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thy queen
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click on me!
hook me up
scream your lungs
nuff niggas
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its easy to clap
where do you come from
Four months till he's gone
Saturday, January 31, 20091:25 AM

Not permanently of course. It's just temporal. 8 months.

Boyf's going for internship soon. Real soon. He's hoping he'll be able to do it in KL, and that's what I am hoping for too. Fingers crossed. But that also depends on where God wants him to be.

I believe wherever God is going to place him, God will be using him to share the gospel according to the Great Commission, and why, impact other's lives of course. 

At least it comforts me to know that God will be with him wherever he's going, and he's going to do the will of the Father. =)

There's no room for us both to be emotional over this petty, lil rough patch. But I shall then see this as a great opportunity to enhance and further strengthen our bond and love.

I'm very much dependent on him. And I can't expect seeing myself having dinner all alone. It's so tough when someone whom you depend a lot is going to leave you for a while and you've gotta learn how to stand on your own feet. It sucks. =(

He has been my study buddy, shopping buddy, my best friend whom I confide most of my secrets, and gossips of course, and to whom am I gonna channel all these when he's gone? Sigh.

But nevertheless, I'll always keep him in my prayers, hoping he'll be able to find a company which suits him best.

I foresee a teary parting at the end of this semester. It's hard for the both of us. It's hard.

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Bring in the Ox!
Wednesday, January 28, 20099:40 AM
It sucks. Yes it sucks loads to be back on the 2nd day and attend classes on the 3rd day of Chinese New Year. I loathe it. Big time. 

But anyways, the first 2 days of CNY was a blast. Am really glad to be able to meet up with relatives whom I hadn't seen for like a decade! 

I've always loved CNY. Love the food, and ang paus of course. Haha. Savoring every single moment of it. Who knows 5 years down the road I'll be walking down the aisle. So no more red packets for me. Huhu. =(

Think I've put on a kilo or two. Have been eating loads thanks to mum's superb steamboat and granny's rice. I can only eat those carbs alone with some gravy. Urgh I'm getting fat. 

Pictures coming up in the next post as they are still stored in my camera. Alright gonna stop here and continue with Carrie. =)

May this Year of Ox bring you loads of joy, prosperity and happiness. 

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ps, I love you
Friday, January 23, 200912:07 AM
21 reasons why I love you.

-I love your smile. It brightens up my day.
Your dinasour face may look ugly to others, but it does wonders to me.
-Yes I admit.
You're really amazing at guitar and drums. =)
-I always believe
you were sent to help me in many, many ways.
-I like
your cacated mew, though it does REALLY sound cacated.
You always stand up for me when people wronged me.
you aren't the most handsome to others, but you are the jewel of my eye, and hah! my tastes are always awesome.
You are always patient with my sudden burst of tantrums, always the more rational one.
-I seek comfort and solace in
you. Your shoulder for me to cry upon, and shoulder to lean.
-Will even dig out the last quarter just to buy my favourite food, and books of course.
You make good waffles, yes I kid you not. They just hit right on the spot, after the first bite. And the aftermath lingers.
-My shopping buddy. And
your sense of fashion impresses me. Even till now.
-It's rare but if you can catch him in his glasses, you're one lucky chap. And
you look really cute in your brown rimmed frames.
-A natural leader I can say. And I always look up to
you because of that.
You have a soft spot for animals. Which makes you stand above the rest.
-The both of us have good chemistry. We have a lot in common. The things that I like,
you like. And when it comes to food, it's vice versa.
you let me win whenever I want. =D
You love me for who I am, though I may be annoying and whimsical at times.
-One unique guy
you are, longing for affection every single moment.
-And I know that whenever I'm with
you, I don't need anyone else. It's pure bliss being with you.
-I love
your cuddles, huggies and kissies! What more can I say?

You'll always be my best friend, my baby, my other half, my prince, my count, my hubby.

Happy blessed 21st handsome!

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On one stormy sea.
Thursday, January 15, 20099:38 PM

Despair and misery. Such the agony of it. Sigh. Biding farewell to my loved ones at nine. It's not what I want, not what I've chose. But it's definitely for the better me.

