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Cally's Bday!
Monday, August 31, 20097:53 PM

I'm back! Got my well deserved rest over the weekend. It was so good to be able to sleep for uber long, not having to worry about anything. Just great. We all do deserve it don't we? ;)

Had been eating way too much lately. Haha. Had very healthy breakfast every morning. Koko Krunch + Milk + Bananas + Half Boiled Egg. Good and nutritious. Enough to start my day.

Haven't applied for internship yet. Only started with Accenture Solutions. Will start applying tomorrow. I'll only be applying a few companies. Hopefully God will give me a good company. =)

On the 26th of August was Cally's Bday. We celebrated her bday the traditional way. Eggs + flour + water. With butter. Haha. We thought she would cry, cause it would definitely be a huge mess. Getting myself smeared with the birthday cake on my birthday was bad enough, but having eggs, flour, butter and water on you is the worst nightmare.

We tricked her by asking her to rush over to V5 cafe to settle some assignments which needed to be handed in the next day. She came, after she took her bath, carrying her books, wearing a sweater.

Books on the table, sweater on top of it. We presented her with a piece of Roti Canai Kosong to substitute with the birthday cake, asked her to close her eyes to make a wish. After that, it was CHAOS. The moment she finished her wish, the first egg flew to her back, followed by the second and third. Flour came next, and eggs continued to rain upon her.

She finally took in what happened, and started to chase everyone around. Haha. We were like kids that night, yes kids. Though we may be 21, but we are still young at heart.

Quoted from Amy
"I love my coursemates because they run around V5 like nobody's business".

B'day celebrations are that cool.

*the bday girl*

*the aftermath*

*that's a huge slab of butter on her head. lol*

*the cheme coursemates*

I bet despite all the mess we made, she still loved us. Right or not? :D

The first half of the year bday babies escaped from all these. Amy, Huat, Herman, Meat, Milk escaped. Lucky people. Only 3 more from the gang have yet to turn 21. Watch out lor. Haha. Must be sporting cause it's your 21st bday okay!

Aight I'm looking forward to the next bday celebration. Haha!


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In a week.
Monday, August 24, 20097:33 PM

It has been a while isn't it? Nearly a week to be exact. Went through a very hectic week, sitting for my first test of the semester. Transport Phenomena. That will drive you up the wall. And hearing someone mentioning that can make me tear my clothes, mourn and weep. Haha! Seriously. I spent everyday burying my oh-so-pretty face in the friggin thick text book and indecipherable lecture notes.

Tough? I used to think it's tough, but with the help of Mr.Lee, he cleared the clouds of doubts for all of us. Not all but I can say perhaps 85% percent? Spent the whole day till 10p.m from Monday till Thursday in irc did help.

But. It no longer help when you are at the exam hall, flipping through the questions and get a shock of your life cause the questions are not you've expected. T________T

5 questions, with their very own derivation, 1 hour and fifteen for you. I only finished 3 and a half. Smart? Haha. Oh well. Will be having another test tomorrow night, and another one on Thursday. Then it's a breather for me.

But I still got my internship applications waiting patiently for me to do something. Projects, and endless assignments. Indeed this semester isn't as hectic compared to the last, but the workload is twice compared to last semester's.

And oh ETP. Group's progressing well. Thank God for that. =)

These are all the blabberings you don't want to hear, nor read. I shall end it now. Dinner's on the way! :D

Keep me in your prayers!


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Caricatures anyone?
Tuesday, August 18, 200911:37 PM

So today we got our caricature done. The 9 of us. It was a sudden decision. We finished our ETP briefing and we went over to Pocket D for our late lunch.

Pocket D is always filled with all sorts of booths. People come all the way from Ipoh and Batu Gajah to sell their expertise, or just to sell goods. And we saw this group of people drawing caricatures. So we just went over, and decided to draw a portrait of us 9, something for us to remember when we grad 2 years later.

The before.

And the after.

*guess who*

As I mentioned just now, we had our ETP lab briefing. The briefing was conducted at the lab at Mechanical Engineering Department, and being Chemical Engineering students who had never been inside a mechanical lab, we started to explore. And cam-whore. Haha.

And oh. This the roomie. Happily playing with soap bubbles.

I won two tickets courtesy of Nuffnang to watch the premiere screening of The Orphan today. 9pm. At GSC MidV.

But how can I go. I'm stuck here in UTP. Have to study so much cause this Friday I'll be having a killer test. Sigh. But oh well. At least Joe and Aaron made full use of it. I hope the movie is good though. The trailer looks good. Haha.

Alright I'm freaking tired. Gonna rest soon. Toodles.

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Fragments of feelings
Friday, August 14, 20093:30 PM

There are still some considerate people left in this whole wide world. In bits and pieces.

What will you do, if you accidentally banged or scratched someone's car which is parked by the roadside?

Do you, escaped as far and as fast as you can? Or do you, wait for the person to get back to his car and relate the whole ordeal to him? Or do you, write a note saying "I've banged your car. Call me at 012-1234567", or do you, just pretend that nothing happened and continue on with your journey?

In which category mentioned above would you fall into if you accidentally banged/scratched someone's car?

