Take me away cause falling in love ain't very far
thy queen
bow before me
click on me!
hook me up
scream your lungs
nuff niggas
links ahoy!
its easy to clap
where do you come from
It's here. Finally.
Thursday, April 30, 20099:53 PM
Finally the semester has come to an end. NOT!

Well maybe perhaps you can say so inofficially, just that I have 5 more KILLER PAPERS before I can officially end this semester.

This semester is such a fun one. Seriously. So many assignments, lab reports, tests, and now, finals. And this semester, the lecturers, wow. I have nothing to say. I can't mention which lecturer is the best, but I can tell you plenty of names that suck. No offence but the lecturers this semester is such a huge disappointment.

When it comes to such a crucial semester (yes this semester; 2nd year 2nd semester is one of the worst nightmares for a chemical engineer), the lecturers we have asked us to MEMORIZE and not to understand the subject. What turf? *shakes head*

Nevermind about them. The final battle is here. And I know I will get through it just like the other semesters, hoping that I can maintain my performance.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed, do include me in your prayers people!


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Thank you nuffnangers!
Tuesday, April 28, 20097:28 PM

I'm overwhelmed by the number of visitors visiting my blog after I blogged about my coursemates. It was really surprising, and I am thankful for that. The nuffnang analytics took a new turn, showing a total different statistics, and a huge increment in visitors per day.

I'm not saying exactly how much the number of visitors increased, but what I can tell you is that it increased two folds. Yup. You heard me right. And with this post I want to thank my baby boy for his support, my coursemates (Amy, Cally, Qing, Herman, Hui San, Mildred, Jasmitt), and other nuffnangers, such as elisa, mnkcreative, Books R Love, froz3ntree, kenwooi, Xjion89, Yunnpei89, feeq, wensher2sammi, AlexanderMahone, Naughty One and many more for their support!

This post goes out to you guys!

Thank you so much peeps! It means a lot to me. =D

And finally the squash tourney has come to an end. We won! Woo-hoo! I'm ecstatic. Thanks to my *ahem* supporters, you know who you guys are. Haha.

Final timetable was reshuffled. Now it's not THAT nice anymore. Sigh. 4 papers back-to-back I think. And it's gonna kill me. One of my worst final timetable I've ever had.

Any study tips? I really need help. Big time.

So I'm gonna take it slowly. I'm gonna start reading reaction for my make up test, and after take some rest. And then the battle is on! Oh my seriously I don't know how to cope. =(

Bad, bad semester. *shakes head*

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This is what happens when you study too much.
Sunday, April 26, 20097:48 PM

Okay I'm back. Finally. After the hectic week.

2 killer papers back-to-back, squash tourney, church activities.

Finally I can take a breather now. I can stop and smell the flowers. =D

Squash finals is this coming tuesday night. Wish me luck!

And I seriously thank God for the carbon copy tests. Which means the questions are the exact carbon copy of the examples given in class. Aren't my lecturers angels? =P At least I know I did well. =)

I should get loads of rest now before the final battle. Can't believe it is already Week 14. Last week of the semester. Study week is next week. =(

And I just camped in IRC for 12hrs straight from monday to thursday. How bad can that be? No life man. And this is what happens when you camp in IRC way too much.

*you start looking like disabled people nerds*

*And then you start breaking chairs cause you are not contented with the workload*

*you start having snacks in the library*

*after a nice meal you doze off; looking like a pig*

*and because studying in irc hinders you from dating, you date your own coursemates*

*you start giving your lecturers/notes the middle finger sign*

*and because you hate your lecturers so much, you start evaluating them but due to the confusion and anger, you evaluate non-existent lecturers*

*because you can only have snacks in irc, you start fantasizing yourself eating monsters*

*just because the lecturer who gave you the test is an indian (whom you assume to be black; I'm talking about Prof Saikat Maitra), you join Ku Klax Klan*

*but knowing you are the only KKK in M'sia, you feel defeated and rejected*

*when everything is beyond your control, you find a partner to piggy back you.....*

*and finally, you walk away*

-The End-

Sigh. Final's coming soon. But thank God for the amazing final timetable. I have breaks in between papers, which gives me ample time to study. I can't wait for semester break! Yay! I deserve a break. Yes I DESERVE a break.

*does a lil dance*

Okay nothing much to update. Now the hectic-ness is over. But, it's gonna start again real soon. Camping in irc again from 10am to midnight again. 14hours. =(


p/s : The story is just so RANDOM!

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Friday, April 17, 200910:04 PM

Serve me right for not playing squash for so long.

I am immobilized now. Every limb of mine is screaming in pain. I'm like a walking robot.


And I was panting like a dog after like 4 matches? omgosh. I need to put in extra effort to be fit again. And get back into shape. Lol.

Regarding my previous post, no, I didn't get to sleep straight after 12pm. Grrrr.

Cause right after Viva presentation, off we 5 girls (milk, cally, mie, san and I) went to Batu Gajah for lunch. After that, Mie and San followed Huat to Ipoh and off we three girls to the hair saloon as Cally wanted to get her hair cut.

And I got my hair washed! Haha! I know it's lame. But it's soooooo nice. So luxurious. For the first time. Haha. And massages. Nice. =)

I felt so pampered. Until that that girl started to massage me on the part where I'm TICKLISH. And I burst out laughing. And it was real loud. Hahahahaha.

omgosh it's freaking embarassing. Haha. But who cares. Busted my RM15 like that. And she dry blow my hair, straight. And suddenly I missed my long straight hair. =(

But I love my curls.


p/s : I sooooooo free I'm gonna watch south park. Marathon. =D

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Not a morning person.
Thursday, April 16, 20097:19 AM

Seriously I am not a morning person. I can't believe I am up so early (ok la not THAT early) to read my lab reports for my PSLP viva at 9am later.

