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A fairytale
Wednesday, December 31, 20083:29 PM
It was one bizarre dream. The night before Jason and her were reminiscing bout their good old foundation year. Where they played badminton together with the rest till 1am, had study group till 5am, and mamak as early as 7am.

Played the
pig game at the cafe where all the girls had to run up to the guy's hostel. Going to Ipoh together and had plenty of fun. Yes. Foundation is indeed a fun fair.

And so after the conversation ended, she went to bed and had the most interesting
what-if-it-happened dream.

In that dream she recalled seeing everyone of the July '06 batch, going out for an outing together. Jason came over to her, asking her to take a picture of the guys. After Jason left, he came over to her.

He started the conversation casually with the Hi's and How are you's. As they were talking, he suddenly told her

him : Hye. Uh. I just want you to know that I like you.
her : *rooted to the ground*
him : So yeah. *takes her hands* I'm serious.
her : Why didn't you tell me earlier? I already have a bf now. I'm sorry.

And the dream ended abruptly. That got her thinking the whole morning. Yeah she used to like him once. Only Jason and her roomate knew about this. And she knows he likes her too (that's what ppl say =P). But alas, they did not get together. And now she has her prince. And he, still alone.

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Stripes on the Candy Cane
Sunday, December 28, 200811:41 PM
So yeah today has been a blessed one. Went to church this morning. Missed worshipping God so much. Missed hearing His words. AOG's nice. I feel so belonged there although I'm alone. But who cares. I don't go there for friends. But for God. =)

And today while shopping in Queensbay mall, I came across Samsung S7330. And it was love at first sight! *squels in delight* Was contemplating between that and Samsung G400. But decided to get the former. Sleek and beautifully crafted. =D Thanx mum and dad! You guys are the best! i.love.you!

So what did I do the past one week? A last minute planning, but a memory forever. =)

Millions of thanks to Joe's parents, for hosting my trip down JB. And yes indeed this trip was better than last year's.

#1. Had Mana Lagi's nasi lemak
It's the bomb baby! It's so freaking good that I had 2 plates. Haha! Who cares bout diet anyways when it comes to the best nasi lemak I've tasted? How can you resist it?!

*gluttony boyf*

#2. Spring cleaning at Joe's
Yes we practically painted the whole house, swept and mopped the house. Only that the we refers to Joe's dad and bro. Haha. Okay I did my share too. I swept and mopped. That's what girls are suppose to do no? Haha.


#3. Shopping at JJ Bukit Indah, Tebrau City and CS.
I can't believe it that both the malls are so big and I still can't find any clothes! Grrrr. This year's CNY's clothes will be hand-me-downs I guess. =( But I still love Tebrau City and CS the most.

#4. Christmas Eve bbq at Joe's.
Don't really enjoy bbq but I enjoyed the company. Great, nice people. =) But too bad no fireworks at Danga Bay this year. Boo!

* the gingerbread house*

*with lin hui*

*with asher; love this pic*

*what's christmas without a pic with boyf?*

*and what's christmas without the lamb of God; the lion of judah?*

Some fishing village. Seafood's fresh. But one thing I disgress the most is the ride there. One hour plus. T_________T After I got down the car I was like paralysed butt down. Imagine squeezing with 3 big boys behind. Not that they are fat. Haha.

*awww brotherly love*

*on the boat*


#6. Danga Bay
It's a must I tell you if you happen to go JB. Why? Tandem biking la of course! Never miss that! If not, shame on you!

But alas, shame on me cause there's no pic of the four of us tandem biking. Haha.

*that's the best i can get*

Petting's zoo not bad. Haha. Thanks to bro and Joel for entertaining us. Haha.

*how can you say no to this cute thing?*

*do my leg stink or what?*

In the pic it's only 1. But at one point, there were 5-6 of them. T____________T

*ahhh typical malaysians*

*you can never get mad at them*

*no entry huh*

*joel, josiah, jason*

*joel, renae, jason*

And finally we went to Burger King for supper for there's no Burger King in Penang. How lame.

And I'm starting to love JB. =D

And I thank God for :
1. My beloved parents
2. Josiah's parents
3. Josiah of course
4. Great trip down JB
5. Great food
6. Safe journey


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Friday, December 19, 200811:24 PM


Haha. Yes you've read it right. I am going JB!

It was a last minute decision. But I'm still glad about it. Will be in JB from the 22nd till the 26th. Which means. Christmas in JB! Yay!

So JB-ians, you know who you are, better go through your schedule and come meet up with me! Hahahahahaha. Better gimme your first priority. Esp that coursemate of mine. Haha.

Okay so that's about it. Next please.

Alright so I went out with my besties that day. Went to new world park for dinner and some catching up session.

