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What happened to my pay?
Friday, January 29, 20107:55 PM

Today's the last day of this month. Woops I mean, the last WORKING day of this month. What can it mean then?

Pay of course! NOT.

Ewww I'm so disappointed. Man, seriously disappointed.

Not that I'm desperate for money, oh yes may be I am. :( I only have like RM1.20 left! /wails

This is like so sad. The saddest thing on earth. T___________________T I'll only be getting my pay like, next month? Meh.

I thought I could happily go for manicure today, start tithing, and perhaps, touch and feel the cold hard cash. Haha I sounded like I'm obsessed or something like that. :D

Like, whatever. Anyway mum and dad don't worry. I still have money. Haha.

So we had our first visit today. I mean. The UTP's lecturer's first visit today to ABF. He's Dr Khalik, and he's super cool! He's bald, quite well built I'd say, tall. For an instance I thought I was looking at Chris Daughtry. LOL.

CNY is just like two more weeks away. Family (loves), New clothes (yeah I still haven't buy me clothes! :( tsk tsk), ANG PAUS (just gotta bold and capitalize this), FOOD (this too!), and finally, the CAMERAAAA! :D

I'll get to fly back to Penang using MAS, and UTP's gonna pay for that! Roars with laughter. How awesome. :D

That's the 2008 CNY picture after CNY dinner. Me with the short + curly hair, still plumpish, and forever dark :(. And the trendy granny in pink, mum, bro, sis, uncles, aunt, and cousins. :D Missing 'em loads.

Going home soonnnnnn! *skips around the room and sings


p/s : to you, yeah you nuffies, those who want to exchange links, just drop your link at my cbox :)

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Canon 500D it is!
Monday, January 25, 20109:28 AM

Time for updates!

Okay. So the oh-so-fickle me is being fickle minded again. Yeah I don't want Nikon D5000 nor Canon 450D anymore. Imma gonna get a canon 500D.

That, is a canon 500D. You know what. I think I better get it as soon as possible before I change my mind AGAIN. Maybe a 90D later. Oopsie! Whatever.

500D should be sufficient. I have 3 Canon sifus. Gab, Wan Sin, Edgar. :) And wan sin said we can exchange lens. This is like awesomeeeee!

I can only get it back in Penang, should be on the friday or saturday before CNY. And hopefully I'll have the time to explore that baby and capture great moments. The thought of having one and holding it actually makes my heart pound like a thousand times faster. Meh.

Anyways, today's Monday, and I already feel so lazy. Great. Payday's this Friday. And may be a nice dinner at Hartz Chicken Buffet, manicure, pedicure? Or may be I'll just bank it in as I'll be spending a bomb on 500D. :/

I have a new ad now. Prudential. Beautiful. To ya all my faithful readers, do click on my prudential and tiger ads and I shall reward you with the most-awesomest-juiciest updates on meself! Haha.



p/s : Blessed belated bday darlin' -josiah T- (23/01)
p/p/s : Blessed bday to you, bestie. -jessie- (25/01)
p/p/p/s : Blessed bday in advance daddy love! -daddy- (26/01)
p/p/p/p/s : Great, now I owe 3 ppl bday pressies.

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Bla bla.
Wednesday, January 20, 201012:57 PM

Just some lil updates. :)

Worked my ass off till 7pm yesterday. From 7.30am till 7pm. Had catalyst change out, so had to help around. Unbolting, unloading, loading, boxing up, bla bla. Ain't easy I tell you. And I've got a big fresh bruise on my right knee, from climbing up the monkey ladder that leads to the catalytic reactor. Bah.

Boss was supposed to treat us to lunch today, but apparently he's busy so next time yeah. And oh, Chin said Roy's a slave driver. LOL. Roy's not here today, so I spent my day wasting away. Feeling kinda wasted though I have tonnes of work piled up.

It's already week 8, two months already. Second pay coming in next week on friday! Cold hard cash. :)

Aaron'll be driving Amy and I tonight to Li Hua Plaza, where gadgets can be found. Amy wants to survey for a new digital cam, and me, a new dSLR of course. Should be getting Nikon D5000, instead of Canon 450D, i think, but I am so fickle. Heck. The next minute I might want 450D. Great. Can't really decide. :/

Can someone help me decide? Haha. Or perhaps tell me what you think?

Money's ready. Have yet to ask permission from my parents. Haha. Please mum and dad? :D

Planning to get it before cny, so I can capture great moments with the family. Missing 'em loads, granny, parents, bro, sis, aunts, uncles, cousins. Loads of ang pao coming my way! :)

I've been sleeping earlier than before now. 9pm. Imagine.

renae : Hye I gtg. Sleeping soon. *clock shows 8.45pm
whoever-it-is : What? wtf? so early? O.o

Seeeeeeeeee! I hardly sleep before 10pm now, unless it's that weekend. Though I sleep so much, I still 'fish' in the office. Great.

Okay camera hunting tonight! Triple yay! :)

And oh, I have a new ad by nuffnang. Clickie please? Will return the favour. A bit more before my cash out. Please please?

