Take me away cause falling in love ain't very far
thy queen
bow before me
click on me!
hook me up
scream your lungs
nuff niggas
links ahoy!
its easy to clap
where do you come from
Baby steps.
Thursday, November 20, 200812:41 AM
- Finally 5 papers down and one more left to go. I feel so stupid this semester. =( I kinda screwed up my last two papers.

- I feel like something's missing/weird/wrong. I know. Cause I smell
freedom. Not yet so cause I still have my chinese paper next Wednesday.

- Parents are gonna get me a new phone! Yay! Suggestions people?

- Mum said Gurney's new wing is now open. Gosh. I can feel the adreline rushing.

- Christmas this year will again be in JB. Or better still Spore. =D

- I know I'm outdated but I'm so into Heroes now. Perhaps Gossip Girls soon? Haha.

- Internet's suddenly freaking fast today. This is so like not UTP.

- I think my chinese is improving now, considering I used to be a babana. But they say my chinese is so not chinese! As in I have my own created accent. Grrrr.

- In a dilemma now. Hair's long. Should I keep the locks or have my straight hair back?

- And I love my coursemates. They are the most kiasu people on this planet. Imagine a whole lot wearing red for Thermodynamics paper cause apperently red brings you luck? Haha!

- I'm so gonna miss them. I bet you guys will miss me too don't you? Lol.

I'm so gonna sleep till tomorrow afternoon. Toddles people.


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Friday, November 14, 20082:16 PM
Finally, I can blog again. The connection in room is not helpful, neither is the connection in IRC. But at least today's better.

But I don't know what to blog.

Life is boring here. All I do every single day is study, eat, sleep. What else? The last time I went to Ipoh was like end of last month. =(

Arghhhh! I'm going crazy! 4 more papers to go before freedom.

Here I am, in IRC again, mugging my lecture notes for tomorrow's paper. Sigh.

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Monday, November 3, 20089:30 PM

Life has been a
bitch recently. With so many things to do and so little time to rest and enjoy. Should be out in Ipoh now singing Happy Bday song to Gabby with churchmates. Decided to call it off due to tight schedule.

Just finished my last test for this semester today. Finally. It's study week. Not that I've been anticipating it, but at least I know it's gonna mark the end of the semester. I'm tired of all these studying.

Not exactly know how to spend my holidays yet, but even if I'm not travelling, I'll be sleeping and eating my off ass. I deserve it.

One thing I realized is that my coursework marks this semester is so not-up-to-the-standard. I know why. I just don't have the drive to study.

*c'mon Renae. only 3 more weeks*

There's something I wana blog about. But i guess it ain't the suitable time to do so yet. I don't know but maybe I've stepped on someone's tail? My close friends told me someone's just jealous of me. No idea.

Alright. I ought to be mugging my lecture notes now.

The person who drew me is just superb. =)

Toodles people.

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