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Wednesday, September 24, 200812:13 PM
Finally everything's over. I can breathe at my own pace now and stop to smell the flowers anytime I want. =) Glad that mid-sem break is around the corner, which means church camp is here and I'll be heading back to Penang soon!! =D

Church camp will be held in Cameron from the 27th to the 30th. And I tell you it's going to be a blast!! Targeted 40 people and God blessed us with 57 ppl! Praise Him and glory goes to Him. It's His camp and He's gonna make it impactful and great! =D

Penang. I can't wait to go back. Really. The food here in UTP suck undeniably. But still thankful la got food to eat. Although it's Ramadhan but still, no nice food la. The acceptable ones will only come out during sahur, and that time I'm sleeping liaw la. But still, I sahur most of the time. Supper. Haha. And I gained 1kg!! *grrr* Puasa makes me fat. =(((( Lunch is the worst! No food at all. T_______T

Can't wait to go back Penang for it's glorious and scrumptious food. Who says Ipoh has good food? *sorry Ipohans* Penang beat Ipoh flat. Not gonna talk bout Penang food anymore. It's making me hungry and drooling.

Went hiking with churchmates last week up Bukit Kledang. Supposed to see sunrise but then we went further up. So didn't manage to see la. A great workout after so long. After that went to Menglembu for dim sum. It's superb. Best dim sum that I've ever taster. Or is it because I haven't eaten dim sum for ages? Pathetic. O.o

Downloaded lots of movies that can keep me company back in Penang. Haha. Can't wait to go back Penang. I miss my family so much. Miss my ah ma so much. =((

*the top*

*when it's brighter*

*going down =)*

*i love my nike's* (and that's boyf)

*dim sum =D*

*our transportation there (minus Vin's car)*

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He's indeed around;
Monday, September 8, 200811:54 AM
I'm supposed to be studying for my Thermodynamics test later but I'm blogging away. Anyways, it's open book. Nothing to worry much.

Just finished two tests on last Friday. Had my Strength of Materials and Numerical Methods. Was prepared for both but what happened indeed proved that He was there with me.

SOM was from 5-6pm at MPH. Finished the paper within 15minutes. Decided to check. Once. Then I felt the urge to check another time. I was planning to check like 5-10mins before time ends. By the time I finished checking the last question, *poof* no electricity. Put down the answer sheet and walked out. Lol. Now I know why I had the urge to check again right after I did for the first time. =D

Numerical has 4 TOUGH questions which we had to complete within 2hours. Brought in 2 calculators but still. Sigh. I was in a state of depressed but at the same time pressured to finish the paper within the limited time. Calculating wrong values did not help either.

At the last 5 minutes, yes, 9:55pm, I realized that I've calculated wrongly at the 3rd iteration! Was so tensed up that I nearly tore my paper. I was like 'Arrghhh!!!'. Lol. So I just called to Him. Asking Him to stop the time for me. To calculate from the 3rd iteration to the 4th then the Ea will take you roughly bout 15mins due to the long and complicated equation.

Calculated as fast as possible, mind you that I had to liquid most of the values and to wait for it to dry. By the time I calculated my Ea and put down the pen, Narahari said 'Time's up!'. 5mins was all that I've got. But He stopped the time for me. Praise God! Felt so relieved. For those who is taking Numerical and has taken it, will know exactly how I felt. Lol.

So yeah. Indeed He was around. Man. Couldn't thank Him enough for what He has done. Praise Him and all the glory goes to Him. Amen? =)

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Blessed ;
Monday, September 1, 20086:12 PM
Slept till quite late today, was woken up by an incoming message. As today is the first day of puasa, I was reluctant to get out of bed for there'll be no food in the cafes. So lazy la although I'm hungry. =(

" Wana go out and eat? John agreed to fetch us out to Batu Gajah".

=D Clock showed 12 and they are leaving at 12:30. Took a quick shower and washed up. By 12:25 I was down there waiting for John and Wan Sin.

Went to Batu Gajah with the church mates in John's and Vin's car. And we had banana leaf rice for lunch. Yum yum. Something new for a change. Always the same old Tronoh food.

We had rice + 4 types of veggie (much to boyf's horror), papadam, mutton, chicken and lots of fish curry.

Yum yum. =D

Okay that's John's but my portion is as huge as his! Lol. Boyf and I had cow's milk and it was simply superb! Haven't tasted such good cow's milk in ages. Haha.

It was quite cheap though. About RM6.00+ per person. Had a lot and I'm so bloated till now. Late dinner I guess. Thanks to Vin and John for blessing us with their car. Simply love my church mates. Haha.

p/s : I'm actually raising funds for something I'm having in my mind. You can do your part by just clicking on the advertisement just right below my profile. =) Do help me out. Cheers.

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