Take me away cause falling in love ain't very far
thy queen
bow before me
click on me!
hook me up
scream your lungs
nuff niggas
links ahoy!
its easy to clap
where do you come from
Doggy style anyone? Lol!
Tuesday, June 30, 200911:45 PM
Went out yesterday with besties again, to celebrate Jane's 21st Bday. Today's her big day.

Blessed 21st love! =)

No this is not a bimbotic post with loads of camwhoring pictures.

This post has only one picture. Only one.

I had my dinner there. Had cheesy baked rice and oreo milkshake. After hours of catching up with each other, we decided to visit the loo. And lo behold this is what I saw.

In the ladies.

I can only decipher 3 out of the 6. Sorry for the bad resolution picture.

I'm not trying to think otherwise, but feel free to tell me what the other 3 means. The pissing thing(top row right), and the other two at the bottom row. Anyone please? =)

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The Passing Of A Great Man : MJ
Friday, June 26, 200911:09 AM

I woke up today, as usual, just to be informed that The King of Pop, Michael Jackson has already passed away early this morning when I was happily sleeping. The shocking news didn't sink in until one minute later.

Never mind the countless times of plastic surgery he did and the pedophile charges, he still left a legacy on its own. He was a man blessed with so many talents, yet so humble. A man so famous for his powerful vocals, and not forgetting his dance moves.

Honestly I wasn't a big fan of MJ, but nevertheless his songs impacted the whole world. His death came as a surprise to me, and it made me realised how fragile a life could be. The next minute a person can be called back to the Lord.

You'll always be remembered, deeply missed.

Billie Jean, Beat It, Smooth Criminal, Heal The World and You Are Not Alone will always stay in my playlist.

Rest in peace.


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Thank you nuffnang!
Wednesday, June 24, 20099:07 PM

Went out with close buddies again yesterday. To Queensbay mall. The purpose was to visit another close buddy of mine, who's currently working part time for Origins.

Met her during her lunch break, and the four of us had Sushi King for lunch. Seriously I prefer Sakae Sushi over Sushi King. So I was kinda reluctant to go in. I was tight on cash too so I wanted something nice and cheap. But nevertheless, we had Sushi King and I had this hot plate dory fish fillet in black pepper sauce.

And it turned out to be good! The last time I went to Sushi King was like last year I think, when I treated Joe to his favourite salmon teppanyaki. Didn't know they revamped the menu already, so I had to order something else.

But seriously it was good. I don't fancy dory but they were very generous with the portion (i got a huge piece), and on top of all, it was fresh. The black pepper sauce is awesome possum. =D

Spent RM15 for such a satisfying meal. Not that bad after all. =)

The three of us went window shopping. Spotted this gorgeous clincher from MNG, but it was way toooooo big for me. Boo boo. Before we left, we went back to Origins to bid Jane farewell, and her colleague suddenly asked "Who wants a free facial?".

Haha seriously how lucky can you get. So I got my free facial for the day. Went home beaming, and my skin was like 10 years younger, lol, free of all impurities. Went home empty handed, cause I wanted to save up more to splurge on my shopping spree in Singapore.

And the highlight of the day was



I was over the moon when I received the email from nuffnang. Urbanscapes will be held this coming Saturday, but too bad I can't make it, so I'm giving it to Joe and Ivan. You guys enjoy yourselves there aight?

Thank you nuffnang, you never disappoint me. (;

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To celebrate or not?
Tuesday, June 23, 20091:05 AM

Seriously. Why are some people so hyped up whenever their 21st Bday is around the corner?

I know it marks the crucial change in your life. From adolescence to adulthood. And I definitely knows it happens only once in your entire life here on earth. And people say "Your 21st Bday only come ONCE in a lifetime. So have a blast!"

But the thing is, do you believe so? Does it matter THAT MUCH if you don't celebrate your 21st Bday?

I really don't know. To me it doesn't matter much, but seeing my family and boyf so excited at the fact I'm turning 21 soon, it makes me want to really have a great day.

Not saying a grand bday party or whatever, but a great day where you can slowly recall the tiny details when you hit your fifties later on.

I'm a very simple person. If I can just spend the day with my loved ones, having close friends and family members texting me, or perhaps a call, wishing me on that particular day, I'm more than contented.

