Take me away cause falling in love ain't very far
thy queen
bow before me
click on me!
hook me up
scream your lungs
nuff niggas
links ahoy!
its easy to clap
where do you come from
Life's not that colourful after all.
Tuesday, July 28, 200912:53 AM

It's the beginning of week 2 now. The first week was quite hectic, having to accomodate all classes whenever possible. Tried to eliminate classes on Friday's but I've always run out of luck on this matter. For 3 years in a row, I had classes on Friday mornings. Though in 3rd year 1st semester I still have classes on Friday mornings. Ain't that bad afterall, comparing to those having classes in the afternoons.

ETP's doing fine I suppose. Was suppose to decide on the project that we are going to work on, but we still couldn't agree to something unanimously. Have not completed resume for internship yet, though I'm really looking forward to it.

Classes are quite hectic, I wish Mondays never exist. Labs as usual on Tuesdays, but thankfully labs will only begin next week, so it means that my first class for tomorrow is at 6pm! How cool is that. And the best thing is that the labs are conducted on alternate weeks, so at times classes only begins at 6pm. (; That's a bonus.

My crystal ball tells me that this semester will be a rough one. Lecturers are cool, despite looking like some iranian suicide bomber. Lol.

And, my bed has BEG BUGS! omgosh like what! Those creepy crawlies are really annoying and scary. Got myself a new bed already. But all I need now is a bed protector. Seriously. If you see me scratching myself like an ape, you now know why. Haha.

Finally I'm on facebook now. =) After ages no? Yeah I go around telling people I'll get one if my granny has one. And no. She doesn't have one. Lol. I did it out of curiosity, and FB's not bad afterall. Didn't explore much, I prefer to do things to my liking.

It's time for bed. Signing off. =)

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Threats you never experience.
Tuesday, July 21, 200910:48 PM

This is a real story which happened to one of my friends.

He stays in Damansara. Exactly where I'm not that sure about it. Our 2 months holiday ended just recently. And on the 12th of July, he decided to go out with his girlfriend.

He was driving, on his way out I presume, and he reached a T junction. Mind you, the T junction has no traffic lights. So it means that you turn when there are no cars coming from the main trunk road. Being unable to turn, as the traffic was quite heavy at the time, my friend had no choice but to remain stationary till the traffic clears.

And this is when it happened. This guy who was driving a Toyota Alfred, the car which has an Osim massage car behind, started to get impatient. He horned and horned.

This friend of mine, I would say, is quite a good driver himself. Being someone who holds the Malaysian Driver's License for approximately 2 years, and who drives at a speed of only 60kmph, he's quite of a cautious driver. And on top of that, he is very patient. Very, very patient. He endures all cynical remarks, replying them with his smile, receiving blows from girls he teased like a man.

So that Toyota guy kept on horning, and threatened him (my friend) by applying the my-car-will-crash-your-car-style if you don't budge. Like when you tail gate someone, you come very close, appearing like you are about the crash into the car in front. That's what the Toyota guy did. Toyota guy did that for a few times, and blasted the horn like nobody's business.

He, being unable to move, got very irritated with the actions. And he showed Toyota guy the middle finger without looking behind. And that is when Toyota guy decided to overtake him. Toyota guy came out from the queue, and stopped right beside his car.

That's when Toyota guy took out his 9milimeter and pointed directly at him.

Second thread from Toyota guy. He got a shock of his life. And luckily the traffic eased, so he made a left turn. Toyota guy trailed from behind, and soon they both had to stop at the traffic lights. Toyota guy came down from his car, scolded him, and said "Who do you think you are? Trying to show me the middle finger? Mind you I'm a high ranked cop".

Toyota guy went back to his car, traffic lights turned green, sped off in another direction. And his car had to badge thingy attached to the number plate, and has a police station authorised sticker.

He was very pissed with what happened, wanted to lodge a report on the threats he received, but coming to think about it, Toyota guy said HE'S A HIGH RANKED COP. So he decided not to do so afterall, and continued with his plans for the day.


So what is Toyota guy suggesting? Having loads of cash, a 9mm beside, a high rank postion means you get the privilege to point your 9mm to someone whenever you want things to be done your way? Tsk tsk.

Your say?

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MU Vs Msia
Monday, July 20, 20099:11 PM

All hell broke loose when Joe and I got to know that his post won the Special Prize in the Smirnoff Competition. Being someone who despises football, ironically I was very excited to go to the match. We got two RM58 tickets, good enough. Better than none.

So I took a train all the way to KL Sentral from Batu Gajah. Reached around 4.15pm. Straight to Bukit Jalil. Lo and behold the whole LRT was practically packed with the red fans. Seriously lor. So many of them. Wearing jerseys. The boyf and I felt out of place for not wearing jerseys. But we couldn't help it. He's a big fan of Liverpool. Lol.