I hate to leave home, with all the tears come rushing at one go, so rapid to the brim, but never spilling.

But this is for the good. For who knows poverty is inevitable the next decade. And it's for the betterment. Of my loved ones.

But as a consolation, I'll be meeting my baby soon. And my cousemates. Oh. How much I've missed them.

*My darlings; one missing*

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Tuesday, January 13, 20093:37 PM
You always hear people say 'Time flies really fast'.

And you are still enjoying yourself back home.

Lazing around like nobody's business.

Dozing in your own comfortness.

Still wondering in your own dreamland.

Get on track. Face the reality.

You're going back this friday.


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Of amzaing results, glorious food, you and I
Monday, January 12, 200910:32 PM
Sorry for the long hiatus baby, just got my ass back from KL.

KL was fun, what more can I say. The main purpose was to get a new phone at 70% discount, and after the long ride all the way from Cheras to Subang Jaya, to our dismay the phone models boyf wanted were not available.

Sigh. To make up for that, we took a cab to Sunway Pyramid for Michelangelo's! Boyf's favourite's
lasagne. And I had spicy neopolitan spag. Yum yum. And the oreo milkshake was just simply mind-blowing. Haha. Not forgetting oysters. Haha.

So this trip down KL was mainly focused on great food. Shame on us cause due to time constraint, we couldn't go to Jalan Alor for their supposedly famous hawker food there.

And garden cafe offers superb
petai chicken. It was so spicy that I practically 'cried' while eating it. Not to mention that I have kinda high tolerance for spicy stuffs. Teppanyaki at The Mines is just so-so.

Picture posts are so taxing, so I'll skip this time. Only a few nice shots.

The highlight of this trip was the last day. The last day was spent at MidV. So to celebrate boyf's amazing results, we went over to Amuleto for a mini celebration. We ordered
chocolate fondue, as requested by boyf, and cheese fries. Boyf had virgin bloody mary. Gross.

Just had to tell you that the
cheese fries are simply awesome. I downed 90% of it. Haha.

*Amuleto by Crystal Jade*

*Cheese fries*

No pic of the fondue becuase two hungry cannibals dived into it before I could capture a pic. Haha. Which refers to bro and boyf. =P

Finally before we left, we went over to Flying Chilies at The Gardens. And we had
pineapple rice, which was so-so only, thai green curry, which was good and of course, the tomyam! And it was the topic of the day. It was just soooooooo good. Oh gosh I'm gonna go there again.

*me with the super big glass of chocolate milkshake*

*that's boyf*

*bro who was so bloated after the meal*

*any similar resemblance?* haha!

Not only food but we bought loads of books. Finished firstarter after much procrastination. A good one from King. Loads of great deals so in the end, I have
#1. The Complete Illustrated Novels of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur
#2. Imsomnia by King
#3. Carrie by King
#4. To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee
to read. At least life won't be a bore in UTP anymore. =D

On the other note, praise be to Him for the good results! Wow results were good. Not mine though. My GPA dropped. But boyf's made tremendeous improvement! All glory goes to Him. Had been praying every night for good results and indeed He blessed us both with better!

Boyf's CGPA made a big leap. And I thought mine was gonna suck, but it wasn't after all. =D

I thank you oh Father, and I can thank You no more.

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The time of my life..
Monday, January 5, 20091:26 PM
A new breeze came blowing in, sweeping away the past and bringing in the new.

I know I'm a tad late but it's never late to wish anyone Happy New Year anyways. With the beginning of a new year, when 21 comes knocking at my door, yes I'm facing adulthood any time from now.

I disgress.

Life's so metaphorical and should i just keep running away from reality? The thought of settling down any time soon has not appeal much to me. Well this would settle in one day.
One day.

I don't know what I want yet, but I'm gonna start this year with a bang, and one day when I'll have to flip over the pages of my life, this is where I'll smile.

Resolutions of this year? I don't bother having any. Perhaps taking up guitar lessons? Or maybe fulfilling my dreams of going white water rafting.

Gosh it's so taxing writing this post. And soon I'm going back to Perak for studies, sigh sigh sigh. But at least I'll be seeing my
loves very soon. Very, very soon.

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