I have this half of me saying "Let's have a blast!" and the other "Let's keep it quiet". Something like that.

Boyf said I can have whatever I want, and I actually came up with a list of what I WANT on my special day, but seconds after that, I told him I don't want anymore cause it's gonna cost a lot. Sigh.

I can't make up my mind! Let me tell you what. Why don't you guys out there give me some comments regarding this? It will help. Loads.

Thank you!! =)


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To the greatest dad on earth.
Sunday, June 21, 20099:55 PM

So today's your special day. =)

So since Father's Day only happen once in a year,
obviously, we decided to treat dad to something nice. Tired of buffet so we decided to have Chinese Cuisine, and we ended up at Ko-Fu Loft in Gurney Plaza.

Used to be Food Loft (i think), but since we've never tried, we decided to give it a go.

Sorry I didn't take any pictures of the food, cause I was so famished. I only had half of a pancake and chocolate milk right after church, was about 11a.m, and lunch was 4pm, after sis's squash practice. So can you imagine how hungry I was?

I had Bak Kut Teh ramen. Superb man! Seriously good. I'm not a meat lover so I gave all to granny. But at least I took one picture of my 95% consumed noodle.

*I love this <3*

And since today was Father's Day, they actually gave us free family photoshoot. First picture developed will be free, the remaining ones will cost you RM5 each.

So we did our photoshoot while waiting for food to be served. One family picture and another one with granny.

*with granny*

*the teo family*

*mum and dad*

*the siblings + dad*

*beloved granny and i*

The 6 of us ate a lot. We had pork ribs, sweet and sour fish, vege, cod fish, fried rice, ramen, this huge bowl of vermicelli cooked in some dried vege soup with prawns, plain white rice of course and tea. And for all this we had to fork out RM160+.

My opinion? Not worth it. The food is so so only except for the ramen, and the portions are quite small. So yeah not worth paying THAT MUCH for something that doesn't quite leave a good impression on you. =)

So, Happy Daddy's Day dad, and I love you! May God continue to bless you, and may He work something in your heart. And please DON'T SMOKE ANYMORE lar.

My next post should be regarding my cousin's wedding, if only I take pictures. Haha.

And I'm so looking forward to my 21st Bday celebration! Haha! 21 only comes once, so I better celebrate it. Boyf asked me what do I want, and I'm still thinking. Yes on that day I have the privilege of a queen!

Okay I'm getting tired already, and my head is spinning. Signing off now!


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Saturday, June 20, 20093:15 PM

My cousin's getting maried. Next week.

He's getting married. And I don't know what to wear? BLEH.

I told my mum I'll just wear something simple and causal, and she said "He's your cousin so wear something nicer!"

Faints. Really. It's not me getting married also. Grrrr.

So yeah tomorrow's Father Day and I'm gonna celebrate with Dad! Pictures up next post!



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Hanging out with my besties. Half of them.
Thursday, June 18, 20093:44 PM
So he wasn't in Miri and she was still in Penang, afterall.

He's leaving for Miri tomorrow actually, and she, on her way to PD I assume. The other is working somewhere in USM now, and another is on the way back to UTP. Ahh I'm missing them.

It will not that bored if you hang out with your uni buddies. Went out with them to queensbay and we had a great time together. It was seriously a blast. And never ever leave home with only RM20 in your pocket, else you'll be the laughing stock. Haha! (yes i'm referring to herman)

It was a sudden last minute plan, so I didn't bother to dress up. Bleh. (no i actually never bother to dress up before lol)

*vern, mildred, renae*

*irene and herman*

*i seriously love them*


I just realized that actually the 3 of us (referring to the cheme people) are racist. Haha!

Okay now I'm looking forward to hang out with Amy, Cally, Jasmitt. Sorry la that fei zhai busy with his gf, Hui San and Xiang Qing pulak too far. Sorry!

So now who wants to go Malacca with me? Jin Ming is going to be our host! Missing Jonker and nice nice food. =)

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Rants that you don't want to read.
Tuesday, June 16, 20099:27 PM

I'm seriously bored.

