Take me away cause falling in love ain't very far
thy queen
bow before me
click on me!
hook me up
scream your lungs
nuff niggas
links ahoy!
its easy to clap
where do you come from
I say classic.
Monday, February 23, 20096:23 PM

He said lagen...dary. -jasmitt-

<3. (:

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Random rants plus a love note at the end
Wednesday, February 18, 20097:29 PM
It's really unpleasant to be back here. Not that I hate studying (though at times I do), but so many things are piling up now.

I've got so many, many things to do.

1. Loads and shit loads of assignments and lab reports.
2. Quizzes and tests are approaching.

My toe is bothering me again. Don't know what's wrong with it. I saw dried, caked blood when I checked my bloody toe just now. For goodness sake stop bothering me for once! Anyone has any remedy for ingrown nail or something? Grrrr.

My lecturers think we chemical engineers take their one and only subject for this semester. Please la we have another 5-6 subjects to juggle and don't simply replace classes at such an ODD and UNGODLY hour!

And the internet connection here in UTP is MARVELOUS. Thanks to the internet here I'm losing my readers. Lameness. 


And you are like my heroin. I'm so addicted to you. ;)

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San Valentin
Monday, February 16, 200910:31 PM
Yeah I know it's an outdated post. Valentine's Day was a remarkable one. Why? Cause I laughed and cried on that day.

We had a row before we went out. Due to my childishness and partly because of his fault for not answering my calls after I called like 10 times? Grrr.

And after we patched up and hit the runway, he kept on apologizing and trying to make up for that with all his stupid antics, which made me laughed real bad.

So in the end we got a car, and we went to out to search for food. That's what we both do best. Wanted to eat the yummy chee cheong fun in Tong Sui Kai, but I guess that uncle is also celebrating Valentine's. So in the end we had beef noodles, pan mee and wa tan hor. Glutton eh? =)

Thanks to Ivan for his car, and my, Myvi is like so nice to drive! Gosh I'm in love with Myvi. Thought it's just like the normal cars but no, it's very smooth and it makes driving so cool. 

So in the end both of us were so bloated, and that's how we concluded Valentine's. He wanted to cook pasta for me but we couldn't get the ingredients.

And yes Joe, yes you. You still owe me a bunch of flowers and a present of my choice. =D

Alright people that's the summary of how I spent Valentine's. Going to hit the notes now! 


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Smelly Toufu!
Friday, February 13, 200910:48 PM
So we decided to go to Ipoh's largest pasar malam today.

And yes it was kinda big. But not as large as the one in Cheras.

But nevertheless I can say that the food over there is great. No doubt.

Fried raddish/carrot cake has never been my favourite. But the one I tried was friggin awesome. Really. So many people were queueing up so bet it's good. You know la Malaysians will flock and crowd the hawker stall if the food is really good.

And the china burger is delicious. It's like your usual burger just that instead of the buns, they replace it with egg.

I ate soooooooooooooo many things that I actually lost track of what I ate. But I will definitely remember this.

I ate Hong Kong's

Yes dammit. I ate it. I don't what possessed me but I ate it. And it was sure once in a lifetime experience.

The feeling of eating it?
Just imagine somebody shoving their poo right into your mouth, having you to munch on it and breathe at the same time.

The aftermath?
The taste still lingers in your mouth after 10 rinses.

Really I don't know where I picked up the guts to eat it. I once rejected it when I was in Taiwan. The smell is unbearable. Ugrh.

And right after I munched it, I inhaled. And the smell is so unbearable I actually teared and I nearly vomited all my fried carrot cake. Darn.

I nearly puked but luckily, I didn't. No more smelly toufu for me please.

Thinking about it now gives me the creeps. I wonder why Taiwanese love it so much. Yucky!

You guys should try it and taste it for yourselves. It's really an experience.

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I'm too hot for you to handle ;)
Wednesday, February 11, 20094:06 PM
I know this sounds cheesy. But I'm lack of updates. Seriously. So on the way back from class I was drafting a post in my head and this is what I came up with. Haha. I seldom SS but sorry, I love myself way too much.

If you have not seen me before, nor know me, this is best for you.

Yeah I am short. So what? You think you are taller than me so that makes you better than me? You are just so wrong. You are no way near perfection. Okay I admit I hate people who belittle me cause I'm short. And I hate that malay AUNTIE who denied me a chance from go-karting in Genting cause I'm short. I actually reached the level but she said TAK BOLEH thus giving me that LOOK. Dammit it.

Though I am practically shielded by taller people in crowded places (eg lifts), but don't ever think I'm that easy to bully. Yes, never underestimate the small, short, petite or whatever-you-wana-call-it people.

I'm a loud speaker, perhaps that's how I gain everyone's attention. You may not see me from far, but nevertheless you can hear me talking or laughing 3 blocks away. Haha. I know I know I'm gonna be a lady soon, guess I should make an effort in toning down now. Haha.

Those who know me will love me to bits. Am I right coursemates? ;) Yeah I know they missed me terribly if I just happen to skip one class. Haha. And they say class is nevertheless boring without me. =P

I pull pranks and jokes on the close people around me. That's cause I understand how well they can take it. Yes I'm very mischievous. I used to switch off my nanny's bathroom lights when she was happily relieving herself. Haha. But guess I better quit it cause boyf said at times I look darn serious when I'm joking. Which eventually leads to some petty quarrels. Haha.

I only click with people my type, and I'll know it right after I meet you. If you are those whom I'll think twice to hang out with, then I'm sorry. We just lack the chemistry.

I eat and eat whenever I want. And I'm saying this cause I'm really hungry now. =(

I hardly camwhore, unless I have the mood. That explains why I seldom have my own personal pictures, and usually my display pictures are always with someone in it.

Okay I guess that's all. Tummy's rumbling thus draining all my brain juices.


Okay I just got back from Genting. Disappointing! The weather is freaking hot! I thought I could rest a couple of days, get my mind off the horrifying assignments and lab reports. But the weather was so bad I could actually sweat there!

And it's not even cold at night. Grrrr.

And I heard Cameron is friggin cold. Cameron it shall be then. For my next trip.

Kinda broke lately, having to bear the expanses of going Genting, but never mind. Petronas scholar money will be in in like 15days? =D

Going off now. Can't bear the emptiness in my tummy. Haha.


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The ladies and the gents
Wednesday, February 4, 20092:09 PM

Hesitated. Reluctant. Irresolute. Fickle minded. 

Those were combating in me. But then I heeded for San's and roomie's advice to go with my fingers crossed hoping I'll not regret it. Why? Cause this might be our last reunion for the July '06 Batch.

The theme for last night's dinner = Red. CNY cum batch dinner.

Come to think of it, it's the FIRST time where all the chinese gather and makan together. I've been in UTP for nearly 3 years and I think this is the first time. Serious. 

There were roughly 36 of us. We went in 7 cars, and had 8 dishes, including yee sang. And the best part was, it was only RM13.50 per person! =D

And we rocked the whole place down. Serious. Led by some of the guys, we caused a havoc there. In front of the seniors and juniors. Really buat malu man. But what to do, my batchmates rock your socks off! And I'm proud of them and love every single one of them to bits.

Loads of camwhoring, yes, even the guys. Haha. And I can proudly declare that the guys actually camwhored more than the girls! =D

I'll pass the time to the pictures.   


*amy jie and cally*

*half of the chemes*

*haha. kiddish*

*yum yum yee sang!*


*the gents*

*the ladies*

*7 missing 3*

*chang hua and i*

It was a blast. I didn't regret going. I wonder when can we have gatherings like this anymore. Some going intern next semester! Gonna miss them. 

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