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I Wanna Be a Project Alpha TV Star!
Monday, March 29, 201012:43 PM

Wanna be famous?

Wanna be a movie star, or a rock star but that only happens when you start to day dream?

You know what?

You can also be famous through blogging!

Let's take these people as examples. Kenny Sia. Xia Xue. Cheesie. Red Mummy. Beautiful Nara. Etc etc. Wanna be as famous as them and at the same time enjoy life?

The answer, the one and only answer to that is through Project Alpha! For those of you who don't know, Project Alpha features a selected number of bloggers, and viewers (people like us) will get an insight to their lives!

Project Alpha 1 ended last year, Project Alpha 2 is currently ongoing, but fear not! the sponsors are looking for potential bloggers to be featured in Project Alpha Season 3!

Don't worry if you are short, fat, dark, looks like an alien, has a face with complexion like that of a moon, bla bla. They'll give everyone equal chances!

All you've got to do is go to their official website, www.projectalpha.com.my read the rules and regulations, submit a video of yourself and voila! you just sit back and wait patiently and see what's next.

You've just got to :
#1. Join ruumz or login into your own account.
#2. Join the Project Alpha ruumz group.
#3. Upload your vid into the 'Auditions' Album.
#4. Insert a title and a short description about your audition.
#5. To increase your chances of being selected, get your friends and family to 'Like' your vid!

Simple as ABC!

Good luck to those whom wana give it a try! Well I am just a small fry whom nobody knows, only my close friends read my blog. And I don't think I even have the time to take a vid of myself. :( So you'll have one competitor lesser. Good for ya!

Give it a try, you guys out there! And who knows you might be the next Kenny Sia or the next Xia Xue! Aha. :)

Ending this post with this message from the sponsors :

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Auditions are now open! Check it out at www.projectalpha.com.my/auditions or projectalpha.ruumz.com/groups.

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no sweat!
Monday, March 22, 20108:46 PM

This week's topic is no sweat!

Fuh when I saw the topic, I had difficulty in writing it. What should I write about? Sweat as in the sweat you always produce on a hot sunny day? Or no sweat just simply means the task/obstacle is a tiny beanie to you?

Fear not earthlings!

This week's adv is supported by Adidas Action 3, so what does it tell you?

Aight let me give you a hint.

Still don't get it?

Man it simply means that with Adidas Action 3, you pass every single day without any strong BO, which makes you comfortable and confident, which then makes every single thing tiny beanie!

BO-less day = feeling fresh and confident = task is easy as ever = no sweat!

Got me now? :)

Easy as ABC. Go on to your nearest store, grab a bottle, head over to the counter, and make full use of it! I've got a good friend using Adidas Action 3's Deodorants, and I bet he has loads to say about it!

Adidas is one of the main sponsors, so three cheers for the man! The picture above only shows Adidas Action 3 Fresh, but there are many, many choices to choose from. Pick the smell that suits your character most, and you are good on the go!

A hint for you from me. For those of you who are suffering from BO, fret not. It ain't your fault. I bet you must have gotten it from your ancestors. Isn't it? Okay I don't know. So just apply some deodorant la. What's so hard than being a stinky stick everywhere you go? Bleh.

I ma gonna stop ranting. So the lesson for today, Adidas Action 3 is your best friend for some of you guys out there! :D

And oh! Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Auditions are now open! Check it out at www.projectalpha.com.my/auditions

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blessed yo!
Sunday, March 21, 20108:06 PM

10 more days till the end of this month.

And it's April already. Kinda fast ain't it? Less than 4 more months of internship only. :(

This month has been a blessed month. Seriously. Oh I so love this month.

It started off with ABF CNY Dinner at KKB. Didn't eat much that night though, but i seriously enjoyed myself to the max.

Next was free lunch on Friday, Klang Bak Kut Teh in Medan. Sponsored (or should i say treated) by Mr R. Oh oh such a gentlemen. Treated us 4 trainees. Haiya nvm la process technologist earn a lot eh? :D Verdict : So-so I can find better ones. But it actually tasted good the first sip cause I hadn't had BKT in ages.

That night hung out with the church mates to see Kuan off. He's leaving Bintulu for good, going back to Hong Kong now.

Followed by free dinner 4 days later at Sushi King at Parkcity Mall. Once again treated by Mr C, such gentlemen LOL. Verdict : Sushi king so no comments. You know. Lepak at Summer Tea later on, playing the oh very famous Jenga.

Up next, ABF CNY Appreciation Dinner for the committees. 6 dishes per table, 4 tables max. ABF uncles and aunties were there, and us, the young people. Verdict : Was hungry to the max before dinner but food was bleh i lost all my appetite. pffftt. They had karaoke session later on, and Mr C and Mr R entertained us to the max!

Oh, conclusion, uncles can partayyy wilder than us young people do. I can't believe it.

