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thy queen
bow before me
click on me!
hook me up
scream your lungs
nuff niggas
links ahoy!
its easy to clap
where do you come from
Goose buy people!
Friday, November 27, 20096:31 PM

So long. I shall be leaving tomorrow, to somewhere, for my next phase of life. It sounds great indeed, and I know it's gonna be awesome.

I'll definitely be missing tonnes of loved ones, who wouldn't?

The family

The sister

The granny

The boyf

The COP-ians

The retards

The rest of my aunts and uncles and cousins. But I'll get to see them during CNY anyway :D

And also missing the roomie, who's currently in KL. sigh didn't have the chance to meet her before i leave. :( Miss you love.

Flight's at 7am tomorrow. Just finished packing. Will hit the sack early cause I'll be a grumpy pot if I don't get enough sleep. Haha.

So catch up with you guys when I get there safe and sound!


With love.

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Wednesday, November 25, 200910:37 PM
Aye, I rest my case.


It feels great to be back. The family, the food, the familiar scent. :)

I am so tired I'll just practically drop dead by the time I hit the covers. Yawn.

2 more days, hell yeah. 2 more days in Penang. 2 more days with the family, and good food. Then I'll be starting internship. Triple yay!

No assignments, no homework, no tests, no finals for 8 months! Huge grin. :D

Ahhh. Eyes are heavy and the bed is calling.


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Joyful weekend
Monday, November 23, 200912:32 AM

The boyf came. Reached on friday around 2pm, just right after church meeting. Everyone was so glad to meet him. :) He brings joy.

We had quality time together. He taught me drums, went to Ipoh after that, watched christmas carol (love it) and 2012 (huge disappointment).

The following day we had worship practice together. I'm so proud of him cause he can play musical instruments so well. :) Next we went to Restaurant Jirendan (vin is this correct?) haha. We had the most awesome thosai masala and authentic cow's milk. RM18, but worth every single penny. Loving it. Thanks vin!

Sunday came. Attended service, had a great dinner together, and finally it's time for him to bid farewell. :( I'm sad no doubt. Tears flowed greatly. But what cannot break us will make us both stronger. :)

*missing you*


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Rest in you.
Sunday, November 15, 200910:01 PM
Ahhhh. A breather. Finally. :)

It feels so good. Had a very nice and refreshing nap straight after church.

Really thank God for today. I've got ample rest, mending and healing my broken and tired body. And time to chill. :D

And oh, I love this song. "You Alone Are God". Superb. One powerful song. Am currently addicted to it. Thanks Vin!

My intern's just like 2 weeks later! Omggg I can't wait. So excited to go for internship. Have been planning what to do after work (yeah I finish working like around 4.30pm) so perhaps I'll just continue picking up drums, or prolly hit the gym. Or just laze at home. Lol.

Intern yay!

And for now, two more papers!

"Rest in Jehovah, and wait patiently for him: Fret not thyself because of him who prospereth in his way, Because of the man who bringeth wicked devices to pass." Psalms 37:7

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Monday, November 9, 20092:43 AM

I took a break from studies yesterday. One whole day.

One whole day actually means a lot if your preparation for finals is still at an alarming stage.

Got up from bed prolly around 1pm, checked mails, surfed the net, and prepared self for service.

Reached church around 2.30pm, was dragged to the side by my CG leader.

"Eh let's have a girls' CG outing before the exam begins".

I was like "yeah sure. a good time to unwind. i'll be away next semester anyway".

The next thing I know, right after service, I was in Henry's car to Ipoh already. Some wanted MovenPeak's western food, but the girls in Henry's car protested for Japanese food.

We went to waraku. Customer loyalty haha!

8 girls + Joey and Helen. :D

*the girls; <3 'em*

*joey with the gf*

*helen; and no, that's not his gf lol*

*tirrrrrrza and stella*

*stella and i. oh i so love this pic!*

Will be missing them loads. :(

Note to self : I need to get the remaining pictures from Eula.
Note to self 2 : Remind the boyf to bring the hd when he comes.

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Wednesday, November 4, 20094:01 AM

Absurd! I have to earn my rest? Kid me not. Ridiculous betul.

Yeah I'm still awake cause I have tonnes of assignment to be handed in tomorrow, and a dullard scopeless test tomorrow night which I don't know where to start so someone please help me.

But why, if teaching's ain't your thing, don't do it mate.

I am high on stress tonight, better than crying my eyes off. No head banging nor loud music no worries. I changed my status in gtalk so many effin' times that it actually draws attention. Unwanted attention lol.

Finals just exactly next week, tell me great or not.

to the brother - I hope you recover soon! :)
to mum - Don't worry bout him. He'll be fine.
to the boyf - missin' ya!
to Josiah's mum - Thanks loads for the help.
to Vin - May God granth you strength for this week. The weekend shall be a blast! :D
to Ivan - Good luck in finding a new and perfect job!
to the coursemates - let's spank Suzanne tomorrow!

Evil, as what mildred would say.


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All american rejects in Malaysia!
Monday, November 2, 20093:52 AM

All American Rejects' Concert
31st October 2009

6pm till late.

It was one helluva party man! Serious it was
freakin' awesome zomgggg.

Considerably this was my first concert ever (okay the Chris
Daughtry concert doesn't count), it was awesome. So so awesome. They sounded good live. AAR was simply marvelous. Shame on you if you missed it.

bukit jalil at 4.30pm sharp. Queue was super long I couldn't even see the entrance. Queued up for an hour before Jason Anderson and Mildred came. Asked them to take over our places and suddenly the line was moving very fast.

It happened so fast that the next thing I could remember was giving my tickets to the person-in-charge, ahead of the sea of eager fans.

I was like '
omggggg we are going in earlier than the rest!'.

True enough, when we passed the security, I can see the huge empty space right in front of me, with only a group of people or two in front. The
boyf and I were running and screaming our heads off. Joined the crowd, and we were roughly the 6th row away from the stage.

Yup. That near. That near till I was hyperventilating. Jason was like 'WOAH. I can't believe we are this near'. Considering the fact that many actually reached at 2pm just to get to the front.

Anyways, the local bands did a great job. Disagree, One Buck Short, Sam from Bunkface, that girl from Estrella, Pop Shuvit. They rocked that night.

*this near :D*


*pop shuvit*

*one buck short*

AAR made me waited for 40 mins or so. But luckily they made it up, real good.




*jason, mildred, boyf, i*

*with the brother*

A lot of shoving and pushing here and there. But luckily the boyf was protecting me from the very beginning till the end. Thank you! :D

Witnessed people fighting. Lol. They were just right beside me. Haha.

This is something I will not forget, Tyson and his mates made my day.

I wanna touch you!

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