*packed as sardin*

*a throng of red fans*

*MU asia tour*

*MU warming up*

*and let the game begin*

*MU in action*

*Msia team celebrating after the scoring the first goal*

The match ended with 3-2. I think Msia was not bad indeed. And perhaps after this match I'll grow to love football instead huh. Haha.

Took the lrt all the way to Times Square. Boyf decided to treat me to my early Bday dinner, so we ended up dining at Very Thai. Superb! We ordered tom yam seafood + green curry chicken + rice each. The total was RM30, but nevertheless the food is awesome! It's good cause it's seriously authentic.

*green curry + tom yam*

Last but not least, I definitely have to try Krispy Kreme. Overrated I would say. Yes the donuts are soft indeed, but it's way tooooo sweet to my liking. Their signature original glaze is awesome, so is the chocolate peanut butter donut. The rest are just too sweet. Period.

I was a contented girl that day. Boyf's really being generous on that day. And finally, I'm 21 and I'm legal to go in casinos despite the height! Haha!

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Blessed b'day
1:20 AM

Hey yo!

Reached UTP in the afternoon, had church committee meeting and after that, prayer meeting.

While closing halfway, I heard someone shouted "Where is Charles?" Instantly I turned my head, and I was so horrified to see a big jing gang at the hut.

Prayer meeting ended shortly after that, and I was greeted by my batchmates with a birthday cake. omgosh I couldn't believe this. And to the fact that my birthday was actually on the 19th, which was yesterday. Haha.

No, I didn't celebrate my b'day at the mamak, not even clubbin. I don't club. Lol. It was celebrated in UTP, at the V5 hut. Haha.

So yeah they sang birthday song, twice in fact, and all of us had a share of the cake. It's chocolate cake. My favourite! =D

Initally it was only within coursemates, but one by one came, so in the end it became like a batch thing. My birthday usually falls a few days before the semester begin, but this year it's just a day before classes start officially.

As I was happily eating my cake while chatting away, Jasmitt pressed his cake onto my face. And Jing Zhi attacked the hair. My hair. T___T I had to wash it 3 times. Friggin' three times.

Now I'm in the room, staring at the pc while waiting for my hair to dry completely. Haha. It's a very great experience, and I love each and every one of them. =)

Thanks dad, mum, bro, lil sis, aunt, cousins, uncle for wishing me happy birthday. And for the ang paus. =D I love them a lot.

Special thanks to coursemates who bought the cake and hosted the party, and to Herman for the Belgian Chocolates, and to Yeong Chuan for the Diary Milk. I'm so gonna have loads of pimples. Haha.

And thanks to those who texted me, far away from where I was, and to those who called me. You guys made my day. I'll always remember this.

Last but not least, thanks to Josiah Tay, for bringing me to the MU match, for being so gracious bringing me around KL, not forgetting our very special dinner at Very Thai in Times Square, and also the Krispy Kremes. Thanks for everything!

Pictures are with Jasmitt, will post them up later. So now I'm officially 21 yo!

It's getting late. Will blog abt Man U VS Msia some other time hopefully. And tomorrow's the first class! Woo hoooooooo! And yeah, there'll be a great post coming right after this. Stay tuned!

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It's my bday, yo!
Sunday, July 19, 20091:00 AM
Wooooo hooooooo! Today's my 21st b'day! =D

So wish me lar! XD

Message : This is a pre-programmed post. The current bday girl is in KL and will be back to UTP in a few hours time.

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It's time.
Friday, July 17, 20091:10 AM

Reality check : Walk with God. A big no-no.

I always slack when I'm back home. Kana slammed it straight into my face just now.

"Double the effort and make it clear to yourself, that nothing is going to come in between you and God. Raise your voice and lift your hands up high."

And it struck me. It's time.

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Thursday, July 16, 20096:15 PM

I created a FB account for myself!

omgosh I feel so outdated when I said that. It's not the peer pressure that lead me to this, but I did it out of curiosity anyway.

They say facebook is fun. So I tried. And I got many messages from closed ones written on my WALL. And I got so many supporters supporting me to create an account early this morning. Love 'em.

And guess what, I'm stuck at the HOME page only. What turf. I tried clicking on profile, it didn't appear. Friends requests. Didn't load.


I was so frustrated till the point I was so tempted to CLOSE THE WHOLE STUPID ACCOUNT just now. But you've got it right. I can't even go to any other page besides HOME. Joe and Amy blamed it on the connection. Seriously. Is STREAMYX that bad? I've always never want to side those who throw cynical remarks at you, I just kept quiet and tried to back you up instead. So now is this what I get?