I would rather study till late and wake up late in the morning.


Slept at nearly two and now I'm up. To study some friggin' boring lab reports. And now I'm blankly staring at my PC screen, which is too bright in such a dark room.

Argh. I wana go back to bed. I miss the smell of my bolster. =(

But it's okay. I will be free after 12pm later and the rest of the day shall be spent on my bed; in dreamland. Marvelous. =D

What can beat that?

And woo-hoo! Can't wait for my squash tourney tomorrow! =D

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Blessed Easter!
Sunday, April 12, 20099:24 PM

Blessed Easter people!

'For God so loved the world that He gave His only son, and whoever who believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life' -John 3:16-

This verse means a lot to me. As always. God gave His son, Jesus, to die on the cross for our sins, so that we may be united with God again, have eternal life, and live in Heaven when we depart from this earth.

Hah! Wonderful isn't it.

And so, it was celebrated today, in COP. Beautiful Easter. =)

Loads of pictures coming up. Brace yourselves peeps.

Beautifully decorated church


Soon-to-be Chemical Engineers (final year final sem + 2nd year 2nd sem PLUS MR KHOR; spot him!; ah nevermind the vertically challenged stature)

p/s : Seriously I almost fainted when I saw my Intro to Thermodynamics lecturer walking up the stairs.

Adrian, Sebastian, Hann

Melissa and Joel

Jimbo and I


Kat and Raymond

Shean Chuan and I

Eupho '09 Winners

Xiao Qi and I

Tirza and I

Stella and I

Steph and I

omgosh whatever that is

Hann, Aaron, Josiah

Kelvin and I

Josiah and William

Wiliam o.O

Michelle and I

Stella and Chee Hui

Hann. Haha.

Farewell Night is coming soon. Sigh. The batch of seniors whom I'm very close to will be leaving soon. =(

Like Chuan said
'Still got chance to meet wan'. Is it?

People like Melissa, Xiao Qi, Michelle, Jesse, Kelvin, William, Teik Hui, Shean Chuan, Jack will be leaving.

Not forgetting those interns; Aaron, Hann, Boyf.

But at least people like Vinod and Stella are coming back. =)

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It was Him. All along.
Saturday, April 11, 200911:59 PM
If it wasn't for Him, how could Crash and Burn won Eupho?

Yeap you've heard me right. They won. =)

But I admit that Eupho '09 finals wasn't as good as Eupho '08's finals. Disappointing? Maybe. But still. They won. He won. Period.

Okay that's all for this post.

emo-ing. Roomie is playing all those heartbreaking and jiwang songs. Tsk tsk.

Life, sometimes, isn't what like you want it to be. Your decisions determine your future. Ah this feeling sucks. =(

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Monday, April 6, 200910:28 PM
Internet connection is too good to be true. Seriously the internet connection is freaking fast now. Haha. And that's why I can blog so much.

Was browsing through my Nuffnang account and I stumbled upon this.

Omgosh what is that? Some emo suicidal statement or what. Freakish.

Enlarge it to read it.

Am I having a stalker or what? *gasps*

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12:35 AM
It feels so good to pick up the pace again.

It feels awesome to start on a brand new journey with Him.

My walk with God dwindled rapidly before mid-sem break. All the tests, assignments, labs, lab reports pulled me further and further away from Him.

And now I'm gonna go back to Him. I'm gonna attend CG again and prayer meet again. Yay! And I'll never skip church anymore. Honour Him and He will honour you.

Prayer meet just now was fantastic. Prayer is a privilege in life. And the worship session was so cool. Really enjoyed myself. He has rejuvenated my spirit. =D

I shall never forsake you anymore Father, I promise.

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Saturday, April 4, 20096:41 PM

I'm sooooooooo proud of him.

Hann, Jesse, Diane and Rizki too. =D

Today is a day full of laughter, joy, anticipation, anxieties, nervousness, miracles and answered prayers.

Euphonious '09 is back. Bigger. And better.

Seriously it's so much better now. Loads of bands made tremendous improvement. The panel of judges are better this time. Finally the committees realized that the previous ones were BAD. No offence.

One day, this group of people who shared the same interest and love in music, decided to form a band together. And they called themselves
Crash And Burn.

Joe, Jesse, Diane, Hann, Rizki

And so, they
CRASHED and BURNT Euhpo Prelims.

Hats off to Diane. She is just so good. She made the judges go
wow and even made that judge who was seated in the middle react to her performance.

She made the whole band looked good. The 5 of them, while playing, they showed the judges, audiences and even me, who has no experience in music, that they are so good in handling their own instruments.

Joe the lead singer and guitarist, Hann on drums, Jesse the bassist, Rizki the lead guitarist and nevertheless Diane on violin.

It's a blessing that the 5 of them are together. Initially there were 6. Keyboardist pulled out due to unforeseen circumstances.

Prayers sent above. Fingers crossed.

They are going to the FINALS!

It was a dream come true for Rizki, his last semester here in UTP. As well as for Jesse. And Diane. Joe and Hann was over the moon when their band was selected to compete in the finals.

'omgosh my heart can't take this anymore' - Hann

Imagine how estatic they were. Really Praise God for all miracles He had done, and for answering all of our prayers. =)

I can't wait for finals. They will be against Band Jamen, Morven, The Capoiz and another band. All I can do is to wish them well!

Congrats people. You guys made COP proud. (:

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