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'Jamming' With Daughtry
Sunday, July 27, 200812:58 PM
I wished I could be with the crowd and feel the excitement partying together with Chris Daughtry and his band at the Daughtry Street Party in One Utama last night. Fine. I did not manage to get hold of the Chris Daughtry tickets. Grrr.

But anyway, I was treated to something even better. =D What's better than being entertained by Daughtry and his band while dining in Chilis with great Fajita Quesidallas, fantabulous Firecracker Fish Fillet and mouth watering Lamb Shank together with Chilis Chocolate Milkshake and bottomless Fruit Juices? Haha! And a perfect veiw of Daughtry and his band from the top?

The view from Chilis.

That's Daniel Lee singing Mimpi.

And that ladies and gentleman, Daughtry and his men rocking the stage.

Yesterday night was a blast. Although having Jason, Kelvin, Josiah and Renae to wait for Daughtry and his band for 4 hours. Damn. I could have done something else better than listening to Liang, Daniel Lee and the turntablists. I don't have anything against for Malaysian artist, but hye, it is supposed to be Chris's night. Instead, Malaysian artists were hogging the limelight. T____T

Quote Joe 'It is more like Malaysian Music Fest rather than Jamming with Daughtry Street Party'. Sigh.

I could have shopped for my jeans! Grrr. But never mind. Having to listen to Chris singing 'Over You' and 'Feels Like Tonight' paid off despite waiting for so long and missing the last train home. He started off with some relatively new songs, which I presume is from his upcoming album. Could not believed that he only performed for 45 mins while the other artists performed longer. Not fair!!

But then, seeing him live is good enough. My second concert of the year. The only artist that I actually listen to. Fair enough. Had to catch a cab all the way back to Cheras. Oh well. That concluded my weekend. Back to UTP now. Huhu.

I hate SE. Kau kau. RM300+ for a ticket. What is this?

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The Big Two-Oh
Sunday, July 20, 20087:48 PM
So what did I do yesterday? Can't believed I turned twenty yesterday. 20. Haha. Now I no longer feel young.

Spent the morning leaving Penang heading to UTP. Then the whole afternoon was spent in JJ Ipoh. Boyfriend and I watched batman. Uber cool. I love Heath Ledger. Who else can put a smile on your face? He's just way too good. It's superb. Brilliant I tell you. Although me having to fight neck and body aches, nonetheless, didn't regret watching it.

Nothing much. It was just a mild celebration. But gonna give credits to boyfriend for taking all the trouble to arrange everything so that all goes well. =D

Thanks to those who wished me personally, those who called me, and those who texted me. Felt very grateful to be blessed with people like all of you (you know who you are). Thank you so much for making my day.

And finally thank God and my parents, without them, I wouldn't be here today.

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Wednesday, July 16, 200811:32 PM
Okay. For the past 3 months I've been struggling with my right big toe. Yes. It's the infamous ingrown nail problem. Sigh. For 3 months, everytime I walk, I bear the pain. Mine has infections. Not so bad luckily.

Onychocryptosis, commonly known as ingrown nails (unguis incarnatus) or ingrowing nails, is a common form of nail disease. It is an often painful condition in which the nail grows or cuts into one or both sides of the nail bed. While ingrown nails can occur in both the nails of the hand and feet, they occur most commonly with toenails.

So today, after finally procrastinating for uber long, I've decided to pay the doctor a visit. Will be going back to uni soon. So have to get it treated or I'll suffer even more in uni thanks to the very 'professional' UTP doctor.

Prayed hard that the doctor will only give me antibiotics and potassium permangate for me to soak my feet. Like what the UTP doctor prescribed me.

Told doctor it has been left untreated for 3 months, no medication or what so ever.

Then he said ' Nail Avulsion'.

In lay man's term, nail removal. wtf. I got freaked out on the spot. I asked whether are there any options, eg. antibiotics and stuffs. He said No. Cause I have been procrastinating for too long already. T________T

He did it quite fast. And it's freaking painful! Haha. Not the nail removal part. But the part where he injected anesthetic into my toe. 3 shots. One directly on the puss (affected area), second shot just beside it, and lastly at the side. The first and second shots are the ones that bring tears to my eyes. Painful I tell you.

