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UTP and her stories
Saturday, March 29, 20082:33 PM
Why is it so damn hard to blog? Sucky connection.

This has indeed been a very very tough week for me. One big project with lots of rehearsals and meetings, test on Wednesday and lots of assignments to be handed in. I was practically a living zombie, lacking of sleep, skipping classes. Thank God it has finally come to an end. =)

Euphonious '08 Finals. It was really good. Sad to say that I only managed to watch the final two groups. Was looking forward to the performances by The Capoiz and The Raptors, but due to some UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES, I only made it to Chancellor Hall at 10:30p.m. Damn.

This event has indeed triggered lots of reactions from different parties. Well, what could I say? Indeed Euphonious received a lot of attention and support from the students, but there are some who are against it. Really against it.

Extracted without permission from Barney. Lol.

Extracted without permission from Qing. =P

Well, from what I see, these people are really 4-flatters, and are really free. They have nothing-to-do-life and don't-need-to-study-terus-4-flat personalities. Well, I envy them. I have never got 4-flat yet after 2 yrs being here.

From hunting down and catching couples on V-day to putting up banners, giving motivational talks in cafes and handing out flyer's, I simply wonder what had actually happened to the students here.

One even quoted "I have saved hundreds of souls from going into hell". Ah. How pious. *sarcasm*. I think they acted too late, since many had already bought the tickets. Haha.

I really wonder what will happen when Eupho '09 is back again. It's really amusing to see them going to great lengths to stop an event which has been approved by the management.

Damn, the puss on the right toe is getting worse. I think I need to amputate it.

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Euphonious '08
Saturday, March 22, 200811:17 PM
Battle of the Giants. Euphonious '08. Started yesterday and concluded today. 23 bands in the fray. Competing to qualify for Eupho Finale and of cos, the RM 1000 grand prize. People of many talents and skills competed. There were bands which were really good, the so-so and the need-much-more-improvement.

Personally, I had a liking for a few of the bands, but I ain't going to mention any. I felt that they were really good, and they stood a chance to qualify. But it's all up to the judges, they have the upper hand. Some bands were really good, but they were denied a chance to enter the finals. Saddening. Some comments by the judges for certain groups were really discouraging. But the decision has been made. Out of the 5 finalists, I only agreed with 3.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed myself there. Bands rocked the stage and musicians showed their talents. Did a survey and realized that 8 groups did Oasis - Don't Look Back in Anger. Liked the rendition by 7 Car Pile Up and Project Summer. It's fun to actually sing along and bob your head. Haha.

Well, I believe many, many bands made their debut and I can see that they made a good job. To those who managed to pull it through, congrats. I believe bands will compete again next year, coming back stronger and better. Looking forward for Eupho '09. You might not know, I might be performing. Haha. =)

And you, yes you, should know that I am very, very proud of you. Winning and losing doesn't matter, what matters most is your spirit and I know you have given all your best. Very proud of you. Very. =)

Can you spot Him? =)

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Monday, March 17, 20088:43 PM
Hah. Finally I get to update my blog. Just finished thermo test. Not going to talk about it. Flunked. Another one coming. Next week.

Nothing to blog about. Perhaps. This post shall be about food. Yes. Food I find interesting all this while while travelling around. I know. I'm a glutton. Haha.

p/s : This ranking doesn't go according to favouritism. Semua pun suka.

Favourite #1 : Suan pan zi (算盘子) (Melaka)
Sorry but I've forgotten to take a picture of this delicacy. Basically, it's yam fried together with onions, black fungus and ikan bilis. And I found this in Melaka Jongker! Sedap. No joke.

Favourite #2 : Nga choi kai (Ipoh, Perak)
Funny. I love this dish but I HATE the chicken. I find it very oily. Keow teow and nga choi for me! =)

Favourite #3 : Chicken rice ball (Melaka)
Hah. Another one. I love this dish, but now I LOVE the chicken, NOT the rice. Haha.

Favorite #4 : Sweet and sour pork rice (Tronoh, Perak)
Can you believe it, I find this dish very, very nice. I don't really favour pork, but heck, this dish got my craving for more.

Favourite #5 : Maggie tom yam (Penang)
Didn't know about this till Vern introduced it to me. It's really, really good. I bet nobody can cook that dish as well as him.

Favourite #6 : Kolo mee (Kuching, Sarawak)
This mee is mixed with oil. Pork oil. Fattening. But yes. Sedap. And it has slices of pork.

Favourite #7 : Satay celup (Melaka)

Well, this dish is special. And if the kuah kacang is good, it is good nevertheless. The ingredients are all the same. It's the kuah that makes the difference. Had to queue up 30mins for this.

Favourite #8 : Yong tau foo (Melaka)
Supposedly Ipoh yong tau foo is the best, don't know why I find this superb. Fine. I had 3 bowls. Glutton I say.

Well, there are many nice, nice food around. Waiting for me. Yum yum. =)

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Wednesday, March 12, 20083:15 PM
It's so worth it.

Slept last night after stoning in front of pc. Sleep was good but I miss my bolster. =( but luckily I have teddy. =D

Woke up at 9:30am today, got ready and fetched mum to school to collect bro's results. Reached Penang Free at 10:50am, only to hear that the results were not out yet. Waited. Patiently.
11:30am. Still no sign of school releasing the results. Waited. Feeling very sleepy. Started to complain to mum. Waited.

Some teachers opened the school hall. Everyone rushed in. Waiting for them to announce the top scorers, like what my school did when I was eagerly waiting for my SPM results back then in 2006.

Bro was as cool as a cucumber. Mum and I were the anxious ones. Heard bro's name being announced. Ahhh. Relieved. Shed tears of joy.

Congrats Jason. You have made us proud of you. And yes, it runs in the family. Lol. Next will be Rachel's turn.

Proud of you. =)

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1:04 AM
Tests are over (except for thermo and fluids), but heck, lots of assignments are coming up. I should be doing researches on my term paper and journal assignments. But I prefer to chat and blog. Lol. Cant help it.

Not going to talk anything about the elections cause I've heard enough comments and views from cab drivers. Yes. CABBIES. While in Melaka.

Was so hyped up to blog about my trip to Melaka, but guess I shall leave it for some other day. I need the pics from my Sony T10 camera.

I should be doing something on my :
- HSE assignment
- Thermodynamics Term Paper
- Fluid Mechanics journal

But I am stoning now in front of the pc cause it's way past midnight and my bed time.

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