This happened to me once. I was driving and the road was too narrow, had to make a 3 point turn, and my judgement wasn't that good cause I just got my 'P' at that time, and I gave the car which was parked by the road side a slight push. Yes I would say that it's just a slight push. I was kinda shaken, so scared that the owner would see it or some other people. I parked my car in front of the Kancil, stepped down and inspected the car. Thankfully nothing was wrong. Not even a single scratch.

Now when I think about it, I don't know how I actually had the courage to do so. Haha.

And today, we had to submit our assignments at Block 5. My friend drove all the way there cause it will take you 15minutes to walk from your hostel to block 5. After we submitted our assignment, we went out to Tronoh for lunch.

This is when I saw a piece of note stucked at the window. Took it, and it said,

I was dumbfounded. Seriously. Man. Nobody does this anymore. That's why the term 'hit and run' can be found in the dictionary. I was so surprised by that act. Such an honest person. We inspected the car, the scratch was about 10cms long, somewhere below the left front lights.

My friend said it's okay, texted the person and said, "It's nothing serious. Never mind". He replied saying "Thanks. And very sorry".

Can't we just have more people like him in this world? May God bless his sweet soul.

On another note, ConvoFair begins tonight! I am so excited that I wanted to go so badly. But the scorching sun prevented me from doing so when I came back after lunch. Oh now it's cloudy already. Haha. ConvoFair brings the rain.

Seniors are graduating for real now. Sigh. I'll definitely be missing them loads. Catched up with Jesse, William, Qi and Mel last night. It's great to see these people again. I seriously missed worship sessions. They are a bunch of talented musicians, so anointed that every worship session is so powerful with God's presence that it moved many hearts and tears flow freely.

Now is another different phase of life for them. And I wish them all the best when they are out in the corporate world. May God guide them, bless them abundantly and watch over each and every one of them for me.

I'll be missing them loads.

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A taste of perfection.
Tuesday, August 11, 200911:48 AM

It's week 4 now. Don't know whether you consider it as week 4, for there were no classes in week 3 courtesy of H1N1. Everything was put on hold. Assignments, labs, ETP proposal.

Managed to confirm the idea with both the supervisors yesterday thankfully. But the drawback was we only had 2 days to complete the proposal. I don't see that as an obstacle, cause I believe God's there to guide us. And furthermore, my team members are kinda dedicated to ETP.

Just finished my first CPDC lab. Feed forward control. It was a breeze. Only took an hour. Fast and efficient. GA's very kind, and nice. Made jokes most of the time. Haha. He even asked one of my group mates how many wifes he wants to marry. Lol.

So International Business is later at 2pm. No mask, no IB. Haha. IB's interesting. Glad I took that subject. Aight enough of everything for now. It's time to start on my proposal! :D


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Wednesday, August 5, 20098:33 PM

Alright so this is the 5th day of my sudden one week holiday. A few more days to go, and I'll have to head back to uni to clean up the mess they made.

I have so many things to do, so many in my waiting list. Assignments, proposal, tutorials. Yet I'm still too lazy to budge. Can't start on proposal as my group has yet to confirm our ETP topic. Whereas for assignments and tutorials, I'm just PLAIN LAZY.

Like seriously
lor. I'm freaking lazy to do anything. But at least I've completed my resume already. (; All I need to do is to go back uni, meet up with a few of the lecturers and pester them to become my referees. Haha! If the pestering fails, show them the pitiful face find another lecturer lah! What's so hard. But I really do hope they will agree to that, I don't want to waste my time looking after lecturers.

I can't wait for internship. Because I don't have to study.
Two. It will make me realize whether this course is really suitable for me or not. Three. It will definitely help a lot when I want to choose my major in my final year. Four. Because I don't have to study. Haha!

Anyway, I've been planning to go offshore, but I've been hearing loads of negative feedbacks about offshore. How they taunt you, and how desperate the guys will go after you like you are the only women alive. Haha. So yeah whatever it is, I'll just let God place me in a company He thinks suits me best. =)

I'm not in my best mood now, cause my dinner is late. Real late. Can't blame the delivery guy for it's raining like mad in Penang these few days. Domino's for dinner again!

I just
<3 food. =D

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What's the hype?
Saturday, August 1, 20099:15 PM

Three times ten to the power of eight.

The speed of light.

That's how fast UTPians evacuate when the announcement came out straight from the horse's mouth. UTP was suppose to close down at 3pm, but by 12am there's only a quater left roaming around the academic complex.

Many has already anticipated this. Many wanted a break just after two weeks. But seriously, all the trouble of packing and moving is definitely not worth it. And our mid sem break is shortened from 10 days to only 3 days now, just to compensate the loss. So what's the hype?

Parents had to come all the way just to fetch me, reaching UTP around 11.30pm. Reached home nearly 3am. The evacuation was all too sudden, leaving everyone just moments to pack and leave. Those who are still in UTP by saturday will be quarantined for a week till the 8th.

So yeah just forget it. Since I am back home now, I'll just make full use of my time to get loads of rest and sleep. Going to change my room back in uni despite loving it. The room just gives me loads of problem. I miss my roomie. =(

And the boyf. =(((((((((((((((((((

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