So usually whenever I have to undergo these kind of 'torturing', I'll plug onto my headphones and listen to gospel songs. Cause they always remind me that the amount of pain I'm about to go through cannot level with the pain Jesus went through for me.

But this time I was caught unprepared! No headphones. Only my phone with me. Mati. So I put on loudspeaker, and throughout the whole process, I was listening to 'The Time Has Come'. Haha. Pity the doctor if he's not a christian. But nvm. I get to share a little bit of gospel songs with him. Lol.

Within a second later, all I hear was a 'thud'. Two thuds to be exact. Then it's done. I don't even realized it till my mum told me. Haha. and I have a plus size bandage on my right toe now. Glad that it's all over. Don't have to suffer anymore. =D

Praise Him for giving me the courage to go through this. Can't walk much now. I'm the queen! Parents and sis are so kind to help me get stuffs. Haha. Have to change the dressings from time to time. This could prolly be the last post before I leave Penang. I'm so gonna miss family and food. =(((

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Nothing is impossible without Him
Saturday, July 12, 20082:33 PM
Praise Him for His grace! Couldn't believe that I've done extremely well the last semester. I predicted that I'll be in dean's. But never before I've dared hoped for such results. Now every sweat and perseverance has paid off. He never fails to answer my prayers. And I praise Him too for boyfriend's results! Boyfriend is improving bit by bit, according to his own pace. And one day, he'll graduate the way he and I both wanted. He indeed has blessed all our hard work studying together.

Talking about this, I always wonder why most of the people let science blind them. I do not blame on science alone, but science is one of the reasons why people can't break themselves free from darkness. I just simply don't understand why they doubt that God created the world, He rose from the grave, He will wash away our sins and so on and so forth. This really saddens me for these people are my relatives. My family members. All I'm capable of doing is just to pray for their salvation one day, and to let them experience God themselves. May God open up their eyes, and soften their hearts. Time is running out. Jesus will return real soon. And I can't wait for that day, for I'll meet Him face to face at last.

New semester is going to commence real soon. Real soon. Will be heading back to uni on the 19th (what a nice timing). Will be jungling 2 subjects having 4 credit hours. Semester's gonna be so much harder than the previous one. 3 more years than I'll be done!! =D Not gonna talk bout uni anymore.

Went out with besties yesterday. Not all of them, cause most of them left for uni already. So it's only Jane, Juin, Ah Nee and I. Went for Get Smart. Hilarious can!!! Then it's shopping time. Ah Nee bought herself a new pair of formals. Then the 3 of us got Jane an Esprit bag. Very cun! Very, very cun I tell you. But very expansive. T__T Haha. But it's for her belated bday present. I've been besties with them for ages (exaggerating) . Lol. Jane since STD 1, Juin Form 2 and Ah Nee Form 4. So, I know them very well. So they decided to cook up a plan to get me my bday present. Knowing them well, I managed to hack into their so-called 'mission'. Haha. They wanted to get me an Esprit perfume, but finally they got me the white wedges from Nose! wtf. I was simply over the moon, grinning from ear to ear. Haha. Not only that, they got me another pair of Nose pink heels. Really thank God for my besties. They are the best. Will be meeting up with them again, on Thursday, for a simple dinner before I leave for UTP. =(

I want to watch Chris Daughtry la. Stupide SE company. Have to buy their phone then can only redeem tickets. Although I'm under scholarship with RM500 monthly allowance, but I'm not freaking rich!! Grrrr. Busted my dreams of catching him live at One Utama. I won't buy any SE handphones forever. Though I'm thinking of changing to SE after my current Nokia.


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Wednesday, July 9, 20089:50 PM
I just simply can't believe this! Grrr. This is outrageous. Let me tell you why. Decided to do some good deeds today, by donating blood to my mum's friend's brother, who is currently fighting leukemia. Donating blood is nothing foreign to me anymore, have done it once back in campus.

So yeah. Grabbed the car keys, and off we(mum and I) headed to the nearest Gleneagles. Went to the nearest receptionist, who then directed us to the nearest lab to check the blood group and platlet count. Once done, we headed to another lab to check the blood pressure and other tests.

