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Part 2 : What have I done so far?
Sunday, May 31, 200910:23 PM

My previous post was about my to-do list.

And this post will be how much I've already achieved so far. Haha.

1. DONE. I woke up (not so early in fact), but I went out and scouted for a job. Applied as barista in StarBucks, but doubt they'll hire me cause I have another one and a half months in Penang only. Too bad.
2. I'm gonna start tomorrow! Woo-hoo! Hopefully everything goes well. =)
3. Am currently selling my fictions. So far I've already raised RM248. *big grin*
4. Not yet! I still haven't fish out the unwanted clothes and rearrange the wardrobe yet. But I'll do it soon. I think the whole cupboard is gonna burst and collapse. =/
5. Okay I still haven't make an effort to exercise yet. =( Haha but I will! Planning to join Clark Hatch soon.
6. Snip snip! My curls are gone. Refer to pics below.
7. Nearly finished all already. Time for new books! =D
8. Haven't gone out with buddies yet. Jane and Ju having their exams. Nee not well. Get well soon aight!
9. Okay so far I'm not buying anything. Haven't spent a single cent yet! Money is in but so far I've only withdrew RM10 as a precaution.
10. I'm saving money. Yes I am!
11. Hmmm this is contradicting point #10. How can I save money when I want to buy new tops? Haha!

*evaluates* I think I can say I've already achieved 60% so far? Haha. Alright I just need to move my butt and start back my own fitness plan. Haha.

Alright pictures coming up!

*off the curls go*

*and my new slanted fringe!*

Not much diffence I would say. Just no more curls and some lil fringe.

Apparently bro and parents say this hairstyle suits me better compared to the previous one. I think the previous one made me look a lil bit more matured. But heck, for RM15 I'm contented! Haha! I actually wanted a shorter fringe but nevermind. I can cut it myself. =D

So yeah that's all about it.

The one mil question.

What do you think?


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Time for a makeover?
Wednesday, May 27, 20099:15 PM

I think, since I'm so free, I shall come up with a list of things to do during this semester break. And let us see how many I can achieve by the end of the day.

1. Wake up early and go around scouting for a decent job tomorrow.
2. Okay if I don't get a job, take up drums. No wait I can actually take up drums if I don't work.
3. Sell more fiction books to fund for my new DSLR. It's sadness and yay!. =) =(
4. Revamp my wardrobe by giving away the clothes I don't need, and buy new ones!
5. Make an effort to exercise everyday.
6. Get a new haircut this coming Sunday.
7. Finish reading all my fiction books before I sell them.
8. Spend more time with buddies before leaving for UTP.
9. Stop buying unnecessary stuffs that I don't need.
10. Save money for next semester (i can foresee it's a semester where i might have to travel a lot) and also for my Jakarta trip next year! =D
11. Get more nice tops for next semester.

I think I still have a lot to do but just I can't pen them down right now. Time for a makeover I think. =/

I just finished watching Saw 3 and Saw 4, waiting to watch Saw 5. I think it's a very brilliant movie, amid the gruesome scenes. Not for the faint hearted though.

I think I should start wearing babydolls. They are so gorgeous but I wonder how will I look wearing those. Haha. It's time for pumps, flats, babydolls, and other girly stuffs. Bye bye to loose, baggy clothes, baggy pants and sports shoes!

Urgh. I think I'm just only crapping. Lol. How can you dress up nicely when you have to walk around the humongous campus from 8-5 every single day? It's a torture to be all sweaty like that when you are dressed up nicely. So no choice lor. Haha.

Okay time for CSI. Toodles!

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Click click!
Tuesday, May 26, 20099:31 PM
Have you ever wonder why your money in your nuffnang account is stagnant?

Seriously mine's like stagnant for a while already, though blog has ads.


And so I cooked up a plan. Be a little bit more thick faced, and start asking every single random person to click on the ads whenever they visit my blog!

So desperate or not. So
omg lah. Haha!

Can't help it
ler. It's so discouraging to see other famous bloggers receiving big, fat cheques from nuffnang. Seeing Yatz with his big fat cheque after 2 years. Mine's like not even one tenth of his.

Aight no. I don't ask every random person to click on the ads, later I shall have no more visitors. Lol.

Okay so this is not a post to gain some sympathy or
whatsoever. This is just so random. Haha! But seriously I don't understand how can you actually get people to click your ads for you.

But hye! Thanks to people like boyf, Amy, Cally, Hui San, Jason Anderson and my roomie. They are my regular
clickers. Loads of thanks, huggies and love! =D

On a side note, today is our cheme gang big boss's bday!

Blessed Bday Meat Jasmitt! Though you are back in Seremban but we will never forget you. Missed the fun we had together in Sunway Lagoon. Mamak-ing sessions. Irc-ing sessions. Thank you for your presence and you car, obviously. Haha.

-the bday boy-

-the cheme mamak sessions-

and one more. I didn't know that Ewan Mcgregor is the camerlango in Angels and Demons. *faints*

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I'm back! But what should I do?
Sunday, May 24, 200911:04 PM

So yeah I'm back in Penang already. Since last Friday.