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shake ya sushi
Thursday, January 14, 20107:23 PM
Hai. :)

Yup that's me in my topshop sweater, bear pjs and butterboy(my bolster).

The weather has gone cranky lately, the rain started pouring at around 1am last night. And it is STILL pouring now. At times only slight drizzle. Else it will be casting a spell on ya and you don't feel like doing anything at all. All you want to do is to lie down and pull the sheets neck high and doze off.

It's still raining now, and has been raining for more than a day (24 hours to be precise). Goodness. I love rain. The smell, before and after.

Sushi King is finally here. I know I know. Sushi King might be the last resort for many (points to the people in the peninsular). There's Sakae Sushi, Azuma, Shogun, you name the rest. Here in Bintulu they only have Sushi Tie, which according to many, is a no-no/so-so. Haven't tried, so when Sushi King opened, I've decided to have sushi for dinner instead of the usual rice/mee.

This is what I had for dinner. Chicken Katsu Don. It was not bad. A change. For good. And I had salmon too. :) Sushi King is currently having a promotion till the 21st. Buy 1, free 1. Those that you can find on the conveyor belt. But of course, they will give you the cheapest one for free unless you take all 10 plates that are of the same price.

Went out with some of the UTP-ians, and also some of Aaron's secondary school mates. Met up with Mei Fang finally, she has just completed internship and is back for 2 weeks before going back to Tronoh. Saw Siu Ying also. A pleasant surprise.

*mei fang, amy, renae, jenny*

After dinner we headed our to Summer Tea. Apparently this IS the PLACE where youngsters would hang out. Had chocolate milk shake. Not bad but the Oreo milk shake from Flying Chillies at The Gardens can beat it flat. Kinda bored so it was Jenga time! My fav :)

That's Aaron in action by the way. Look at his face and Wendy. How serious. Haha. Couldn't take it anymore by 10pm. Decided to leave. One last group picture,

It was a great night.


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i am ten shades darker
Tuesday, January 12, 20105:41 PM

Well yeah may be I am. :(

Had a project today, which required me to climb up and down the catalytic reactor for countless times. It was conducted under the scorching sun, but thanks to the contractors, they constructed a canvas shade for us. How kind :)

Climbed up the reactor, saw how they opened it up, took out the wire mesh, effin heavy 1" alumina balls, and changed the catalyst. It was platinum (Pt) on Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3). The catalysts looked just like your normal fish food. Just that they are greyish.

Started around 10am I guess, and ended around 5pm I supposed. It was so hot I was sweating profusely, and we had to wear the N95 mask because the reactor is extremely toxic. All in all, it was a great experience. And seriously, I think I got darker.


I like being tanned. But I don't want to get tanner anymore :(

Will be having another one tomorrow. Resin change out. Hoping for the best. This will take one full day. From 8am till the next morning.

Sushi King is finally here in Bintulu. Haha. Still no McD. How sad. Shall be hanging out with friends tomorrow at Sushi King. Not much variety that's what they say. Oh well.

I am beat. So dead tired. And my body is aching. Looking forward for a better day!

Adiós! :)

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hear ye hear ye!
Saturday, January 9, 20109:39 AM

Ahhhh, have been away for quite some time. I am terribly busy in the office so when I come home, it's straight away to my bunk. On Thursday, I decided to take a nap at 6pm, and wooh laa, I woke up at 6am the next day. Time for work! ;)

Well ain't that that keeps me away from blogging. The main culprit :
Lack of Creative Juices

Ask other bloggers, and yes, surely they'll tell you at times they don't know what to blog about/don't feel like blogging anymore/yada yada.

May be it's my turn huh?

Fret not, I won't quit the
blog-os-phere. :D Just a tad slow in updates. Patients, my loves! :)

Just completed Week 6 of Internship. Pretty fast, ey? Another 26 more weeks to go, then I am truly a certified Final Year student. Sounds so old. :(

But anyway, working is definitely very, very challenging. Task wise, a tad. But the thing that is really, really killing me is working WITH PEOPLE. Heck, people are so freaking complicated. At times. No, I ain't pointing my fingers to anyone, but this is life. Working with people is fun, but at times it turns ugly. Still, I love am loving it!

It's fun although I see the same faces everyday, LMAO. But these are the people whom I hang out with. A nice bunch of friends. :)

So yeah, that's about it. Some updates, live from Bintulu. Haha. Mel will be leaving for Ipoh soon, so will be meeting up with her for the last time.

And Celcom you better hear this. I don't pay you RM68 every single month for such connection. Buck up, else I'll be charging over to your nearest branch very soon. Kinda pissed with the connection, that's also a reason why I can't blog.

I have to refresh for the nth time to load just a single page. Kinda impossible that they slow down the connection cause I haven't pay the bill. Mum said the bill is not even here yet. So broadband, ya better be good.

Aight, time for proper breakfast. IKO biscuits plus chocolate soya milk. :D


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