Once I stepped into the lab with the form in my hand, one of the assistant said,
"Amoi. You X boleh donate blood ah. You underage".

I was like "wtf. Saya twenty already".

And with that, instantly everyone paused and turned around and looked at me. This is scary man. I know I'm short la. But do I make heads turn when I say I'm 20? Haha. (not yet 20 btw. just a few more days to go before i turn 20)

I just googled on the minimum age requirement to donate blood.

Be at least 17 years of age; upper age 60 (420d*).

Hell yeah. Pass!

Then this malay doctor came. Looked at me suspiciously. Like I'm a refugee or something.

"Amoi. You terlalu kecil la. Berapa berat?"

"Oh? Saya 4*kg".

"Betulkah? Mari saya timbang you". Hence, pulling out the scale underneath the chair.

I stepped up onto the scale, looking forward, feeling full of confidence that I'm exactly that heavy.

"Aiyooooo! You only 4*kg la. Underweight".

With that shriek and comment, I frozed on the spot. Huh? How could that be? I'm like 2kgs lighter. I just weigh myself in gym yesterday. I definitely can't lose 2kgs in a single night.

And with that, she caused a commotion. Everyone turned and looked at me again, and another 2 assistants came. To kaypo.

"Haiya girl. You said you donated blood bout 4 months ago. How heavy were you?"

"Me? That time 5*kg lo". (yes, I was a real fat pig in the beginning of the semester)

"Then now how come so skinny?"

"Where got skinny la. Go gym exercise lo". (mind you I'm not skinny. I look average now. satisfied =))

"Wah. Go gym can lose weight on meh? Think you exercise too much already la."

I was like, hello? DUH! =___=. I just kept quiet. And the malay doctor decided to take my blood pressure.

"Amoi. Confirm you X boleh donate. You low blood pressure. You only 88/50. Very low. Boleh pengsan".

Blood Pressure: acceptable range is 160/90 to 110/60.

Fail big time! Busted. Grrr. =(

"Amoi ah. Tambah berat sikit la".

"Tak mau la. Sudah fine ini macam". btw. I lose weight it's not by those extreme dieting or whatsoever. I did in the painful way. Exercise. *claps claps*

I don't know to feel embarrassed or what. Haha. Mum couldn't donate too. Low blood pressure. Guess I inherited it from her. Lol! I was fine the first time I donated. Perhaps the sudden change of lifestyle caused this. Anyway,

"How to increase my blood pressure ah?" Flashing her with my best smile.


Zha dou!!! =________________________________________=

Speechless. And I left the lab immediately.

p/s : Am feeling very guilty now. Was not able to help him. =(

p/p/s : I don't feel nauseating everytime I hit the gym. Weird.

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Tuesday, July 8, 200810:04 PM
Hurray! Today marks the end of my one month gym session. Minus the one whole week in KL. Haha. Feeling great. And I rewarded myself to this super carbo loaded economy keoy teow. Wickedly delicious. *snicker* I am now one happy and satisfied girl. *pats tummy*

Results coming out this Friday. Which is then equivalent to D-Day. Haha. And which means I have to go back to uni soon! Grrrr.

Tagged by Wen Sher. This is like the second time only I answer tags. Here goes.

*7 facts about me*
  1. I may look very unsociable if I do not know you, else, it's otherwise!
  2. Loves sports to the max.
  3. Love at first sight. It's either you hate me or love me.
  4. I can get hooked to the PC whole day by just surfing the same website.
  5. Most of my parent's friends think I'm still 16 . T_____T
  6. Very indecisive! Yes, very. Come shopping with me and you'll know.
  7. Books are my life! A hardcore, die-hard fan of books here.

*7 things that scares/disgusts me*
  1. Imitating others.
  2. Smokers and people who spit in public.
  3. Exam results *hyperventilate*
  4. Starting the new semester.
  5. Roller coaster rides. Haha!
  6. Losing my loved ones.
  7. Insects and dark, lonely places.

