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Kota kinabalu next
Thursday, April 29, 201010:12 PM

I just got back from Kuching, on Monday.

Did not get my well gotten rest on Tuesday, Wednesday nor Thursday. Went out nearly every night.

And now, I'll be leaving for KK on Friday. Happy much :D

It was kinda a last minute plan. Suddenly having the urge to visit KK and also Labuan, but Labuan is kinda out of the question cause it's not that cheap compared to KK, much further, and no tour guide. :(

Anyways, will keep you guys posted about my KK trip when I get back next Monday. I foresee shopping, island hopping, beach :D, and loads of food. :) Flight from Miri tomorrow at 2pm, will be leaving for Miri from Bintulu at 7am. Have yet to pack, wish me a safe journey!

Okay back to my Kuching trip.

I really had a lot, a lot of fun. It was a sinful trip, loads of food and also shopping. What a therapy to escape from work.

When I say loads of food, I really mean it. And guess what? I can down every single thing and still feel hungry. Great. Kom piang with meat, Kolo mee, Sarawak laksa, Kueh Chap, Beijing Duck etc. :D

Weighed myself yesterday, and guess what, since I came here, I'm 4 kgs heavier. Haha. Though it may not appear so physically, but I do have a big tummy now. pfffttt :(

Went to 6 malls in total, The Spring, Tun Jugah, Sarawak Plaza, Old Parkson, The Hills, Hock Lee Centre. And I still have Crowne Plaza, Boulevard to cover. Planning to go Kuching again next month, but it's kinda impossible at the moment. :(

There were sales, plenty of sales. Especially Lea Sports Centre, where everything is half priced.

Total damage done : RM300 just for shopping alone.

And oh, my flight to KK is around RM300 also. So RM600 gone is just like 4 days? I'm terribly broke now. Don't know how to survive in KK. :(

Oh that's me with double portion of Cookies and Cream ice cream. Jealous much? That's a very recent picture of me. Do I look like I've gained weight? :(

Had not been going for my Badminton session lately. No jungle trekking. No jogging. :(

Ahhh packing time!

Toodles love! xoxo.

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Kuching over the weekend
Friday, April 23, 201012:21 PM

I've been to this place once. 3 years ago. During my semester break.

And now, I'm going there again. 3 years later. During my internship period.

And I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be able to go Kuching again in a month's time. :D And I'll be there for Rainforest Festival too. Looks like I love Kuching so much eh.

Heck yes intern's the best time to travel. Been in Sarawak since December and I've already travelled to Miri and Sibu. Kuching tonight, till monday. :) So basically I've covered all of the major districts in Sarawak. eg Kuching, Sibu, Miri, Bintulu.

Sarikei, Bintagor, Kapit, bla bla. That if I can find time. Haha. I don't really like Miri, don't know why. But I love Sibu and Kuching. :D Bintulu? Love it cause I have great friends here :)

Guess I'll just only be eating non stop in Kuching. And perhaps some light shopping at The Spring. Saving money for my KK trip. Better stuffs to shop over there I heard.

Next mission : Kota Kinabalu.

Ahhh my every weekend is so packed. So, so happy. But kinda sad too. Cause I'll be leaving this place soon, and internship is coming to an end. :( Just started to enjoy myself in this small town. Many may say Bintulu is boring, well I have to agree though, but it's the company that matters. I have good friends who bring me out every weekend, so heck it ain't that boring right? :D

Can't wait to fly to Kuching later! Yay yay yay!

Bye loves!


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no strings attached
Monday, April 12, 20101:52 PM

Wow this week's title stumped me. No strings attached?

The first thing that came to my mind is not committed in any boy girl relationship. No relationship, no partner, no commitment. So no strings attached.

Yeah there are many of my friends who do not want to have a partner cause they are just simply scared to commit their time and all to the other half.

Okay that aside.

I downloaded the picture for this week's paid post, and this is what I saw.

Oh then I finally understood. It's all about wireless connection! Nowadays technology is so super advance that you can just have a plug and play broadband and access to the net wherever you are.

Plug and play devices are something like the one above, it's a USB device where you can just plug it into your pc/laptop and enjoy the internet connection provided by the service provider.

I'm currently using Celcom Broadband, which is rumored to offer the best broadband connection in Sarawak itself. Ask me not I don't know how true that statement is. I did not manage to get my hands on Maxis Broadband, Digi Broadband and P1 Wimax here though.

But definitely I can tell you I will stop using Celcom Broadband when I am back in the peninsular. Why so? Apparently the connection is so bad that it stalls up and your download speed is prolly 0 kb. Ain't sure how true is this but if it's real, I'll switch over to Digi and P1 Wimax.

Indeed I've got much good feedback on how efficient P1 Wimax is over there in the Peninsular. So may be it's a good time to give it a try when I get back. I foresee I'll be needing broadband for my final year project (FYP) and also for my final year design project (FYDP). :)

Ending this post with a bang. Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. :)

p/s :
Blogging this from office, I'll be dead meat if my supervisor caught me doing this.

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beach babe
Sunday, April 11, 20108:48 PM

I think, I am one shade darker. And I'm heck loving it.