Or is it that FB suck? Doubt so cause I see my friends enjoying to the max.

ARGH. So pissed with it.

On a brighter note, I've completed like nearly 90% of my resume, and I'll be having Domino's for dinner! =D Pizza Hut goes down the drain. Sorry.

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MU Vs. Malaysia?
Monday, July 13, 20098:57 PM

I so can't believe this. I don't fancy football. I don't watch football matches (though I used to adore it last time). And I at times forbid Joe from playing football. Lol!

But I'm going to KL this Saturday to watch MU Vs. Malaysia.

Hypocrite or not la you tell me.

Lol. Can't help it. If I have to buy it definitely I won't be going. But the thing is that Joe won it from the Smirnoff Contest! So yeah I've missed Urbanscapes '09, but I definitely won't be missing this!

Did some research and looks like the tickets he won will earn us seats behind the goal post. Not that bad I would say. Can see some real live action. But won't be able to cover the whole field.

So I think it'll be my first football match live, and perhaps an early b'day present? Haha oh well.

ETP group lists were out today. 6 in my group including me. Hopefully things will go well this semester.

And for those who don't know who my roomie is for next semester, she is CALLY LIM SIU LI. =D

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Of results and resolutions.
Sunday, July 12, 20098:06 PM

Results came out the yesterday. I don't know whether to classify it as good or bad. It was satisfactory perhaps, but I could have done better. I was very reluctant to study despite only having one study week. I can still remember that clearly. I slept more than other people, and put in lesser effort compared to the others. Guess I would have to change that attitude this coming semester.

New resolutions :
1. Sleep early and wake up early. At least 8 hours of sleep.
2. Concentrate more in class, and skip classes no more!
3. I know I can never revise everyday, so I must put more effort when I have the mood to study.
4. I must target 3.9 and above for next semester, cause my new roomie is freaking smart! Can't lose to her. Lol.
5. Save more money perhaps?
6. Pray for a good intern company.
7. And pray for good ETP team mates!
8. Have a better spiritual life. Will try to attend prayer meet every night. (p/s : roomie please remind me at 11pm every night. lol)
9. Stop being such a lazy bum.
10. And stop sleeping that much.

I think I must not bring so many novels back uni, they are one of the biggest distractions. Boyf's doing intern now, so I will always be in my room. Lol. No social life. I think I have a few more resolutions or so, but let us just keep it short and sweet.

Bday's in a few more days. Let us hope good ETP team mates will be one of the best present ever! =D

Timetable is out, and I think I will STILL have classes on FRIDAY'S!! RAWR!

Hungry. Out.


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Thursday, July 9, 20097:14 PM
Back safely in Penang already. Singapore trip was a fun filled one. Many thanks to my aunt, my uncle, 2 cousins. Was there for 9 days. Visited most of the attractions, but too bad I didn't get to go Suntec City. But nevertheless, I enjoyed myself to the max.

Pictures are up next. But I've got plenty of them I'm gonna put selected ones only. =)


First two days - at home.

Third day - shopping at Orchard. Not many pictures but I accidentally deleted all of them while I was transferring all the pictures to my pc. =(

Fourth day - outdoor activities at East Coast Park.

*putting at LilliPutt*

*had cinnamon melts from McD for snacks-too sweet to my liking*

*dinner - fried mee with XO sauce; yummy!*

Fifth day - Went to CHC. Lepak with Siaw Ping, Caryssa and Eddie at Bugis, then Esplanade.

*CHC at Singapore Expo Hall 8*

*worship-see the choir team beside?*


*ping and I*

*ping, caryssa and i*

*including eddie*

*at esplanade*

Sixth day - Today was spent at the Singapore Science Centre, Snow City also. Enjoyed myself greatly at the snow city. Fell down and hurt my knee. Embarassing giler. Went to the Da Vinci exhibition. Wonderful.

*with Ashley after snow city*

*Bryan, pretty aunt, I*

*da vinci exhibition*

Seventh day - Whole day was spent at sentosa and Vivo City.


*animal show*

*the merlion at sentosa*

*saw this statement at vivo city*

*harbour front*

Eighth day - At the Singapore Zoo. Loads of animals. Fed the giraffes. No animal pictures. I'm too lazy to upload them anymore. Lol.

*singapore zoo*

Ninth day - At home. Went swimming. Packed. Airport. Airplane. Home. =)


Such a long post. Phew.

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Still surviving in Singapore!
Monday, July 6, 20097:36 PM

Seriously. My blog traffic is very, very low now. Ah never mind that. My traffic is always low during the weekends. Boo.