*7 songs for now*
  1. The Time Has Come - Hillsong United.
  2. Break Free - Hillsong United.
  3. Lift Up Your Eyes - Planetshakers.
  4. Always & Forever - Planetshakers.
  5. Paralyser - Finger Elevan.
  6. Over You - Chris Daughtry.
  7. Stop and Stare - One Republic.

*7 words/sentences that I frequently mention*
*I'll change it to 7 things I am eyeing for now*

  1. A better relationship with God.
  2. Securing all my love for him. Forever.
  3. Nice wedges.
  4. Flower by Kenzo.
  5. A Place Called Here by Cecelia Ahern.
  6. Thanks for The Memories by Cecelia Ahern.
  7. Losing another 1 to 2 kgs. Perfect.

*7 valuable things*
  1. God.
  2. Family.
  3. Boyfriend.
  4. My 2 tods and baby bear.
  5. Friends.
  6. Memories. The past and the current.
  7. My life.

*7 first times*
  1. My very first pair of colored contacts.
  2. First pair of gold flats.
  3. My first roller coaster ride.
  4. Hitting the gym for 3 weeks continuously.
  5. Losing 7 kgs! in 4 months.
  6. My very first gig by Hillsongs. Awesome.
  7. Owning my beloved Proo Proo.

*7 friends that I want to to tag*
  1. Guang Wei.
  2. Amy.
  3. Qing.
  4. Cally. For your first entry.
  5. Philip.
  6. You who are reading this.
  7. Whoever la.
Wah lao. I didn't know answering tags can suck me out of my brain juices.

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Hardcore Days
Monday, July 7, 20084:01 PM
Just got back from KL yesterday. One whole week there. It was really awesome. Utilized my one whole week there to the max. Haha. Credits goes to my uncle (accommodation + transportation), boyfriend and coursemates for all the fun! I'm like the luckiest girl alive, blessed with a great family, amazing boyfriend and great friends.

Covered nearly every major part of KL, except for The Curve! T______________T Really sweat. Was really hyped up to go The Curve, but apparently there'll be rioting near Kelana Jaya area. So parents forbid me to go there. =( Was planning to go GTPJ for service on Saturday night but have to call if off too. Sigh.

Ironically, I made it to Sunway Lagoon and Pyramid on Thursday. Haha! The roller coaster ride nearly killed me. Literally. My legs were so jellish after the ride. Spare my life. No more roller coaster rides please. I love the water theme park. Especially racing with boyfriend and 3 other friends down the slopes. Cally, wasted la.

Didn't really spend that much on shopping though, but more on luxurious food! Oh btw, Michelangelo's Italian Kitchen in Pyramid serves good pasta. It gives you the O feeling. If you know what I mean. Haha! I am getting hooked on Haagen Dazs's waffles and Baskin Robbins's Chocolate Cream Cookie Dough. Sinful indulgences.

Think I put on a kilo or two. Have been eating non stop in KL. Not the hawker food of course. Watched Wanted and Made of Honour. Personally I like MOH more. It's hilarious. And I love Michelle Monaghan! She never fails to impress me. =D Beautiful as ever. Gorgeous. Storyline's a little bit the same as Cecelia Ahern's Where Rainbow Ends.

Bought this little cute white elephant water dispenser. Named it Proo Proo. Freaking cute omg. Haha. Got it at a very cheap price. And boyfriend bought me this very, very nice cap from Esprit! It's an early bday gift anyway. Thanks so much sweetheart. =D

Wanted to bowl at Cosmic's glow-in-the-dark alleys, but heck, disappointing la! =( It only starts after 9pm on weekdays. So in the end, we just played bishi bashi at the arcade. Super hilarious la. Haha. We were practically going to spoil the machine. Haha! And I spotted this really gorgeous wedges from Nose! Did not buy it though. I have lots of shoes and mum's going to kill me if I buy more. But am craving for a nice pair of wedges now.

I'm now so in love with nice wedges and the Flower EDT by Kenzo. Early bday present anyone? =P Okay la. Going to stop here. I still have a tag to do. Gonna prepare for gym already. Burn the fats baby!!

And now I really want to do my intern in KL. *keeps fingers crossed*

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