everything was really perfect. Celebrated my very first Christmas as a believer with nice presents and fireworks, over looking Danga Bay. Nice. Sweet. Romantic.

Left JB on the 27th, 12.00 a.m. for KL.
Another 5 more amazing days.
Stayed in Amy's house in Klang. Went out everyday. To Klang JJ, Mid Valley, Sunway Pyramid. KLCC.
The worst was to Mid Valley, on the 31st. Wanted to take KTM back around 7p.m., but it was super duper crowded! Everyone was pushing here and there, each train that came was as packed as sardines. Chang Hua, Amy and I were too hungry that we had our sushi there, standing in the middle of the crowded and suffocating station. The next train came, we managed to get on board. Haha.

Left KL on the 1st, 3:00 p.m. for Port Dickson.
This time is not for sight seeing or anything. It's for the Petronas camp. Boring. Haha. But hye, the food is nice! Especially at Ilham's! Well. Overall, the camp was okay la. Tiring. Boring at times. Nothing much to blog about this.

Left PD on the 7th, 9:00 a.m. for KL and back to Penang.
Reached KL, went to Pudu to board a bus back. Phew. Tiring. And now I am back, in Penang. Home Sweet Home.

Oh my. I am really exhausted. Gonna sleep real long tonight. Tired. But hye, those memories and experiences were really amazing!

Thanx to Guang Wei in JB, Amy in Klang for their hospitality. =)

And oh, Happy New Year People.

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