Take me away cause falling in love ain't very far
thy queen
bow before me
click on me!
hook me up
scream your lungs
nuff niggas
links ahoy!
its easy to clap
where do you come from
When everything crumbles, all you have is Him
Tuesday, April 22, 200810:47 PM
I need some air. *gasping*

- fluid mechanics test (22/4/08)
- modern music assessment (23/4/08)
- sp lab test (24/4/08)
- meb test (25/4/08)
- eg test (28/4/08)
- sp test (29/4/08)
- hse test (30/4/08)
- thermodynamics test (2/5/08)

and study week is on the 3rd.

How bad can that actually be?

But I still praise Him for giving me this, for I learn how to depend on Him and give Him my all.
Father, I lean on you. =)

And I say unto you,
Ask and it shall be given to you;
seek, and you shall find;
knock, and it shall be opened
unto you.
Luke 11:9

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A hell of a week
Thursday, April 17, 20089:02 PM
Oh yes I know. It has been quite a while since i last blogged. It's only Thursday today. I hate the coming two weeks. =(

1. I haven't blogged for a week plus. Lol. Lame.
2. Trying to spend lesser money now. Till then, no more withdrawals till the 25th. Oh yes I can do it.
3. Trying very hard to juggle between SP, HSE, MEB, Fluid, Thermo, EG. Practically all my subjects. Lol.
4. Have to stop sleeping so much. Sleep early but I still sleep in the afternoons.
5. Quit spending so much.
6. Stop internet-ing so much. The connection sucks.
7. Stop taking up so many activities next semester. It's KILLING me.
8. I need a break.

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Tuesday, April 8, 200812:43 AM

You came and impacted my life. Brought me from darkness to light. I'll always run towards you. =) Lead me in this challenging world, guide me and show me the ways that You have already planned for me.

To Mum & Dad;
You know you both meant the world to me. Without you, where would I be now? I miss home so much, and I miss the great time we had in TGI. Will be back soon. Looking forward for our trip to Singapore. Lots of love from tronoh.

To you;
When you came into my life, it's a beginning of another brand new chapter in my life. Thanx for willing to share your life together with me. Gone were all the bad days I had, when God blessed me with you. And He shall bless us more abundantly.

Miss those days when we really had a hell lots of fun back in the foundation year. Sigh. I hate undergraduate studies. Small lily cute cute-big big du nan. Haha.

Hui Ping;
My best partner in crime. Shopping buddy. Gossip buddy. Whats more? Miss those times we went to Ipoh and crapped non stop. Bad luck we aren't in the same group. I miss you alot. Change group next semester alright? Shall be waiting. She and her lame, cold jokes.

Siu Li;
Mada mada dane. =.='' Haha. Am closer to her this semester. Really thankful for being in Group B. Care free, always mumble non stop, use words which is sooooo out of place. 'The fishball is so incest'. Wth.

Suku la. Influenced me with this POWERFUL word. Now to me it's like drinking water. Lol. Always wake up late, muka tak cuci, tak mandi. Oh man. So going to kena from her. FFC president! I love thursdays. Haha. A great south park fan. When wana go badminton together?

Another south park fan. Corrupted with those words, a great buddy. Always ppk people's birthday party, except for his. =.='' Oi. When wana go Ipoh again? Waiting for you to drive la. Huat very slow. Hurry and complete the thermo term paper. Gonna kick your ass soon.

My big brown bear. Although we are in different groups, but you don't ever change I tell you. Will kick your butt if you do. Haha. Let's go Kampung Bali man. p/s : Drive faster? Lol!

My CG people;
Although I may not be that outspoken yet, but I am trying. =) you guys are great. And CG is really cool. Looking forward to every tuesday.

p/s : To those whom I didn't mention doesn't mean that you aren't important to me. Just that it's 1:30 am and I am stoning.

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Wants, Needs
Wednesday, April 2, 200811:12 PM
This is crap.
I haven't been watching movies in ages!! This is not fair. Why is UTP located 45 minutes away from Ipoh? It's even worse if Huat drives. One hour plus. Lol.

There are so so so many movies that I want to watch!
-Be kind rewind
-Gone baby gone
-10,000 BC (I know its too late to watch it now. Should have watched it in Malacca)
-Ah Long Pte Ltd

Can somebody just give Perak a holiday for me to at least watch one movie? Suppose to go this Friday but my 'happening' MEB lecturer wants to give replacement class. 5-7pm. What hell.

It's one more month to final. And I am not prepared. At all. Can I just drop SP and MEB? =(


p/s : Happy birthday may. I love you.

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