Alright so now I know how SMALL penang is, cause I have nothing else to do other than eat, eat, and eat nice hawker food.

I'm seriously bored to death. I'm terribly afraid of shopping malls already. And there are only 2 happening malls in Penang, and I'm sick of them. I want to shop for more clothes but I don't have the ka-ching. So yeah just forget about it.

My the other kaki is currently in Miri, visiting his gf who is doing her intern with Nippon Paint Oil Exploration. So I bet he is enjoying himself there, despite there's nothing much in Miri also. Haha! Sorry.

Hanged out with my high scool besties the other day. Celebrated Wei Ping's 21st b'day. And oh I just realized I'm turning 21 real soon. It's just like one more month only. I can't believe I'm turning 21! And the worse thing is that my new semester starts on the 20th, and I'll be heading back to UTP on the 18th, which means I'll be celebrating my 21st bday in UTP? Argh. What a nice timing. =(

On a brighter side, I'll be flying to Singapore soon! Yes I can't wait for the 1st of July to come. I kept on pestering my mum to allow me to go over to sg, and finally she gave in. Haha! Will be going to sg alone, staying there till the 9th. Aunt said everything is on sales now, so sg, watch out! Will be hanging out, hopefully, with another high school friend who is currently residing in sg. Missing her loads.

Whenever you are bored, read. I've been reading loads lately, and have already finished 3 books within a month. Haha. I still can't decide when to go KL. Was planning to go end of this month, but I'm lazy to get the plan started. Lol. There are a lot of cheap air tix lately, so if I happen to go KL, I'll definitely by flying again.

Alright that's all about it. Nothing much to say anymore.

Till then people,


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Honk for free burgers!
Sunday, June 14, 200910:28 PM

Quick post : My hundredth post! Weeeeeeee! =D

Went to Gurney Plaza yesterday, while sis went for her piano lessons. There was a long jam so I got off the car in the middle of the road and sent sis over to the music academy which is just opposite.

Dad made a U-turn back finally, after like 10-15 minutes. And he came back, grinning. Wonder what he saw. And he was holding something in both hands. I inched closer, hoping to get a good view when he lifted up his hands and said "Free Burgers!".

Time : Approximately 6pm
Venue : Gurney

Two groups of Nando's Crew spotted.

Action : Giving out free burgers.

Yep. They were holding banners saying 'Honk for Free Burgers'. Haha. So dad honked at them (and yes they were the cause of the jam) and he got two free burgers!

*spot their chicken mascot*

*black mushroom and brie burger*

*burgers for supper*

*nice packaging I must say*

*the burger is as huge as my hand!*

*the filling; yummy!*

*thank you nando's!*

The burger is good I must say. The filling consists of 2 pieces of chinese mushrooms, some vege, cheese, and a piece of breast meat.

I don't fancy meat much but the chicken meat is good.

So next time when they say honk for free burgers, just honk! You wouldn't know what's in store for you. =)

p/s : No nando's didn't pay me to do this. I just find this interesting. Free burgers anyone?

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The Goddess's 21st.
Friday, June 12, 200912:15 AM

So today's your bday huh? Haha. I know you are working on your birthday. But nevertheless,

Blessed 21st Hun!

I know you call yourself 'The Awesomest Goddess', but sorry
lar, I can't worship you. Haha! XD

But still, I love you babe! Missing you loads. Can't wait to see you back in UTP. Haha. You have been a blessing to all of us.

I missed all the fun we had during classes, as well as during study week. But I bet I'll experience it more when 3rd year 1st sem commences. Haha.

*kenny from utp*

*yes that's her*

*in g hotel, penang*

*love this pic the most; in waraku, ipoh*

It's your day and enjoy it. Have a blast!


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It comforts me.
Monday, June 8, 200912:34 AM

Boyfriend left for Setia Alam at around 7pm just now. Sigh. I'm missing him loads right now. Guess the next time I'll be seeing him is prolly end of June/early July? =(

Don't know but I'll definitely miss him loads. I hate it when we both have to part, but I'm glad he came to Penang safely despite having to stay one night in Ginn's house in Ipoh. Though we just spend prolly one and a half/2 days together, but I'm really thankful that he came.

