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Wednesday, March 25, 20099:18 PM
Say hello to flu and goodbye to holidays.


Out of a sudden I'm having bouts of flu. Sneezing non stop like I've contracted the sneezing bug or something. Sigh. Must be the weather and lack of sleep recently. It's been raining everyday here in Penang, which I rejoice to the sound of lightning and thunder cause I
heart rain.

And I'm having imsomnia recently. Just couldn't sleep deeply these few days. Maybe cause my bolster ain't with me. =(

Holidays are so pathetic cause I have 2 lab reports to do, plus a probability and statistic homework which is to be handed in by Sunday. Sadistic lecturers. Sigh.

But seriously, this semester is a very fast one. One more month in UTP and it's finals already. Which means boyf and roomie is going to intern, and I'll be having a new roomie. And a new room. =)

And I just realized I have 34 books in my closet, 7 read and 27 more waiting to be flipped open. 3 books in UTP. Which altogether makes 30. I think I should stop buying books for now. Seriously. I'm in deep trouble if I keep on buying and not being able to finish the rest.

Ah. I can't wait for semester break; and intern! =)

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Saturday, March 21, 200911:51 AM
Yay I'm BACK! *lifts hands up in the air and shake them profusely*

It's sooooooooooooooooo good to be back.

Came back with a group of friends who wanted to visit Penang.

When we hit Penang, the first thing we had in mind was FOOD!

So our first stop is the ChowRasta Char Keow Teow recommended by
Herman binti Azhar. It's not bad. Kinda nice. I don't really like CKT though. Haha.

Ten minutes later we flock to Kayu Nasi Kandar. And yes. Yum yum!! =D
The Honey Chicken + Roti Telur + Rice = FANTABULOUS.

We were all stuffed after that. So went back home, rested for a while and out we went for dinner again.

Had Char Hor Fun (my favourite), Hokkien Char, Lok Lok, and some Chinese Herbal Tea.

Next we went to Gurney Plaza, G Hotel and Gurney Drive. Camwhored there like nobody's business.

Then we went to Upper Pg Road. Later on Fried Tom Yam in Yasir Khan. Haha! Kamran's bro? Hmmmm.

E-gate was next. But we just had ice creams.

Imagine how much we ate in a span of like, erm, 7 hours?

The nest day we head over to Super Tanker. Had Pan Mee, Curry Mee, Hokkien Mee, Jawa Mee. 8 freaking bowls for 5 people. I really didn't expect they have such a whopping appetite. Mind you these people are friggin thin peeps.

Queensbay next. Amy and Hin left for Cameron around 3pm. Milk, Joe and I continued our food frenzy, taking it to Sakae Sushi.

And for dinner we had Curry Fish Head.

Seriously, 2 days in Penang touring these guys forced me to go back to gym soon. I think I'm horizontally wider now. =(

And today, for lunch, it's eat-all-you-want steamboat. Argh!

Nevermind, I shall diet in UTP again. =D


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Saturday, March 7, 20096:07 PM
Yes I've been eating a lot lately. A LOT!

Sigh I'm gonna put back all the pounds I've shed. =(

I'm having bottomless speed and bottomless pit eating fever now. This ain't pleasant. Huhu.

Weather in UTP has been kind lately. Raining at the most appropriate times! =D

Heavy rain pouring in the evenings, and late at night. The feeling is so wonderful. Tucking yourself in bed, in your cozy pjs, fluffy pillow and a good read. Ahhh. Perfect bliss. But at times I have to swap my books with lecture notes though. =(

I can't wait for midsem break! Haha. I'll be able to get enough rest after all these hectic weeks. And I can't wait for my new car! Looking forward to my new car. =D

And, my hair is falling off like trees shedding their leaves in autumn. Grrrr. My hair is too long already. But I think this length is just perfect. But my hair is not cooperating. Sigh.

This semester is so tough. So many labs. I have like 4 more labs to go? Sigh. Plus I've got so many things to do for Digi. So many events coming up. And so many conversions to do. Tough tough semester.

And eyh, I'm addicted to South Park. XD

I need a brand new pair of flip flops. My current Nike's dying on me. Nearly slipped and fell countless of times. My ole' faithful that has been serving me for like nearly 2 years? Love it to bits.

And I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Been waiting for this for a long time. If everything goes right, my wish will come true after midsem break. And if it does, I'm definitely gonna gain weight!

Till then people,

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Sunday, March 1, 200912:04 AM
It feels good. It just feels so right.

It's good to be back home. =D

Was a last minute plan to come back. Took a 8.30am bus this morning and reached Penang at 11.30am.

It's just superb to be able to see parents, granny, sis again. And to taste Penang's glorious food. =)

Journey's tiring. I've been lack of sleep since Friday. And tomorrow off to UTP again.

And finally I've gotten my toe treated. The swelling has subsided and praise God I'm no longer in agony.

And. My parents are superb. My parents are the coolest parents on the earth. Haha. Really.

Cause they are gonna get me a car.

I just can't believe it. Anyways that's good cause I've been hoping for one since last year?

They are gonna get me a MyVi. =)

Black or white people?

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