And a surprised breakfast this morning before service. Cheese gratin, sunny side up, baked beans courtesy of Uncle Denny and wife. Om nom nom! Verdict : Mind blasting. Period.

Dinner for today. Fried rice with ayam paprik specially cooked with love by Zahirah. Verdict : Rice was so-so but chicken is real good. Okay dah boleh kahwin ni. :D

Sheesh my pics took ages to load. arggghh.

Oh and I had a nice pedicure session a few weeks ago. Painted me toes midnight crimson blue with white checkered boxes. Nice :) Am into checkered stuffs right now, even my new checkered Nike bag is flaming orange red. Love!

Time to hit the bed! Working tomorrow. Night world. Muah muahh!


p/s : currently addicted to two is better than one. jason, does that mean two boyfriends are better than one? LOL

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My Favourite Surfing Spot
Tuesday, March 16, 20109:49 AM

Holla people.

Honestly, if my boss sees this post, I'll be fired. LOL.

My favourite surfing spot?

Obviously in my room, and also at work. Haha.

I reach office around 7.40a.m every single day. And from 7.40am to prolly 9am is the time for me to chill. That means I surf. From work. Yes I know you will be shaking your head in disbelieve but cut me some slack.

I blogwalk at that time, check my mails. Chat at times LOL. There are times when I have loads of walk so I don't surf from work. But whenever I am free and the line is exceptionally good, I'll be lost in my fantasy internet world with my dearest laptop and broadband. Ah bliss.

Back from work at around 5pm, I'll usually take 40 winks, else once again it's surfing time. Bloghop again, mails (who knows i might have an important one that was sent later after i check the first time), youtubing for drum covers, etc.

And this time my surfing spot will be in room. It ain't cosy, but I've got a solid wall to lean on, and my pail propped up as my so-called table. LOL.

I actually prefer to surf at home (of course who doesnt) because I can't risk myself being caught by my boss while happily chatting over skype or gtalk.

Favourite surfing spot : Room plus office LOL.

This paid advertorial, is proudly sponsored by P1 Wimax. I'm currently using Celcom BB as I am in Swak but considering to change to P1 Wimax once I get back to campus. Heard Celcom's signal ain't that strong over there as compared here in Swak.

And once again, Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS! :)

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a day well spent
Sunday, March 14, 201010:18 PM

I thought Sunday is just gonna be like the rest of my past Sundays. Right back from church, Sunday nap, dinner, and dozing off early for work tomorrow.

But today, is completely different. :)

Woke up, got ready and went church. After that, lunch with them at Bintulu Kopitiam. Food so-so, but company was awesome! Seriously awesome.

Got back at 2:30pm, rest for a while, headed to beach at 4:30pm. I love the beach. :D

Had a nice stroll with nice people to chat with. It was supposed to be a youth thing, but those who turned up are actually working adults, the youngest being 20. LOL. Many thanks to Jean, George, John, Davies, Samson, Peter for making my evening a blast.

Got back at 7:00pm. Supposed to have dinner at Sushi King but was called off the last minute. T_________T Don't let me see you around ABF else I'll chase you around in coveralls and safety boots. LOL.

But it was made up by a church member's bday. Headed over for some nice food. :) See this.

That's a roasted baby pig with lemongrass and other herbs (don't know whether can you make that out, sorry for the lousy cam). Verdict : Superb to the max! I ain't a huge fan of pork but this dish made me go for second round. Yums. (it actually looks disgusting though lol)

After the bday party, we working adults (ahem i sound so old) headed for a drink at Reggae's Grill. Nice, cosy place to chill and relax. Had fun talking crap, and after an hour, we called it a night.

*samson (civil engineer), kuan (pilot), me (chemical engineer of course, ahem),
john (mechanical engineer)*

So here I am, back home, typing this, and off to bed soon. Yawns. I'm tired.

p/s : I think intern's way too fast. It's the beginning of week 16 tomorrow. God, make time tick slower please? I'm starting to enjoy life here.

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I Just Love Good Smelling People
Monday, March 8, 20107:35 PM

Aha. Who doesn't?

Do you prefer to stand beside a person with strong BO in a cramped train, or rather, standing beside a person without any BO/sweat smell/whatever smell, or best of all, standing right beside a person who smells so good like he/she just got out from the showers and applied a whole bottle of DKNY's green apple all over?

Mmmm. I'd prefer the third option. Second option last resort. But hey, you can never run away from bad smelling people (omgg sounds so bad).

Imagine you, taking out your lunch paperbag, stomach rumbling like mad, and someone, swooshes pass by you, with BO as strong as _________ (fill it in yourself). I bet you'll just drop the paperbag and head back to work. Appetite's all gone.