We had so many wonderful moments together, and everything went well till he had to leave today. I cried, as usual, couldn't bear the fact he had to leave me so fast. =(


It comforts me when you say "Don't cry you silly girl".
It comforts me when you kiss away all the tears.
It comforts me when you say I'm still beautiful despite crying so much.
It comforts me when you pull me close to you where your warmth envelops me.
It comforts me when I rest my head on your chest, hearing the constant steady beat of your heart.

It comforts me when you whisper all sorts of promises into my ears.
It comforts me when you try to cheer me up by telling all sorts of funny and lame stories.
It comforts me THE MOST when you say "I Love You' over and over again, me knowing that it really comes from the bottom of your heart.

I'll be missing you loads. Take care when you are over there aight? =)

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Drums I <3. =)
Thursday, June 4, 20099:54 PM

Yup you're right. Today I started my first drum lessons. And it was way toooooooooo cool! =D

Finally I've started pursuing something that I love. Been wanting to take up drums quite some time ago, and this semester break is the best time.

Despite having one and a half months left, but at least I could pick up some basics. Boyf taught me some when we both were still in UTP. And today I started it off with 8 beats.

And woo hoo! Praise God I can play that! It involves loadsa coordination, mainly from your right hand, left hand and your right leg. I was actually very surprised with that achievement for before this I can only manage with my left hand and right leg for the bass drum.

Thanks to the boyf who prayed for me. =)

So yeah I was very happy with the feat, and I really thank God for helping me through it. And I am looking forward to the next class! Instructor's a malay who goes by the name of Merican. Haha!

Not only that, I've started exercising as well! This semester break has been so productive. Started off with an hour of badminton, and I think I'm gonna go hiking next. Tomorrow shall be my day off as Mildred is in Penang already. So planning to bring her out shopping and perhaps, to celebrate her 21st bday. Cally's also in Penang, hopefully she'll be able to join us.

I can foresee tomorrow's gonna be a fun day! Will be out the whole day, starting the day off by going out with cousin who will be leaving for the US soon, and coursemates next.

And the boyf's coming out to Penang TOMORROW! Great kan. Haha.

Ahhhh I'm so blessed. Thank you God! *huge grin*


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Review : Seoul Garden
Tuesday, June 2, 20099:15 PM

Oh I just realized I'm about to hit my 100th post soon! =D

Can't believe I've been blogging for quite some time, and my amount of readers are increasing.

Thanks to you guys my blog is still alive, else I would have shut it down already. And thanks to nuffnang too, they made blogging so much fun!

So today's an outing with the family; except for dad cause he has to work. The 4 of us have been craving for korean food lately, so Seoul Garden it is!

I've never tried there though I've personally received good feedbacks about it. So we went to the one in Gurney Plaza, around 3pm. Yeah today lunch was quite late.

Seoul Garden = korean steamboat plus BBQ

The last time I had korean food was when I was in Taiwan. Way back in 2002 (i think). I can still remember that the korean food in Taiwan was suprisingly good, but I did not habour high hopes though.

They offer mostly fish, chicken and beef; marinated with different spices (eg garlic, tom yum paste, herbs). I'm not a meat lover, but I took meat anyways. Took the rest and waited for the hot plate to heat up, as well as the baby abalone soup. =)

*mum and sis*

*baby abalone soup + raw meat*

*sis cooking 'em*

*halfway through*

*voila! it's eating time!*

Yes the food is superb. Especially the spicy beef bulgogi! It was so good that I kept on eating it non-stop. Haha. And the soup was great. But in the end it got very salty thanks to the seaweed.

I ate heartily, but one thing that distressed me was the amount of smoke and oil present in my beef! But nevertheless, without oil you can never barbeque. I came out of the shop, with my clothes stinking with bbq smell, and my face, as oily as ever. Haha!

But it was a great experience dining there.

Verdict = Superb!

Mum was a happy women, sister a happy girl, brother a contented fella. (: so much so for only RM70.

*the brother; happy as ever*

Yeah it was that cheap! The cashier gave bro and I student price, sis children price and mum senior citizen! Haha mum's not that old but it's a blessing to be able to save money anyways! Haha!

Next mission = Bring the boyf to Seoul Garden!

*oh this is for you joe =P*

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