Today's Monday, and the day was spent at S'pore Science Centre and Snow City. Snow City was pretty cool, and the temperature was -8.4. Played the snow slide, and hid in the igloo. Fell down cause it was friggin slippery, and now my right knee is aching. =(

Science Centre was kinda boring, but the Da Vinci Exhibition is awesome possum! Da Vinci is such a genius. The way his mind worked. Fantastic. I am always amazed by his paintings, especially The Last Supper and Mona Lisa. Not forgetting The Vitruvian Man. Superb. I suddenly realized I have interest in paintings and arts, guess I should pay the Louvre Museum in Paris a visit one day.


Recollecting the past few days.

Saturday - The whole day was spent at East Coast Park. Went putting and bowling. Wanted to roller blade but nobody knows how. And I'm scared I would fall down, so I didn't do it.

Sunday - Went to CHC (city harvest church) at Singapore Expo Hall 8. There were so many people, worship team is fantastic, choir team as well. The whole place had spot lights all around, which made it looked like a discotheque, just that it's a place to worship and experience God instead of clubbing and drinking. Haha. After that was shopping spree at Hall 5, thanks to the Robinsons Sales. Bought esprit tees for only $11-$16 each. How can you get such cheap esprit tees in Msia? The rest of the day was spent at Bugis and Esplanade with Siaw Ping, who brought along Caryssa, who brought along Eddy. Shopping nevertheless. Saw this gorgeous Charles and Keith sandals going for $37, which makes it around RM91 after you convert. Didn't buy it cause no way I'mma gonna spend THAT MUCH for a pair of sandals! And finally I've gotten the chance to eat Pepper Lunch! =D


And I can't believe it that so many Singaporeans still think I'm studying high school! Seriously do I look so young? =D

Too bad this post doesn't have pictures. I promise pictures will be up when I get back to Penang. Boyf's coming over this coming weekend and yay! I can't wait to see him. =D

Tomorrow morning - Wake up. Swimming. Sentosa. Vivo City. That's about it I think.

I want to do manicure and pedicure! Is there any cheap ones in Singapore?

Signing off, xoxo.

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Singapore : Part II
Saturday, July 4, 20091:44 AM
Quickie. Updates from SG trip Part II.

- Woke up at 9am
- Showered, changed, had breakfast, out to Orchard Road
- First shop entered : ZARA
- Tried on a few tops, finally settled for a chic and simple black dress. $30.
- Practically entered every shopping mall there, except for Lucky Plaza and Far East Plaza.
- Saw this gorgeous black spag dress by Miss Selfridge, going for $46.
- Guess what. I didn't buy cause I'm such a miser! Cause after converting back to RM, it's approximately RM110. See. Kedekut giler.
- Loving Ngee Ann City, Takashimaya, Paragon, Wisma Atria, Wheelock Plaza and Ion.
- Wanted to eat Pepper Lunch for lunch, lol, but the restaurant was under renovation! BOO BOO!
- So I had chicken rice at Food Republic in Wisma Atria. $5
- Had biscuit ice cream. $1. Seriously good.
- Shopped for 8 hours, only to buy a dress. Haha. My feet were pleading for mercy by the end of the day.

Money spent : $36
Which is equivalent to approximately RM88.

Seriously I lagi kedekut back in Penang. Lol!

Vivo city, Sentosa, Bugis next! S'pore is so freaking safe that I don't have to clutch onto my white MNG bag for dear life.

I took so many pictures, just to realise I didn't bring my camera/phone cable. WTShiz.

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Singapore Part 1
Thursday, July 2, 20096:39 PM

Holla everyone!

Am currently in Singapore now, my 2nd day here. Was supposed to go swimming everyday, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I couldn't do it anymore. =(((((

Haven't gone out yet but will be going to Takashimaya tomorrow, shopping at Orchard Road the whole afternoon I presume. It's a therapy. Lol. If the stuffs here are much cheaper than the ones in Malaysia, then I'll definitely have 'SHOPPING SPREE' stamped on my forehead. Haha. And I think they will be, cause the Singapore Sales is on till the end of July.

Sg's not bad actually. Hopefully I'll get to go to Vivo City, I love that place, Sentosa, and Bugis of course.

Googled City Harvest just now, and apparently it's kinda near to my aunt's house, so this Sunday's service would be in City Harvest then. =)

Nothing much to share, haven't been around places yet, no pictures to post up. But enjoying my stay here. And I'm having tutorials on piano courtesy of my cousin brother! It's great that I'm actually learning how to play Canon In D, my favourite piece, on the piano. I have 9 days here, I believe I can master the whole song. =D

Have yet to watch Drag Me To Hell and Transformers 2. How pitiful. =(

And I bet the boyf is missing me tons back home in KL. Lol.

Signing off, xoxo. =)

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