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Farewell 2009;
Thursday, December 31, 20092:02 PM

Today marks the very last day of this momentous year.

I can't really say bits and pieces fell into place perfectly, at the correct timing, correct place. But this year had been a very meaningful one. Let us just say, I didn't regret any single thing that happened this year.

May be I've achieved something big myself, I don't know. I have a pretty bad memory. Like you know, if you ask me what I had for dinner yesterday, heck, I couldn't even tell. :(

I don't bother making resolutions. I'll be so hyped up thinking what to accomplish the following year and forget bout them ten seconds later. Besides, I never keep to those resolutions anyway if I can remember any.

2010. A brand new year huh.

I'll be another year older, wiser perhaps. :)

No matter what, next year shall be a blast, my God, my family, my boyf and my friends will always be by my side.

Toodles 2009!

Happy New year loves.


p/s : Just received my first pay from ABF. Perfect timing. :)

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i thank god for christmas
Tuesday, December 29, 20097:51 AM
Holla! Have been MIA for quite some time. Sorry for the long hiatus.

Anyway, BLESSED CHRISTMAS people! It's never too late though! Yeah no doubt it's the season of giving and joy, but always remember, Christmas is all about how God gave His son to die for your sins on the cross because HE LOVES YOU. :) Wonderful, ey?

Ah anyway, I gonna shout it out loud again about how blessed I am to be here. :)

Started internship in December, which means that 2 out of the 4 Fridays are off days. And not forgetting the first Friday in the brand new year. The first long weekend, I headed down to Miri and enjoyed myself to the max.

The second long weekend, Christmas it is! Have been celebrating Christmas for the past two years in JB, but this year it's over at Melissa's house. Loads of thanks to Mel and her family for being so gracious to host Amy and I.

We packed our bags, headed to her house on Thursday after Christmas Service. 'Camped' there for 4 days, 3 nights LOL. Had her mum's classic shepherd's pie, black soy sauce pork, and ayam pansoh (chicken cooked in bamboo; an Iban dish). Awesome possum! :D This is the first time I ate so much meat.

And oh, 3 rounds every sitting. Great or not.

The boyf always buy me Christmas presents. And I get to choose what I want. Love the way it works. And this year, Melissa, Serena, Felicia gave Amy and I both a hand sewn beaded long wallet/pencil case and also a bar of Ritter Sport! Wooo hooo! :D

Christmas mood. Over. Bring on the New Year mood!

Barbecue by the beach, any takers? :)

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Tuesday, December 22, 20099:36 AM

means tireless determination.

I'm saving. I am saving real hard for a DSLR.

Most people recommend me Canon 450D. With a budget of around 3k.

That means 3 months of my salary + allowance. :(

How to survive like that?

No entertainment, no holidays! :(, no shopping spree.

Still surveying the market and asking for opinions from pros.

Yeah I am being very patient.

Very patient. :)

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Miri Escapade!
Sunday, December 20, 20095:44 PM

It was a long weekend, many of you should know. After being here for 3 weeks, I'm starting to get kinda bored of this place. Nothing much to see here, and the food, more or less the same thing I eat every meal. I know I shouldn't be complaining, but cut me some slack will ya'? :)

Amy and I were planning for a trip to Miri sometime later, but why not this coming weekend? Met Kelvin at some random place, and he decided to tag along. And the rest was history!

#day 1
Left for Miri on Friday, 7.30a.m. bus. Reached there prolly around 11a.m. Met up with Gabriel, yeah, will be crashing at his place.

Had lunch in one of the restaurants in Pelita area, then it was shopping afterwards. Went to Parkson, but boo hoo, couldn't find anything. Later we hit the beach. Nice breeze. I haven't been to the beach for ages. The undulating waves, hammering softly against the rocks; and the windy breeze brings out the inner me.


*amy, chong, kelvin, gab*

We headed to Marina Bay later, to watch the sun set. :)

*effects aren't that great though :(*

Reached back Gab's place, had the most awesome meal ever. His mum is really a good cook.

