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bypassing 21;
Monday, February 22, 20109:30 PM

The clock is tickin',

and yer know it.

Note to readers : Aight the post below is based solely on my personal opinions, and if ya aint diggin it, see that red X up there? Click it :)

Okay fine I think I am old now. As in I am no longer in my teenage years (yes in fact I've left that generation years ago). Life around me ain't the same no more!

When I meet up with my hommies, our conversation changes from "hye do you know A is seeing B yatta-yatta-yatta" to "hye A is getting engaged/married to B like this coming July!". And Mr A and Ms B are your good friends!

Reality Check : Yes the people whom are getting engaged/married soon are your friends! No longer your father's sister's cousin's mechanic's daughter's neighbour's son's wedding!

Note : omgggg isn't it happening so fast? it could be YOU anytime! or Me. Not! *runs away from the boyf cause I wana stay single for the rest of my life to receive more ang paus. Okay I keed!

When you start seeing your friends giving ang paus during cny.

Reality Check : yes your friends! your own good friends! yeah I have about 2-3 friends who did that this CNY. Just because they have already started working. And not because they are married.

Note : young children, in your dreams, but I'll be only giving my first ever ang pau after I get married!

When you no longer receive ang paus.

Reality Check : What a sucker. the adults welcome you into their clique, and think that ya can now stand on your own feet. properly.

Note : I still want my ang paus lar. Gimme! XD Let me enjoy every moment of receiving ang paus before I start giving them!

When you sit around the table, full of adults, and you suddenly go like "omg I'm 21 and I'm old already". Try that, I challenge you. You'll receive loads of THE STARE, THE STARE that will make you whimper like a dog, pee in your pants, scurry to the kitchen hoping to find some teabags and boil some tea and serve them to cool down those volcanoes.

Reality Check : Never, ever say that you are old in front of adults. LOL. Kids may do them no offence, but once you start working, what-so-ever, just keep your lips sealed on that matter.

Note : seriously, some adults may take it, but i've personally encountered a few who couldn't. LOL. sorry la but i dont have any earl grey, oolong tea, chamomile to serve ya.

When people start to talk to you about work, not studies.

Reality Check : Welcome to the adult-o-sphere!

Note : I'm still young, don't ask me about it. I don't even feel like working the next time. Okay parents I am kidding.

okay whatever! age is a sensitive issue now, haha. but not for me! I am still younger than my age. God is fair, like what my aunt says. I may be short, but I will definitely look younger than you! Boo hoo! :D

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Food, food and more food!
Saturday, February 20, 201010:35 PM

Hyeeee loves! I'm back, finally.

No, my CNY break was definitely TOO SHORT.

No, I did not get to eat my favourite penang laksa. It's not open :(

No, I still have not bought my camera yet! /sigh.

Sigh. When I went back, the shops were either closed already, or no stock left. Pfffttt. What luck. Fine. It's retailing here in Malaysia for nearly 3k, but only like 2.4k in Singapore, which then gives me a very good reason to visit the Lion City again! :D what can be better than this!

Though I'll only be getting my dslr like 3 months later, but I get to go shopping in Singapore! *giggles

Okay camera aside. Let's talk about CNY. It's not too late though. Happy CNY Everyone! :D

I seriously had a blast back home. Being able to see the parents, granny, bro, sis, aunt, uncles and cousins is definitely a bonus! Missed them so much. On the eve of CNY itself, bro treated me to a superb 12" pizza. :D Yummy! And parents treated me my favourite tomyam maggi.

Okay I received tonnes of ang paus (not that many actually LOL), ang paus from loved ones means a lot. No drinking session (ahem, okay I had a little compared to MY BROTHER) and only played some fireworks. POP POPS actually. Not those boom bang fireworks. Had fun attacking the bro and the cousins. Haha.

And I think I lost the ang pau my granny gave me. :(((((

Dinner was on the second day. This is what I've been waiting for. Good food! Okay before that I had pasta already (cooked specially for me cause I complaint I can't find a decent pasta shop in Bintulu), mum's signature Jiu Hoo Char, loads of CNY cookies, assam prawns, steamboat, curry fish, etc. I think I gained like a pound or two already.