It's like so bad huh. LOL. But fret not those of you with the AHEM SMELL. Your hero is here! Introducing :

Aha! Adidas's Action 3 Deodorant. Grab a bottle from your local stores and feel the confidence back in yourself again! :D Isn't that just so great?

Never tried personally, but I've heard feedbacks from people saying you'll feel fresh and the freshness stays! Not only that, it gives you a nice sweet scent (okay depending on whether you choose fresh, sensitive, pro level, control or intensive) that lasts all day!

Here's the solution for you guys out there!

And lastly, Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS!

p/s : An ad for Project Alpha's Main Sponsor. Three cheers for the man!

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ABF CNY Dinner
Saturday, March 6, 20109:44 PM

ABF CNY Dinner was yesterday. One word : Awesome

Though I didn't exactly get to eat properly, but still, I bet all 8 trainees from UTP had a blast. Whats more? We got a RM3 ang pau each from the MD itself. LOL.

Color code : Red

I always have a big headache when it comes to having to wear RED for any cny gathering. Previously it was the batch dinner. Now the abf cny dinner.

Not gonna elaborate much. It was just pure awesome.

*5 out of the 8; and no, he isn't my boy. he's got a gf. right? LOL*

*some lion dance thingy; superb*

*us + roy*

Did not really take pics, busy running here and there. Besides, I think my cam sucks eggs. Argh the pic quality. :( So mad sad can.

Super nice to mingle with the ABF permanent staffs and make new friends. :)

5 more months only. Good, or bad?

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Best bits of Project Alpha Season 1
Monday, March 1, 20109:08 PM

I looked at the clock, it showed 9pm. Time for bed I guess. But I happened to stumble upon Nuffnang's website with their latest post ever, Projectalpha.com.my is Live (and kicking!).

Clicked it, and it says, first 100 entries from bloggers who blogged about Project Alpha Season 1 get RM20 credited into their account. I was thinking 'why not?'. I was aiming for RM150 before I cash out in Aug. So that RM20 will do me good!

Frankly speaking, I've never followed Project Alpha 1 entirely. Okay I do watch occasionally, but never ever complete the entire season.

Who was featured in season 1? You've Sixth Seal, Redmummy, Beautiful Nara, Fourfeetnine, Kennysia, Nicolekiss and Budiey.

Sixth seal : Read his blog like once? Haha.
Redmummy : Heard of, never read. Sorry!
Beautiful Nara : Just like the above.
Fourfeetnine : One of my favourites! A princess who always go wtf.
Kennysia : Been following him since like 5 years ago? Whole family's a big fan.
Nicolekiss : Read occasionally :)
Budiey : Really sorry dude, but never heard of you before. Thousand apologies!

They basically got interviewed live on air (Hitz.fm), worked out in the gym, and much more! Catch the vids on youtube.

Best bits of season 1 *drum rolls (not in order)

#1. Fourfeetnine hits the gym!
Funny like what can. Haha! Especially when Jojo's trying to teach her yoga poses, and she keeps on failing (falling perhaps). And SHOPPING is the only thing embedded on her mind. Check it out.
Click to view :fourfeetnine to the gym

#2. Redmummy's red house!
Like seriously. Her whole house is red, which potrays her love for RED. See the shoe WARDROBE that she owns (0:32-0:34). The amount of high heels! Faints. She blogs 8 entries per day (the last time), and 4-5 entries now. Man, I don't even update that frequent. A boring vid may be, but she gives important tips to bloggers out there! 7k per month. Woots!
Click to view :redmummy's red house

#3. Nicolekiss to the zoo!
Nicole : A hardcore traveller. Travels a lot she has, this vid brings her on a journey to the zoo! An informative tour I'd say! I always wish I could travel around just like her. :)
Click to view :nicolekiss to the zoo

#4. Kennysia talks about his love life!
A love guru he is. No, he has dated on two girls before! Oh, ROFL at his blogging tips. LOL
Click to view:kennysia talks about his love life

#5. Beautiful Nara's a dude!
Yeah the name may seem catchy, but he really is a dude. And oh, he actually hates his full time job now. Or is it part time? Oh. This vid introduces us to abang nara. LOL.
Click to view :beautiful nara's a dude

#6. Sixth Seal's tattoo!
I've always wanted to get a nice tat, but I don't think I'll ever have the guts to ink myself, let alone destroy my skin the horrible way. Oops sorry tat lovers! I eat back my words. HuaiBin's a DA previously, but he made full use of his second chance!
Click to view :sixth seal's tattoo

#7. Budiey's super exclusive talk!
Budiey compares himself with beautiful nara.
Click to view :budiey's super exclusive talk

Phew. 2 hours straight. I sure hope I'll get what I deserved! Project Alpha Season 2 swinging by soon! When can I ever be in one? *in my dreams *snicker

And lastly, Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS! Woo hooo! Can't wait.

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