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Hillsong United
Saturday, May 31, 20087:35 PM

Hillsong United came to Glad Tidings, PJ on the 28th of May and yes, I was there. One memorable experience. First time to a concert. Excited can.

Got my butt to KL on the 27th, reaching around 4pm, wondering aimlessly till I decided to settle for Midvalley. Did window-shopping. No clothes, but food. Haha. Bought this Unagi Don at RM5 after 9pm, for my dinner.

Took a LRT to Miharja to meet up with my uncle, who then bought us for supper. Of course I did not eat, I have my Unagi waiting for me. Back home, indulged in my dinner while watching pirated Superhero Movie. Not as funny as I expected, I find it boring.

Clean up, went to bed. Woke up at 6am, feeling a little weird. Stomach kept churning. Instantly, it came. Was hit with bouts of diarrhea. And that day itself was the concert. Kept praying for it to go away. Boyfriend was down with diarrhea too. Ain't fun.

Luckily it stopped around 1pm. Went out for lunch and shopping at Cheras Leisure Mall. This very kind lady at the Salvation book store told us to go earlier, in case we can't get good places for ourselves.

To cut the story short, we reached GTPJ around 6:30pm, and boy, there were a lot of people there already. Concert was scheduled to begin at 8pm. Bought some merchandises, and went to some stalls nearby for light dinner.

We were let in around 7:15pm, and you can see throngs of people pushing in just to get the best view. 3,000 brothers and sisters from all over Malaysia was there, cramped in the main hall.

Concert started exactly at 8pm. And gosh. It was REALLY GOOD i tell you. They started off with The Time Has Come. Intro was really great. I was happily jumping and I kept on stepping on this girl's toes. Pity la. Who ask you to wear open-toed sandals to a concert and stand behind me? Lol.

Was practically drenched by the 3rd song. By then, memang pancit already. But at least I bop my head to the songs. =) Everyone there was worshipping God with all their hearts. It was really great. Indescribable. No pictures allowed as they don't want us to be distracted from worshipping God.

Ended around 10pm. Freaking GOOD. Freaking AWESOME. And if you love Hillsong United just like I do, you surely know what I mean.

Walked out the way to Jaya to catch a cab, stomach giving problems again. Urgh. But praise God stomach was fine throughout the whole concert.

Went back, was very very tired. Predicting that whole body will ache tomorrow morning, but it didn't! Haha. Ok la. So now I am back in Penang. Shall be leaving for Singapore on monday. And this time, it shall be a shopping spree! no longer window shopping. =D

Got this. It's a 1GB pendrive. From Hillsong United. Costs me around RM90, but worth it la. You won't know when is Hillsong United gonna come back to Malaysia. Loads of songs, lyrics, trailers, wallpapers and lead sheets in it. Tell me. Worth or not? =D

And that's boyfriend with the Hillsong tee. Nice alright. But no S size. So yeah. Couldn't buy it. =( Mind the background. We were in UTM.

p/s : Should I work when i get back from Singapore? Saw some vacancies in Salvation.

p/s 2 : Hey Edgar. I know you read my blog. =D haha. Just wana tell you that Hillsong is coming in August!! Might be at Bukit Jalil Stadium. Darlene and the gang. Wana go?

Currently listening to 'The Time Has Come'.

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Sunday, May 25, 200810:38 AM
Finally. The semester has come to an end. Busy packing now, leaving for hometown in 2 hours time. A pretty fast semester. Starting to miss my coursemates. 3 weeks of studying together in IRC, nearly everyday to tronoh, ah, I miss all of you and your jokes. *emo emo* haha.

Anyways, Pinky ah, I finally got my Big Apples! haha. Boyfriend and Vinod decided to surprise me one day before the last paper. Haha. And then, FINALLY, yes finally, my manga bible all the way from Ireland is here! Was worried sick, afraid that the parcel will get lost or something. The bible is really cool. Serious. =)

Can't wait for this wednesday. Oh,oh. I find this picture very interesting.

Church mates.

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Wednesday, May 21, 20089:47 PM
This shall be a very short one.

Tomorrow's the 5th paper. Finals going to end soon. =) After that it's going to be a 2 month holiday break, where I am going to enjoy myself loads and paying back all my sleep debt. And getting free money from Petronas without having to study. Haha.

Oh oh. Going to watch Hillsongs in KL next wed!! =D Excited can. Gonna get one thing checked off in my wishlist. Can't wait.

Hosanna. Hosanna in the highest. Lalalalallalallalallala. Pardon me.

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Mommy =)
Sunday, May 11, 20087:48 PM
Finals are starting tomorrow. Creepy. I still have a lot to cover. =(

Anyway, this post is mainly for my mum. Happy Mother's Day. As I promised, I'll bring you out for dinner when I come back on the 25th. And as you wanted, I shall try my best to grant it.

Haven't been posting much lately. Got lots of things to catch up. I'm feeling very, very tired. How I wish that the semester can end earlier.

Happy Mother's Day again and you know that I love you. Can't wait to see you. Stay pretty at all times. =)

Lots of hugs and love from your eldest daughter.

On my waiting list:
1. Singapore!
2. Big Apples Donuts
3. Movie spree
4. Shopping spree

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I count my Blessings.
Thursday, May 1, 20081:05 AM
8 down and 1 to go.

Luckily tomorrow's Labour Day. So practically a day off for me to replenish all my long-lost-beauty-sleep. I am feeling very lethargic now, having dark,black rings all around my eyes.

Been slacking real bad these 2 weeks, having to concentrate on studies, juggling between time to study, eat, rest and do past years.

Can't concentrate that well, even going to the extend of staying up real late and missing classes the next day. The good point is I am so tensed and stressed up until I have no mood for maggie. Unlike somebody. Lol.

This sem SP is a real killer. Hye c'mon. Why do I need to study this when I am supposed to study about fluid mechanics and stuffs? *rants* SP tortures me to the max. I don't freaking understand SP. Oh help.

I am really sick of this semester, although time flies very quickly indeed, another month and I shall be free.

Gotta stay up again tonight, for my thermodynamics test 2 this friday. Sigh. Will drink the ginseng tomorrow morning mum. Looking forward to go to Spore with family.

And oh yes, no more activities next semester, and I shall hold on to that promise, or I will treat my Cheme family to Kampung Bali (except for my Digi events) haha.

Connection is freaking bad here. Stupid.

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