Started off with yee sang. Don't really fancy that. That's the only moment where YOU CAN ACTUALLY PLAY WITH FOOD AND NOBODY CARES. Haha. Shark's fin soup next. Seriously yummy. I love my shark's fin soup together with the pickled green chilli.

Okay the pics aren't good, I don't care. I was too hungry to take good pics. Haha. Oh I was given a chance to toy around with my uncle's newly bought Panasonic GF-1. The pics were awesome! Most of the CNY pics are in his camera. Still haven't got them yet.

The roasted baby pig with dumplings. Not a big fan of porky dishes. LOL.

COD FISH! STEAMED COD FISH. 4 huge pieces some more. *drools

Then the rest are the normal dishes la. Brocolli plus mushrooms, fried mee, tong sui, bla bla. I was super stuffed that night. Who cares about big tummy. It's the in thing lor. LOL.

Loved ones.

Bestest, closest cousins ever.

Missing them now. :( Called mum just now, and she was happily eating curry fish head! Jealous! I was only eating maggie just now, no shops are opened yet. :(

But many, many thanks to Aaron, Mei Fang, Raymond for inviting both Amy and I over for dinner. :)

Bai nian tomorrow lor! :D :D

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I'm coming home! -to the family-
Sunday, February 7, 201010:08 PM

The weekend is gonna bid me farewell in about 2 hours time. So cruel triple eewwww. Tomorrow marks the beginning of a new week. New week = Monday = Work. That word can make me shudder. No it's not that interning in ABF is that bad, but perhaps I'm just a person who doesn't like to work that much? HAHA who likes working anyway?

I'm soooo into the CNY mood now, I seriously can't wait to fly back to Penang. Family, the food. /yums. Yee sang, penang laksa, char keow teow, tom yum maggi, shark's fin soup (okay don't really fancy this cause it's so cruel but once every year only so who cares? I'm so mean), steam cod fish, home cooked chinese soup and the list goes on. I can rant about food whole day long. So pardon me.

Haven't bought my new clothes yet, can't really shop here. :( Quote from Mildred "you wana shop in Sarawak? you shop sai(shit) la". You seeeeee. There's nothing to buy here. No MNG, Topshop, DP, etc. :((((((( Pardon the long face. Meh.

The weekends here are uber boring. I pass the time by sleeping mostly. But then, fret not, I've came up with a super plan for this month! *giggles

13/02 - 14/02 : Back home for CNY
20/02 - 21/02 : So far nothing on the 20th, but will go for golf on the 21st! :D First time!
27/02 - 28/02 : To Miri and Brunei. Mildred, here we come!

Okay so this month doesn't sound that boring. Can't wait for Tuesday, it's payday from Nuffnang. We shall see whether can I hit my target of RM7 per week.

I am coming homeee! *croons to Daughtry's I'm coming home

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Cashing out money 6 months later
Thursday, February 4, 201012:35 PM

Oh i've decided. Was browsing through my nuffnang account and I've just realised, I've been with Nuffnang for nearly 2 years already. Perhaps it's time to cash out the monehhh.

I joined on the 28th of August 2008. My walk with nuffnang turns two this coming august. And I've never cashed out my moolah. Not even once. My first ever earning was a week later, from a campaign called MyEG August CPC SS. Not much. Only RM0.75.

So i've decided to cash my earnings out on the 31st of August 2010. A great day I foresee. And we shall see how much I've managed to earn from nuffnang after 2 years.

It won't be that much as what you guys are earning now I believe, but oh well, I can do something with it. :)

But anyway, I have a target. I'm hoping to get at least RM7 a week starting from now till August, to make my earnings a round number. Hopefully. Doubt I'll hit it. :(

Anyway, life's good. :D Not really. Wait. It's gonna be good when I get my ass back to Penang! :D :D :D *triple grins

Blogging from office, lunch time. Better stop surfing the net now, else I'll get meself into hot soup.


p/s : sorry!

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