#day 2
First stop was at Curtin Miri Campus. Jetty next. Boulevard was next. Outcome = A pair of black shorts. :) After that it was infamous cendol, sotong kangkung and fried tofu for lunch. It was good though.


*fried tofu, sweet potatoes, yam*

Then it was Canada Hill. Nice breeze once again, nice scenery. Further up was the grand old lady. Something Kelvin wanted to see so badly.

*canada hill*

*the grand old lady*

*gab isn't happy cause amy ain't giving him the attention*


The Miri Public Park - the infamous hanging bridge. Effing scary. Played at the playground. Oh I feel so young again! :D

*hanging bridge*



We went to Yi-Hah-Hai Seafood Restuarant for dinner. So-so I would say.

Went home and I had these waiting for me. 2 in fact. Something I've wanted to try, since I am starting to become a durian lover thanks to the boyf. They have already warned me. The smell is stronger. When I first sniffed it, it was freaking unbearable. I took a first bite, and I nearly puked. The stench, omggg, made me sick. :( It was a waste not knowing how to eat mountain durians. :(

*mountain durian*

11p.m. Date with Han Sze, Mildred and Wan Sin. Reached back home at 12.45. Slept like a log.

#day 3.
Church early in the morning at 8.30a.m. Ended at 11.00 a.m. Got back, showered. Had lunch. Had mee sua (seriously yummy!) and roasted pork. I think this is the first time I ate pork so much. LOL. Bus was scheduled to depart at 12.30p.m., waved Gab's family goodbye, and at 4p.m, we reached Bintulu.

Nice trip. Very blessed. Thank you Gabby. And your family too! It was a pleasant stay. I can now crossed out Miri from my trip list. Upcoming : Sibu, Kapit, Kuching, KK, Brunei. :)

Gonna hit the sack now.


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An awesome weekend.
Wednesday, December 16, 20097:55 PM
Uh. I am sooooooooo tired everyday after work.

Having to rush here and there to collect data on the task that I am working on, plus ABF itself is not a small playground. Boots are heavy. :( My legs are ugly and they hurt real bad. Weather has been throwing tantrums lately. One minute it's raining heavily and the next, the sun's up.

I have so many blog posts pending, i.e post on the Christmas Parade in Bintulu (yeah my very first time) and also the post on my very first time (again!) carolling in a real, authentic, genuine longhouse. Haha. I guess I won't go into details, I shall just roughly tell you what I experienced.

The longhouse is effing long, hell yeah, and it houses prolly 15-20 families. And oh, the longhouse was somewhere right in the middle of Bintulu-Miri. Most of the time they dine together, as in everyone comes out from their houses and sit at the verandah, chit chatting away, eating to their heart's content. :) Most of the houses do not have fans (or maybe they just didn't switch it on), so Amy and I were practically sweating like mad. We had fun laughing at each other, had fun exploring the longhouses overselves, had fun laughing at the jokes Jeremy made about their names, had fun watching livestock running here and there.

The Christmas Parade drew plus minus 5,000 people! Imagine the crowd and all. At the very front we have this police patrol car clearing the road for God's people. Haha how awesome! Then a guy carrying the cross up high, followed by a school band, girls brigade, boys brigade and then the churches. I was with Sebastian that night, had fun laughing at a guy from his church, had fun waving to the crowd like supermodels, had fun singings carols, had fun wishing the bystanders "Merry Christmas". :)

All in all, the weekend was a wondrous one. Thank God for all the opportunities. Great timing. Though I may not get to see snow like my other blessed friends do, but over here I can strongly feel the love of Christ, and the love of one another. :)

Miri this weekend yo! Please, God?


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<3 the smell of coveralls
Friday, December 11, 20096:54 PM

Was preparing to blog and all, suddenly my 'sv' came back from his lunch break. Why the inverted commas? Cause I am still sv-less, I think nobody wants to be my sv. So he's just my temporary sv. Whatever. LOL.

And yeah he came back. I exited the browser, and flashed him my brightest smile. :D I can still online why not, it's still lunch break. But anyway, I decided to go back to reading.

