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Wednesday, June 25, 200810:54 PM
Been to gym for nearly 3 weeks already. Feeling great. At least I get my butt moving around rather then being a couch potato sitting in front of the idiot box. How I hate the TV. Blah. Alright. I shall not bother you with my oh-so-boring gym routine.

Might be catching 'Get Smart' with bestie this friday. But that also depends on my schedule. I do things the very last minute. Which means packing my luggage for my KL trip on friday.

I'm going to KL this saturday, staying there for a week. Am expecting lots of fun from boyfriend, and coursemates. Shall be going to MidValley just to bowl, watch movie and catch up. Not to forget ice skating in sunway pyramid and sunway lagoon. Haha. And lots of shopping. Hell yeah!

Not interested in the food in KL. Don't debate with me about this. Haha! Ironically, I'm still waiting for my beautiful babe from Klang to bring me out for some Klang Bak Kut Teh. Haha.

This is suppose to be a happy post. I shall not be emo and rant about my besties leaving Penang for uni. Bah.

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Saturday, June 14, 20081:56 PM
*claps* Blog's a year old now! Finally. Although I still haven't managed to hit 100 posts, but I can't believe I survived in the blogging world for a year already. =D

Watched Prom Night yesterday. It was Awesome. And Bobby is so cute. *melts* Can't wait to watch Kung Fu Panda next friday, together with cousins.

Ok la. Short post only. Gonna go shopping soon. Oh yes! I found this very, very lovely pair of Gold Flats from NOSE!! And bro's gonna buy it for me as my early bday present. How cool is that. *grins* so yeah. One thing off the wishlist now.

p/s : Isabelle darling. Mana you? =(

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Thursday, June 12, 20085:59 PM
Watching those short clips of the Hillsong Concert in KL on youtube brings back memories. The concert was really a blast. Will definitely make way to go for the next one in Bukit Jalil. The next one will feature Darlene but no more Joel. *tears* Uh-oh. And I missed Planetshakers when they came to Malaysia in April!! *tsk tsk*

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Monday, June 9, 20082:51 PM
Finally, for real, I am back in Penang till the 19th of July. One month plus before I start my second year, which is crappy cause there will be 2 subjects carrying 4 credit hours. =( MEB is already killing me, don't know what will happen next semester.

Currently on a book frenzy. Been buying loads of books. Borders is currently having a massive book sale and Big bookstore keeps on slashing the price. I go crazy whenever I see books. Loads of books. With great bargains. *hyperventilate*

Books are piling high now, and I need a bigger shelf to store them. Feel like selling them away to make way for new books, but they are really precious. Come to think of it, I wouldn't want to trade anything for my books. =) Unless you want to borrow la.

Can't wait to grab hold of the 3 books in my wishlist. I heard that they are good. But the stingy me can't afford to buy them. Gonna have to wait till they are cheaper, or somebody buys them for me. *wide grin*

Bro's gonna return tomorrow. Miss him a lot. Congrats for getting bronze in Sukma. Proud of you. =)

Gonna hit the gym tonight. Finally, I am going to get something done. Once and for all. =D

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