Will be in Penang for two months till my next semester commences, which I will then be in my third year. That's kinda fast and it freaks me out.

Not doing anything back home except for shaking my legs and sleeping for 10hrs. HAHA!

Okay now. I'm thinking of working. Should I?

Mum said BORDERS is hiring part timers. But queensbay is kinda far away from where I'm living. Imagine I can just bury myself under all those books *starts to daydream*. Oh. I simply LOVE the smell of new books. =D

Sigh. TOO BAD it won't happen. BOO BOO.

Don't tell me I have to work in McD again. Yuck!

So. Work? Shake legs? Travel? Or take up a musical instrument?

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To you, you and you;
Thursday, May 21, 200911:48 AM


All good things must come to an end they say. I'll be leaving this place tomorrow with a heavy heart, reminiscing about our good old days. This is where our paths will diverge, you pursuing yours, me mine. Our paths have once overlapped, filled with joy, laughter. The bonds we share was so intimate, so strong regardless of anything!

I've been praying all these while that it wouldn't come so fast, but nevertheless time flies. It first started off with Elvina, Isaac and Felix leaving, and now, the whole bunch. I believe things will still go smoothly, as He will be here to continue to guide the rest.

This would not be able to potray the sadness and grief, but if God allows, we shall meet again. You guys are the people whom made me feel the bother and sisterhood love, whom made me feel that COP was 2nd after home. The closest people to me in my heart. The people whom can make me share all my troubles and problems with, the people whom understands my needs the most, the people whom constantly pray for me and guide me.

But nevertheless, I pray for a better phase of life for all of you, as you guys stepped out into the corporate world, may God continue to guide you and grant you what your heart desires. Remember.
"If you abide in me and my words abide in you, you can ask for anything you want, and you will receive it. (John 15:7)

As you begin a new chapter of life, remember to always be a constant blessing to those around you, save souls for His kingdom as the harvest is plenty but the workers are few. Make an impact to those around you. Be influential. Never stop doing things for God.

For those who are yet to believe in Christ, I know God is working in you. He's stirring up things in your heart. And I believe by faith one day, we shall meet in heaven. =)

Till we meet again, I bid you adieu.


-john, josiah, michelle, hann-

-ginn, kelvin, jesse, chuan-

-leo, cheryl, jesse-

-melissa, xiao qi, diane-

-william, cheryl-

-henry, aaron, rizki, lemmi, josiah, teik hui-




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Blood and tears shed.
Monday, May 18, 20097:51 PM
Blood and tears shed, we marched on. Trumpets blown, we marched on.

On and on till the final one. I pray for a fight that will end in glory.

Onwards, charge!

And finally,

sweet victory.


okay I don't know whether it's sweet victory or not. And okay I suck at poetry. Not my cup of coffee. Haha.

But heck, I put in A LOT, A LOT of effort for these papers. And I don't know will it be rewarding or not.

And seriously, I deserve a break after all these. I have large dark rings around my eyes, and I look pale. Simply because I lack my usual 8hrs sleep a day.

*shrugged* don't know how the outcome will be like, but let it end in glory.

I friggin' hate this semester. Grrr.

Coursemates are off to Ipoh already. Well, I think I shall just watch Confessions of A Shopaholic and Friday the 13th on my lappie.

And uh, I can't wait to watch Angels and Demons, Star Trek, Night at The Museum: Battle of The Smithsonian, Paul Blart: Mall Cop and Make It Happen.

Shall end this with a picture of boyf and I.

*at Akamomiji *

Retiring early. Toodles!


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On the brink of freedom.
Saturday, May 16, 20097:12 PM


It's time to rejoice!

Finals are over. Nearly. Haha.

5 down and one more to go. The last one is this coming Monday. And that marks the end of this semester. This semester's timetable is too hectic, and after I have finished 5, I guess I should treat myself to something nice. No? =)

So tell me. What should I do tonight? Don't ask me to study. No no.

Okay. Sleep, rest, blog, surf the net aimlessly, or watch ANGELS AND DEMONS? Haha.

I heard it's good. I can't wait to watch it. The book is good. Love it. Hope the movie does it justice.

And now I can't wait for Monday to come. And I shall be free! *does a lil dance* =D

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I need a breather.
Sunday, May 10, 200912:42 AM
Ahhh. The hecticness. =(

This is really taking its toll on me. Lack of my usual 8 hrs sleep. This is real bad. And I'm super busy this semester! Even though it's already study week but I'm still busy. But I know it's gonna be all over real soon. =D

Just got back from dinner with Pastor Elijah. He brought us to this Jap restaurant (ah i forgot the name) and the food was superb! It's so many times better than Waraku. Price is reasonable, the raw fish is very fresh. And oh oh, I tried RAW BEEF! You've got to believe me. And it's mind blasting! Seriously good.

Okay pictures up later when I get them from Gabby.

Farewell night was held on the 6th of May. The seniors are leaving. Real soon. =( I'm yet to blog about it. Lack of time now. I'll try to blog about it after my finals. Promise. Lol.

I really need more time now. Oh God. Please grant me more time to study!



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