Had to concentrate on the ammonia plant the whole day. :( It's interesting, but my attention spell is superbly short. LOL. And I discovered the pantry, filled and stacked up with loads of coffee bags, Lipton tea bags and also Milo. Huge grin. Hell yeah I am bringing my mug to office on Monday!

And oh!

*me in coveralls! :D :D :D*

Someone commented "omggggg you look so cute in coveralls!" Haha I can just laugh and say thank you!

*3 retards*

Lee Hwee Huat the smart retard told me proudly that he has a personal cubicle, his own pc, his own lappie, and what not. Cheh.

*beat this! LOL!*

Everything is fine here, thanks for the prayers people! Almost everyday there are plenty of activities to be done. Just celebrated Raymond's bday on wednesday. Supposed to go carolling today again but I'm just tooooooo tired.

Tomorrow morning to Tamu Bintulu at 7am. Great. Lunch with Siu Ying in the afternoon, and Christmas Parade at night. Sunday-church service, and Sebastian invited for carolling in the afternoon at the Org Iban's Longhouse! How can I not go! But seriously, usually after church, I am beat. Flat. See. With these activities lined up for the weekend, I can now proclaim that I wake up darn early everyday.

Tired. So darn tiring. I went to bed at 9pm yesterday. Earlier than any preschoolers. Haha. And I need to go on a diet again. :( I am eating at a very scary rate, and mind you, the portions they serve here in Sarawak, goodness, are meant for two. And I can finish everything. Clean till the last drop. See? :(

Ewww. :(

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ASEAN Bintulu Fertilizer
Sunday, December 6, 20092:03 PM

I've been blogging quite a lot recently. As in I update more frequently now. Is it? Or is it just me? Haha.

Anyhow, like what I've promised, this post shall be all about ABF.

ABF, the abbreviation for ASEAN Bintulu Fertilizer, is situated in Kidurong Area. Heck, when people hear the word fertilizer, they give me the look. Gah. One even commented, you'll smell like fertilizers. Boo hoo.

Not many has heard of ABF, Malaysia LNG is the more popular one. They are neighbours. Yup ABF is just beside MLNG (
Malaysia Liquified Natural Gas). Remember the story of Malaysia LNG's gas leak? Yeah that's how dangerous working in a plant is.

On monday (30112009), it was my very first time in ABF. The plant is huge, no doubt, the company provides bicycles for the workers to move around in the plant itself. No handphones are allowed within the plant area, so are cameras. That's an offence and immediate dismissal will be imposed if caught.

8 of us from UTP, 8 months in ABF.

I snapped a few pictures. Not many though. Let 'em do the talking. :)

*front view. nice?*

*that's the side view*

*san, mie, nae*

*the whole lot; Amy, Hui San, Zahirah, Abdullah, Aaron, yourstruly, Phil, Raymond*

That's all that I've got at the moment. Too caught up in briefings and all.

Despite having to wake up at 6am every morning, but one thing for sure, internship rocks my socks. :D


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Carolling yo!
Friday, December 4, 20098:36 PM

It's a blessing to be here.

Life's a bit slow and all, but the company, friends I mean, made it up.

I tell you why.

Courtesy of Hui San and her family, Amy and I get breakfast nearly every morning. And she's gonna bring us to the best laksa sarawak tomorrow. Awesome!

ABF, so kind of them, provides breakfasts, lol, and also tea breaks. Usually tea with fried mee or some local delicacies.

Lunch. Okay lunch is usually in ABF itself, great food in Datai Cafe (datai means datang in Iban language). Prolly around RM5 including a drink.

Dinner now. Had dinner in Raymond's house on Monday. And today, Jesse and Melissa invited us over for dinner. Food was simply awesome. The shepherd's pie was the best I'd ever tasted, so was the seafood pie. Went for two rounds. Wanted to go for more, but
pai seh lor. Haha! Sorry no pictures cause all of them are with Jesse. :)

Supper? I seldom eat supper here, cause usually my hard disk shuts down at around 10.30pm. :) Healthy lifestyle, no?

