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A hellish week
Wednesday, October 28, 20096:47 PM
Ahhhh. Till today I've finished two presentations and a test interview. Another test to go which will be on this coming Friday, and also ETP Final Report.

Then I'll be off to KL! Civilization weh. Good food. Good company (the boyf and bro). And AAR's coming this week!

Darn I will only get my slr next year. Else my first shot will be used on them. Haha.

I'm very, very tired. I need to get a good rest. This weekend shall be my therapy.


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All night prayer meeting.
Saturday, October 24, 20099:41 PM
'Pray without ceasing' - 1Thessalonians 5:17

I attended my first ever all night prayer meeting. And I was amazed.

The usual prayer meeting in campus last for about an hour and a half, at times just an hour. But yesterday's prayer meeting was from 11pm to 7am. 8 hours omggggg.

The heart is willing, the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. That's why pastor said it's good to train yourself, spiritually and physically.

Pastor came with Theo and Wing Yin. So we started off at 11pm, and it was supposedly to end an 6am, but because of sharing and prayer needs, it ended at 7am. They provided coffee and tea to sustain the sleepy ones, biscuits for the hungry ones.

The thing I couldn't believe was how I manage to sustain throughout the whole night without feeling sleepy for even a bit. The power of God. How God spoke to me, telling me what to pray for 4 hours non-stop. How Chia Ming prophesied over me. How Vinod sustain me with the word. How Steph encourage and build me. How Gaspar prayed for me when I saw the devil. How Jim, Gabby, Henry and Joel were there to give me support.

It was indeed a blessing. The night was just superb.

After that, the still energetic and hungry ones went to Tronoh market for breakfast. Had Pan Mee, and Iced Milo.

Slept at 8.30am, woke up at 5pm. Haha. Great or not. Had McChicken for lunch, and now I am freakin' hungryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

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With love.
Saturday, October 17, 20094:33 PM

A memorable weekend. [caution : tons of pictures ahead]

#1. Engineering Team Project presentation on the 14th.

#2. Classic-formal wear

#3. With Ollie in Ipoh; on the 16th.

#4. With Chia Ming

#5. Chia Ming said "Father mother and daughter".

#6. Kledang at 5am on the 17th

#7. Moments just before sunrise. Spot the moon

#8. Groupie

#9. Girls

#10. Groupie again.

#11. Girls' CG

#12. Yoga/tai chi/qi gong anyone? ;)

#13. Loves

#14. The not-so-perfect split jump anymore

#15. :)

p/s : Thank you Lord, for all these people, and for this blessed week.

Credits to Gabriel for the pictures.

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the good ol' days
Sunday, October 11, 20098:12 PM

Was browsing through pictures. One after another.

Came across a few, and I came to a halt. Reminiscing the good times I had when I was an athlete back those days.

I had very few pictures of myself back those glorious days. Everything started off with squash, when I was in Standard Six till Form Three. Next was shooting, Form Three till Form Five.

I still play squash every now and then, with the boyf as my sparring partner. But I have to admit I am no longer as good as those days. No longer that fit anymore.

I can run non-stop for an hour at maximum speed without panting afterwards. Now? I think I couldn't even complete one big lap of the UTP field.

From the looks of it, I think I need to get myself back on the field again. I don't want to waste everything that I've acquired, especially my trained fitness. And I ain't that fast anymore. Sigh. ;(

It's time to hit the tracks again, the least gym.

*winning the inter-village tournament-squash*

*this is the only picture i have, with my 10m air pistol*

I seriously regret for not taking tons of pictures back those days. I don't have a single picture of me playing squash, perhaps people are more interested in my game. Haha. So the next time when I spar with Joe, Jason Anderson and Christon, can someone help me take some pictures? ;)

Missing all my sparring partners. All away in KL for internship.

And it's killing me for not having a single picture of myself with my beloved 9mm, that I used for the 25m event. It's metallic red and black, how sleek.

Oh how I missed those days.

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'stressy' friday
Friday, October 9, 20091:56 PM

Fridays are meant for resting.

Especially for someone who is as sick as me.

But had to stay up till 3am this morning thanks to the Process Plant Design (PPD) assignment. Did that assignment at mamak, where the TV was blasting like crazy, with stupid WWE on air. It doesn't help when the wi-fi at the mamak was down at that time (yeah how unlucky), and that stupid undertaker screaming his lungs out (i only know undertaker, so no offence).

All went well, thankfully, we started at 11pm, finished by 3am.

And when I woke up today, I have another assignment to complete. Engineering Economy. Very good. It's still at 0% now.

Both assignments are due later at 5pm. Procrastinate more. Smart.

PPD class later at 3pm. Who loves classes in the afternoons? Especially on fridays? Sigh.

Anyway, why All American Rejects changed their concert to the 31st of October?! Why that day of allllllll days? It's so freaking near finals, and Farewell Night is on that day. Farewell night is specially planned for people like me, who is going for internship next semester, and also for the graduating seniors. How can I not go? ;(

I'm in a dilemma. A serious one. AAR or Farewell?


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Blessings that I can't contain
Tuesday, October 6, 20098:07 PM

As you know, I'v changed my layout. Ain't good at htmls so yeah, loads of blog links disappeared. Lol! And if your link is not there in my blog roll, drop me a comment. Don't tell me via chatbox cause connection's a retard, and campus blocks the chatbox anyway.

On the other hand, God's blessing has been too great for me to contain. It started off with free movie passes from radio stations, next came the invitations to premier screenings of movies. The boyf and his friends benefit the most. First came the premier screening for Orphan, then Murderer, many more, and the latest one was Surrogates. After that it was the T Music Festival tickets for two worth RM168 each. The latest blessing :

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown worth RM99.90 by redfm!

like freakin' cool can
thank you! ;D

Bro bought one back in Penang, so now we have two. Told bro, and he was like 'omg omg omg shouldn't have bought la bla bla bla'. Haha!

Still no placement for internship. :( Wonder what's wrong. Is it me, or my resume, or is it just MY FACE? Okay that was meant to be a joke. Still waiting for a good company. Do pray for me people. ;)

ETP presentation is tomorrow! Gosh I am sooooooooooooooooo nervous. At the beginning of the semester I was praying very hard for a great team, with no sleeping members. My God provides, in the end I became the sleeping member cause the rest were just tooooooo good. Haha. I practically had nothing to do, so in the end I covered all the reports. How blessed. ;)


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Brand new.
12:51 AM

Ahhhhhhh. Finally a new layout. :DDDDD

What do you think? What do you think? :DDDDDD

Well, it may not be as colorful as the previous one, but still, it's time for a change.

I guess everyone's kinda bored with the previous one, having to see the same old one for you know how long.

The current one may be a tad dull, depressing perhaps. But heck, I'm lovin' it.

By the way, can someone with decent connection tell me what do you see over there in those small boxes right beside every post? The connection in campus is a retard.

And why am I having the same adverts the whole day? The whole day I kept on seeing Dutch Lady and Nike ads. Bah.

Tomorrow's class at 2pm! Beat that! *huge grin*


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Of all american rejects and rocking away.
Sunday, October 4, 20099:16 PM

They are coming. To Malaysia. To KL. To One Utama.

I've been following them ever since their first single,
My Paper Heart, was released in 2001.

*the all american rejects*

Tickets. Check. Camera. Check. Company. Check.

But, I only know 7 songs. How pathetic.


Runs to DC++ and A to Z Lyrics Database for help!

What a fan. Sigh.

Our Love's A Perfect Crime - AAR

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