And I had almond soup together with pasta. It's real good. And it's cheap. Together with a glass of fruit juice and bottomless ice creams makes it only 22 per person. =D

*yes this is my spag but i can definitely cook better. =P *self praise**

I was so bloated after dinner, and the 3 of us went for a walk. And girls do what girls do better. Cam-whoring time! Haha. Vain pots. Blah I've never bothered to make up. So don't criticise if you can see my pores!

*I know you cant see me but i love this shot.*

And the camwhoring sessions continued in Old Town. So these are the people whom I went out with.

*my bestie since form 4*

*bestie since standard 1. gosh why i look so different.*

So the night was filled with catching up and gossipings.

I thank God for :

- besties!

- and a good night out.

- not to forget good food. =)

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Tuesday, December 16, 20082:46 AM
From my nuffnang account.

Guess you can't read. Click on it la if you want.


- church of praise tronoh. Ok. checked.
- teo guang wei. wtf? zomg. What on earth? You want me to name my firstborn that? *faints*
- it's lovee. Ok. checked.
- renae lyng. Ok. checked.
- "thermodynamics" utp. wtf? Do i look like thermodynamics? Or worst of all, do I smell like one? T____________T
- herman ipoh. wah lao even herman's name appeared. try hwee huat the next time. or jasmitt.

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Cloudy days.
Monday, December 15, 200812:20 AM
Tummy's making a scene. Argh. Sometimes I hate being a girl. =(((((((( Sometimes. But I thank God most of the time that I'm a girl. =D

I love being a girl. I get to bully guys (oh yes you ask my coursemates and I have that smirk and that twinkle in my eyes whenever I torture them), I get loads of cuddles, huggies and kissies from boyf, I get everthing I want. =D And everytime I cry, I win. I'm such a spoilt brat. Thanks to Josiah. Haha!

And I hate what most girls hate. Haha. There's one week in every month that I hate. I hate the PAIN. The agony of it. Grrrrr. The pain which cost me my one year awaited exercise.

After 10 years of joining starwalk, this is the first year I have to forgo it. =((( I've wanted to use this opportunity to exercise, after over indulging in Penang food. Haha. Penang food is just heavenly. Okay I better stop before I start my grandma story again.

But in the end, instead of sweating my ass off, I ate more. 2 times of breakfast. Great. I think I've been expanding again, though the weighing scale denies so. Huhu. Help.

Okay so holidays are boring. I guess I'll only get to go KL. Next year. Hmmmm. I still don't know which phone to buy, and I still don't know whether to keep the locks or opt for long straight hair.

I still haven't do my new specs. I still haven't buy new clothes.

I still haven't buy boyf's christmas card. I still haven't this. I still haven't that.

Soooooooooo troublesome!!!!! =((((((((((

*stomps feet and goes to bed*

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Wednesday, December 10, 20089:58 PM
Not having the pc around for 5 days is unbearable. I felt so out of the world, so not connected. Haha. Have to even go to the extend of asking boyf to help me check my stuffs. Haha.

Have not been doing anything besides lazing around in the house, reading novels, eat, sleep, online. I'm practically rotting at home. Can't find any part time job at the moment. I'm doing nothing. Le Sigh.

I'm not in the mood of blogging now. Grrrr.

And I have 2 tags pending.

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Tuesday, December 2, 20089:09 PM
Yesterday was the day. Yes it was.

Went out with boyf and brother yesterday. To queensbay. Was very disappointed cause Gurney don't have F21. I thought F21 is coming to Gurney. So went to queens instead.

Boyf treated us to PHOP (Paddington House of Pancakes). Wow. I love their mapel syrup pancakes so much! Delicious. Too bad I didn't bring out my camera. =(

After that we decided to catch quarantine. Nice show I would say. But man, I got very, very dizzy after the first 20-30 minutes. So I decided to sleep in the cinema than forcing myself to watch it. Haha. Bro slept too. Only boyf continued to watch till the end. But I did peep once in a while. Lol.

Did window shopping only yesterday. =( Found this damn gorgeous vest from MNG. But it's 199! Wtf. No money lar. I need mooooooooolah. T_______________T

So yeah. Only window shopping. =((((

Oh anyways. Happy first year anniversary baby boy.

Being together a year ain't easy. All the ups and downs. But thank God I found you. =) with me being the moody and unreasonable one, and you the more rational one in this relationship.

You really taught me a lot of things I never knew, you changed me from within. Was really grateful, am still grateful now. I feel so blessed. The first thing He blessed me with was you. Can you feel how blessed I was? *huge grin*

You came when I needed you most. Godsend? =)

p/s : Love you loads. =D

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