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where do you come from
Everyone's a princess once in a while
Wednesday, June 30, 201010:04 AM

A note from yours truly.
I've never seldom never seldom NEVER ever actually SS (syok sendiri) in my blog before. I seldom put up pictures of myself, and obviously no self praise!

So let me do this just once. Once. Please? Muahh~ :)


I'm not born with perfect features. Heck I'll be honest with you. I have small eyes with deformed double eyelids (oh yes my double eyelids are only half!), a flat chinesy nose, pointy ears, short eyebrows and eyelashes, a round face and small lips. And not forgetting my epic histogram/bugsy/gappy teeth.

The only thing I love is my high cheekbones. Okayy cut it some slack. All these features assembled, I don't look that horrible actually. They are just fine, and I thank God I have those though. But one thing, it's nothing to shout about. Yes it's very true.

I ain't that type of girl who guys will damn give a second look, nor drool at the very first sight. Plus the fact that I am short and chubby, hah! Forget about getting attention.

I don't look like this.

Nor this.

Nor even this. Damn. Haha.

And before you condemn me, wait. I thank God for who I am and I won't ask for more. Obviously no plastic surgery, and I love myself. If you can't live with my looks, then I'm truly sorry for that's who I am.

But my main point is : I'm just an average looking girl. :) I don't get many compliments, second looks, praises. But I know I am pretty to my loved ones! *shy shy For they love me for who I am. :)

Okay so here comes the SS part. Just please don't gag after reading this post. If you love me, you'll be truly happy for me too isn't it? Haha.

So on monday night, ABF (my current internship company) held its' annual Gawai Festival Dinner. They don't serve tuak :( but they make it up with free food which is kinda kinda not bad.

I donned on a formal white top, a mini skirt (not so mini afterall), sneakers and carried a handbag. Simple, casual, yet presentable. :)

Wait! You can still exit if you don't want to read further. Save you the gagging period jak. Haha.

Anyways, when #1 saw me, he was like "Damn you are quite hot tonight." I was like huh? are you kidding me. It was just super simple and I didn't put any make up on (i never do) and I had my nerdy glasses on as well. LOL. #1 said "You should wear contacts instead". LOL By the end of the night, he called me sexy. Haha LOL. Blushing all over but luckily it was at night. Save me the embarrassment juak! :)

Having goosebumps all over now? LOL okayy I am so not used to this. Self praise in front of so many readers. *shy

Here comes #2. He pointed to my shirt, and he gave me the thumbs up. :)

#3, a close friend whom I always joke with said "You looked great tonight".

I then approached #4 to talk to him, his back was facing me, and when he turned, the first words that came out from his mouth was "Wow". Oh :)

#5 sat on a chair, and when I passed by, he looked up and down, from head to toe godonlyknows how many times. And my friend even caught him staring at my butt. Pfffttt. Talking about wolves. LOL

And the best has yet to come!

Finally, when the dinner ended, #6 came, whispered into my ear "You look hot and pretty tonight" and flashed me with his best charming smile ever. I pretended I didn't hear (LOL) and I went huh?. He repeated himself and I went what? (LOL) and he said it again. 3 times was more than enough. I was blushing like a tomato at that spot.

I told #6 quite a number also said I look good tonight, and he whispered again "You are pretty to me everyday" and he smiled again. HAHA!

So now readers, don't potong my steam by telling me this and that, let me have this moment etched in my memory forever. I don't get praises and compliments this often so let me live in my lala land for a moment :D

I went home, slept, and I bet I was smiling when I was deeply asleep.

Ahh it feels so great to get some attention once in a while. Haha.


*skips away with a huge grin plastered on the face

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Holla I am back!
Saturday, June 26, 20103:01 PM

It has been a while, I know.

I'm truly sorry for the lack of updates. I'm just basically plain lazy, and at times encountering writer's block.

Anyways, lets make this quick and fast.

I spent my Gawai break in Singapore. I've got my Canon 550D. Much love. :) But I kinda regretted for not purchasing a BB or Iphone 3gs when I was there. :( Went to Universal Studios Singapore, and it was awesome! Had pictures taken with King Julian, the Madagascar penguins, Charlie Chaplin, Frank and some unknown characters. Haha. First time into a casino as well, didn't gamble, but saw this old lady winning S$16k. :)

*when I first got my baby. with cousin-ashley, and kakak*

*a nearly one month old baby. :) don't mind the background!*

Back to Bintulu after that. Continued internship, and now it's week 31 already this coming Monday. Presentation's on Thursday, pretty fast, then another week, then intern's done. I'm surely going to leave this place with mixed feelings. Place is boring but people are just awesome. Hence, the mixed feelings :)

Two more weeks and heck, I'm gonna enjoy every single bit of internship. :)

Watched Robin Hood yesterday and it was kinda good. Love it actually. And I want to watch Nightmare on Elm Street! Been wanting to watch that since I was in Singapore, but I was too stingy to fork out S$10 (RM25) for a movie. So not worth it. Bleh.

So yeah that's more or less about what's happening here. Life's great and God has been awesome to me. Thanks for all the prayers if you've been praying for me all these while!


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