I am an outdoor person, and my personal favourite is definitely the beach. Can't put these feelings into words, but the beach brings out the best in me.

The salty taste of the sea water, coupled with the white soft sand and the smell of the sea water, ah pure bliss I'd say. Water makes me happy. Yes, even the rain makes me happy. Be it a heavy one, or just mere drizzles, I'm the happiest girl alive when it rains. Yet, the rain can also bring out the melancholic side of me.

Same goes to the beach.

I've been wanting to go to the beach like ages ago, and the beach at Tanjung Batu is a huge let down. It's dirty, and you can actually see layers of oil on top of the water.

And yesterday, my good friends brought me here.

When I first laid my eyes upon the beach, I nearly went hysterical. See how beautiful the water is! Took those pictures with my Sony T-10 and do try to imagine if I had my dslr with me. My heart was practically beating at an alarming rate, but had to subdue it as we planned to jungle trek first before hitting the beach due to the hot weather.

Trekked from around 10am to prolly 1pm. Around 3km plus minus. Was drenched in sweat to the max after trekking. Good workout yo!

*resting after the first round*

Oh ya. Saw the small scratch on my left knee? That's cause I practically climbed over the house gate and jumped down and landed on my knee. Great. And the gate was like freaking high up. My friend said I was nuts. But what else can I do? LOL. I did not have the gate key with me and I didn't want to stay out there till someone comes home.

Okay back to the topic. Sorry I side tracked. And guess what I saw?

Yup. People fishing. Fisherman fishing. But heck. It's not that that attracted me. It's the Selangor flag! LOL. fyi, I'm in Bintulu Sarawak. And I go crazy whenever I see a Penang car here in Swak.

After that we went for lunch. Chit chatted till roughly 3pm and then it's to the beach! God was being so awesome that day that when we went to the beach, the weather turned from blazing hot to windy and cloudy. :D

To the beach!

*crystal clear*

*this place is seriously a good place to take photos*

*friend 1*

Can't help it but sorry, I can't reveal friend 2's identity, lest I'll be killed in ABF (at work) tomorrow. Was thrown into the sea by a big bully, and after that it was all history. Waves weren't that huge, but was good enough.

Noticed I still haven't told you where I went? Try guessing. Not many places in Bintulu has good beaches. :D

I promised self, that I'll return to this place, conquer the furthest jungle trekking route (9km) and bring along my dslr to snap breathtaking pictures. :)

And oh, I went to Sibu last week. Was supposed to blog about it but I had no time. The drafted post is still in my drafts, but I think I am kinda lazy to continue it. But anyway, the Sibu trip was awesome.

Did not imagine it to be so well developed. Food was awesome! The original kampua mee was awesomely awesome, and it was only RM2. Where can you find cheap and good food nowadays? And the kom piang with meat (pork) filling, heavenly. I think I gained a pound or two, so it's time to shed them now. :)

Been kinda active lately. Went for jungle trekking, badminton, jogging. Kinda proud of myself. Haha.

Alright and very sorry for the very late updates readers!


p/s : Kuching in two weeks time :D Happy much!

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my favourite sport
Monday, April 5, 20107:41 PM

This week's title says : My Favourite Sport.

Yes I'm a sports junkie. Okay I don't go for extreme sports, but my passion for sports is always burning.

I play whatever sports that you can ever mention.
Aight that's a little exaggerating. But still, I'll try it anyway.

I do play a bit of this and that, like Badminton, Ping Pong, Tennis, Basketball, etc. But the two sports that I really put all my effort in is Shooting and Squash.

Why that two?

This is because I took up squash seriously when I was Standard 5, and played my way through till I think Form 3. I wasn't my state's best player, but heck, I've won medals for Penang and I'm proud of it. Stopped when I was prolly 15 years old, couldn't rise up against the newcomers. Getting kinda unfit already and slower. So the racquets aside, though I still normally play with friends from time to time. And I can proudly tell you I can trash guys. HAHA!

So many years of squash-ing and I actually regretted to the max for not having a picture of me in action. Oh well.

*this is squash, for those of you who do not know*

Then after that it was shooting. Picked it up when a friend of mine introduced it to me. Initially wanted learn for fun, heck yes who doesn't want to hold a gun and shoot it all around? Started off with the 10m Air Pistol, where I used small, small bullet pellets and insert them into my compressed air air pistol, and start firing away.

*me with my 10m Air Pistol*

*with the 10m Air Rifle*

Next it was the 25m Sports Pistol, this is where I used the real bullets, yes those that can blow your head off, load them into my beautiful and sleek sports pistol, and fire the targets. And no, I don't have a picture of me and my beautiful red Sports Pistol. :( Sigh.

My favourite sport? I think I'll go with shooting. Why? It's so fun and it has the adrenaline rush that makes you go gaga over it the moment you get hold of the pistol and fire like nobody's business. Represented the state in Sukma 2006, my biggest achievement ever in the sports arena, but sadly, I didn't win due to competition jitters. But still, the experience and memories are the best.

I still love squash, yes I do, and I love it even more when I trash people. LOL. I can no longer shoot now, my gun license has already expired eons ago.

Anyway, I hope I'll get the RM20, and yes, Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

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