So mum and dad, no worries cause everything's fine here. Really. And I think I've added a pound or two. Haha.

And oh, I went carolling for the very first time yesterday! :D Went to some Iban villages in Kemena, Bintulu with Sebastian and his church members. A brand new experience for me. Some facts:

#1. The head of the family, tuai, will utter some prayers, be it in English or Iban, before carolling starts.
#2. If the family wants the carolling team to go to their house, they'll place a candle at the doorstep. It's like a signal/symbol or something like that.
#3. The first house and the last house will usually prepare food for the team; the last house usually will prepare a complete meal and the first house, cakes.
#4. After everything, the head of the family will give a token of appreciation, usually in a form of donation. (correct me if I am wrong in this)
#5. The tuai rumah will choose 2-3 Christmas songs, either in English or Iban language.

I was telling Sebas that I don't know Christmas songs that well and yada yada. He said, sing only. When the tuai rumah in the first house chose the songs, I flipped open the song booklet and to my horror, the songs he chose are in Iban language. I was like omgggg. Haha. I thought we were going to sing English songs, and Sebas never warned me about that! But anyway, Iban language ain't that tough. Sebas asked me to pick it up and 8 months later, converse with Vin in Iban. Haha!

*the candle*




Carolled from 7pm till midnight. The best part : It was raining quite heavily in Kemena. Haha! Got home, showered, headed for bed straight. And I fished during Utilities Briefing today. Sorry Mr Clement!

Ahhh more on ABF the next post. I've got loads to say. :)

Till then,

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"I'm Sherlock Holmes in the Making!"
Wednesday, December 2, 20099:33 PM

Man, how cool is that.

Nuffnang's giving out tickets to catch the premier screening of Sherlock Holmes! And being a die hard fan, I'll go to the extra mile to try my luck. :D

The nuffie team scattered a clue in 2 blogs, KY's and Cheesie's.

And hye, this is the
clue that I've found from KY's blog. Haha.

All you need to do is to find that particular clue(yeah that image on the right), printscreen it, blog it, and submit an email to nuffnang. Simple as ABC lar.

So yo! I am crossing my fingers real hard! See you in the cinemas Holmes!


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Greetings earthlings!
8:17 PM

Greetings from Bintulu.

Yay! Broadband finally. Uh, it costed me a bomb for the modem and all. It's okay. At least I am connected to civilization! Haha.

3rd of work today. Got to go back earlier cause the person who was supposed to brief us is super busy. Apparently. Haha. One whole day doing nothing.

Work commences at 7.30am (what the heck) and ends at 4.30pm. Meh. I have to get up at 5.30 latest 6am on weekdays cause the company bus comes at 6.35am sharp. Once you missed it, that's it. :( Ewww I don't even wake up that early during secondary school. And I ain't a morning person. :( But looking on the positive side, I have to sleep latest by 10.30pm every night, for a good 7 hours rest, so I won't fish in the plant/briefing room the next day. This is good. Healthy lifestyle. Haha!

And eh, I eat a lot, a lot here. I don't know why, perhaps I am still adapting to the culture here. I eat before boarding the bus, I eat again at 10am, again mid-day, again after work. 4 times a day lol! It's too much for me cause I have to go to the loo twice a day. Haha.

Sharing a room with Amy, big enough for two. :) Rental's great, plus the location is awesome. Thank God for the awesome place, loving the room. Bintulu's such a small place, think I've covered like 70%? Food's not bad, am slowly adapting to the local delicacies. Eating paku-pakis (I don't know what you call this in english) is something special, I have yet to eat silk worms and whatever they have to offer.

Can't wait to go Kuching, Kapit, Brunei and also Miri. Will be planning for trips to KK and also Labuan. :) Everything's great that's all I can say. And eh, if I happen to reply you very slowly over gtalk or something, blame it on Bintulu :)

I wana watch Sherlock Holmes! I am a big, big fan of Sir Arthur. Please please please? I wonder will they show it here or not. :(

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