Take me away cause falling in love ain't very far
thy queen
bow before me
click on me!
hook me up
scream your lungs
nuff niggas
links ahoy!
its easy to clap
where do you come from
22's in the crib yo!
Sunday, July 18, 201010:21 PM

Less than an hour to go and I'll turn 22.

Blessed Birthday to me! :D

*sings birthday song to self. beams.

I may be 22, but I bet I don't look like one. Haha! Went to gym that day and the instructor was like 'you're only 15 kan girl?'. hah! :D

And oh, I thought I only attract guys, but looks like it I also attract pondans/mak nyahs (don't know what you call them in english). There's this mak nyah who came up to me during RWMF '10, cupped my face in his/her hands, and said 'you're so cute girl'. Bleh. Took me a full 10 seconds to realize that she was a he. Shrugs.

Anyways, I reached Penang on Friday, slept the whole day like a pig, and then feel wasted the whole day. Haha. On Saturday my parents brought me to Tao Japanese Buffet to celebrate my birthday. 2 days earlier but it doesn't matter. And I ate like there's no tomorrow. The food was super awesome, and it was only RM50++ per person!

I had succulent scallops, abalone, crab meat, sharks fin, bla bla. Too awesome I tell you. Sorry guys no pictures. My C drive is running low on space. I need my external! I enjoyed the awesome possum food and awesome family member's attention to the maximum. And now I have a big, big tummy. Grins. :D


Then at night my besties brought me out. They came back all the way from Perlis, Nibong Tebal and Perak. Just to celebrate my birthday. So touch. *cry cry. Thanks girls. Love you girls so much :)


And today my grandma and dad treated me to a yummy lunch in a nice restaurant! Cod fish + sweet sour fish + vege + pork belly + tofu + butter prawns. Om nom nom! Super fat now I tell you. :(

Tomorrow another friend is going to treat me lunch plus movie. Ahhh beautiful. And before I left, this is what I got.

Thank you. :) My first bday present ever before turning 22. :)

*cherishing the moments before I turn 22! omgggg.



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farewell loves
Thursday, July 15, 201012:02 PM

My flight bound for Kuala Lumpur is scheduled to be at 6:50p.m. later in the evening. I am so gonna leave this place with a heavy heart. I finished my internship last Friday, after 32 weeks.

When I first got an offer from Johnson and Johnson, I was kinda thrilled. It's because my internship will be in KL, near to family and friends, civilization at least. And I might have a car. Then I got another offer from ASEAN Bintulu Fertilizer. Located in Bintulu. I was kinda thrilled too. To be away from home, somewhere I've never been, indeed I believe I could gain a lot from this offer. Nevertheless I am more interested into what ABF is doing that J&J. Setback : No car, far from family, rural place.

Made up my mind, accepted the offer from ABF. I dreaded my first few weeks here. This place has practically no shopping malls, movies shown in the cinema are super outdated (for instance, they are showing ice kacang puppy love now when I've already watched it a few months ago), no night life, no mamak, bla bla.

I attended New Life Fellowship near Tanjung Batu. Made friends, super cool friends like George, John, Audrey, Jean, Kwan, Alison, Eng Meng. All these are my hang out kaki. They brought me out for dinner, supper, yum cha sessions. Brought me to church, to the beach, to everywhere in Bintulu. Life was great then.

Then I started to have great friends from ABF also. They brought me out for lunch, dinner, supper, yum cha, badminton sessions, karaoke sessions, football sessions, movies, bla bla. I started to love this place, heck, not this place but the people here. They made this place uber fun.

I've just finished packing, and am bound to leave this place for good soon. 8 months in Bintulu, but the experiences and memories are priceless. I am going to leave this place with a heavy heart. Very heavy. I don't want to leave this place, but a good friend told me life has to move on. It's time to start packing and haul myself back to campus to complete my degree.

I can't deny that, another year to go and I'll be working with Petronas. Hopefully.

I love this place, mostly I love the people here. Thank you so much for everything God, for the people here who has been so kind and nice to me.



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leaving on a jetplane
Monday, July 5, 20109:30 AM

It's week 32!

omggg time flies. sigh.

It's time to move on, leave this place for good, go back and get my degree. Graduate, and see where God places me for a permanent job. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll get a job with Petronas, I don't have much expectations like my friends who aim to land their ass in high paying salary companies like SLB or bla bla.

As long as I get a job, then I'll be satisfied. (:

So yeah internship is coming to an end, I'll have to leave this place with a heavy heart. But I believe this week (my last week) will be so damn awesome I'll remember it forever.

Plans anyone? C'mon it's my last week in Bintulu LOL make it eventful!

Can't believe I slept at 10pm last Saturday. It's a SATURDAY NIGHT and I slept at 10pm. Sweet. :(

And I even missed the Germany Vs Argentina match. Lagi. Housemate hogging the tv, and I was practically rotting in my room.

Nevermind. This week shall be good :D

Rainforest this weekend! I'll be seeing my loves soon (:


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