Take me away cause falling in love ain't very far
thy queen
bow before me
click on me!
hook me up
scream your lungs
nuff niggas
links ahoy!
its easy to clap
where do you come from
Baby blues.
Wednesday, September 30, 20097:50 PM

I wonder how will I look like, if I cut my hair short. Yup. As short as Buttercup from the Powerpuff Girls. This is so random, but I've been thinking of it days. I know I'll never have the courage to do it. Meh.

Did nothing productive today. Blame it on the weather. It was chilly, yet all I need to do is run for cover under the duvet, and less than 5 I'm snoring away. (ok no I don't snore)

I still haven't gotten any placement yet for internship, and it's less than a month now to confirm which company I'll be interning with. The whole family will be enjoying themselves in Spore while I'm working end of the year, so I better get a good company with a good location. Very patiently waiting for God to reveal His plans for me. I know intern will be good. ;)

First day back in campus and I've already lost my appetite. So had to trouble Cally to pack chinese food for me. I miss eating pasta, oyster mee sua, pasta zanmai, 'kolo mee' from Murni, sushi zanmai and the list goes on.

Stumbled upon someone selling bird's poo/droppings to be used as mask for face brightening. Tell me. What's next?

And no, I don't feel the tremors.

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It has come to an end.
Sunday, September 27, 200911:08 PM

Boo. Tomorrow's Monday, which means it's packing day. I'll be heading back to campus on Tuesday morning. Double boo. The break seems to be uber short, and uber fast. Can't really stand it back there. The hectic schedule. Sigh.

Holiday has been great so far, a good time to unwind and relax. I did nothing, seriously. My IB assignment is still at 0%. Haha!

I'm praying hard I'll be able to watch the All American Rejects at One Utama next month. Keeping my fingers crossed. ;)

There are so many things I want to blog about, those in bits and pieces. But whenever I revert back to the 'New Post' in my blogger after all those blog hopping, all seems to be gone. =(

Had a very long day yesterday in fact. The whole afternoon was spent with Granny. She got herself a haircut, lunch was after that. Reached home around 5pm. And at 5.30pm I went out again to Gurney for Rachel's piano lessons. And arranged a meet up session with those who are interning in Penang, and the gang of 5 all the way from UTP. It was a good catching up session with Hann and Kana, together with Vinod, Tirza, Ollivia, Stella and Sebastian. At 10pm my Penang buddies came over and picked me up for another session. Headed over to Coffee Island again in Gurney, together with Yuen Nee, Hui Ping and Jane. Now I'm missing them. =(

Nuffnang once again has been superbly kind to me. No, to Joe actually. Haha. I've been getting invitations to the premier screenings of a lot of movies. Like seriously. Most of the premier screenings are in MidV, or Cathay Damansara. So everytime it's Joe and another friend of his who benefits most.

I need to get Vikas Swarup's Q&A. The Slumdog Millionaire movie is just awesome.

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Grey like the sky
Wednesday, September 23, 20096:58 PM

The sky is grey, always. At times it's pouring, sometimes they are just fake callings.

But most of the time, they are for real.

It has been pouring non stop back home. The rain started from 2pm till 5, stopped, and started again now. The mood swings like the weather.

So unmotivated. Hungry.

All I can do is to get a good warm bath, slip into an oversized tee paired with tracks, a good book in hand.

Hot chocolate anyone? ;)


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I've been waiting for you, eons.
Friday, September 18, 20094:25 AM

Meh. It's finally over!!

Just finished my Transport Phenomena Test 2 like 6 hours ago. And I loathe it so much. Detest it. Seriously. Actually TP is fun. But I ain't that smart you see. So it's very frustrating when all your 4 days of hardwork is wasted. The questions are tricky, and the subject itself is not easy. Loads of derivations, yes, I had ABC's for lunch and dinner throughout the 4 days.

Ah nevermind. So finally the mid semester break is here! ;D I've been looking forward to it eons. Holiday has officially started, today till the 29th. ;)

Will be taking loads of movies from Qing, and it will be movie week when I get back to Penang. I am tired of studying. Very, very tired. Period.

Time for a long awaited good night's rest.

xoxo people.

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When I want to show you, I shit you.
Monday, September 14, 20099:25 PM

Today class started at 2pm. Yes I know. Superb.

Woke up at midday. Lazed around, finally got my butt moving at around 1.30pm. Got ready. Went to class.

I hate it when I only have one class the whole day. Because I have to get up from my bed, and being a very lazy person, I am too lazy to move. I am practically 'paralysed' whenever I am lying down on my bed. I am not a morning person either.

But anyway, I attended class today. Wasn't really paying attention, cause I've forgotten to pick up my brain from my pillow and bring it to class.

At times I stopped listening to the lecturer and talked to my friends instead. And heck, when I've decided to pay attention to my lecturer, he said this.

He wanted to say "This is what I want to SHOW you'.

But instead, he said "This is what I want to SHIT you'.

Hahahahah! And his reaction = cool. Acted like nothing happened. Man. Tell me my lecturer is freakin' happening la. Lol.

Okay. Back to International Business. I am seriously tired of studying.


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The chemical engineers rock. Do you?
Friday, September 11, 20099:18 PM

The video below, is proudly presented to you by the soon-to-be Chemical Engineers, from the July '06 Batch.

Vid's entitled 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 (wo nui yu huang li niao).

And this is what you do when you are TOO TIRED of studying.

The cast (clockwise) : Herman bin Azhar, Goh Hui San, Tnay Xiang Qing, Renae Teo Hui Lyng.

Directors : Mildred Vanessa Epui, Lee Hwee Huat, Cally Lim Siu Li

Camera-women : Amy Goh Hui Ping with her lousy handphone.

Yes, we rock.


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Short notes.
Saturday, September 5, 200912:38 AM

Ahh I have been updating my blog on weekly basis. Lol. When I have the free time, I am plain lazy. Else, I will doing last minute assignments.

But hye, at least I get another long weekend. So that means more rest! Monday's a holiday, so yeah. Will be having a test next friday, 2 more the following week. Seriously I don't understand why my TP lecturer wants to conduct test 2 before the Raya Break. But then, it's something good afterall.

Just finished reading the Mercy by Jodi Picoult. Read the Tenth Circle already. Still have yet to read 19 Minutes. Her books are awesome. Now I'm hooked on her. Left my Stephen King's IT in Penang, so my next book will either by Joanne Harris's Holy Fools or Philippa Gregory's The Boleyn Inheritance.

Now I am in a dilemma, whether to buy Picoult's remaining 7 books for RM140. Cheap kan? RM20 per book only. And they are new ones. I just go crazy at the sight of books. Sigh. But I have to save for a new DSLR, for my church camp in Cameron, and for the Asia Pacific Youth Conference in GTPJ in Dec. And that is also if I don't do my intern in East Malaysia.

At times I regretted buying my Sony DSC-T10 for RM1.5k, but that beauty had been serving me so well for 2 years already. I should have saved up another RM500 to RM1k for DSLR, but nevermind lah. I can start saving from now on. From scratch. :D

I can't wait to watch Final Destination 4 in 3D! Like omgosh lar. I've been a huge fan of FD1, FD2, and FD3. Haha. I've watched The Orphan. 10 out of 10 people whom have watched the movie gave good feedbacks. So go watch it if you still haven't. It will be included in my fave shows list. Watched UP also. Cried like I've never cried before.

So it's movie time later! Gonna catch up on Saw. Gruesome, yet brilliant. Aight. Night people!


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