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Pasta House @Ipoh
Monday, August 30, 20102:53 PM

It's my 200th post!

And this post will be different, it shall be a food post :D

Wen Sher introduced Pasta House to me. And being a pasta fanatic, obviously I went to Ipoh all the way once I have the free time.

*this is it*

I know the picture is super unattractive. :( Sorry cause I was rushing to go back to uni so I just simply snap a picture of the restaurant. But the restaurant looks okay from outside, but the ambiance inside is nice :)

Ordered Spicy Aglio Olio with prawns and Joe ordered Beef Bolognese. They have a variety of pastas to choose from, even a few pizzas too. Also on the menu they offer Japanese Curry (macam sesat only) and bolognese rice. And the best part was the Country Pasta.

Eg : Japan
Pasta with Teriyaki Chicken Sauce

Eg : New Zealand
Pasta with beef and new zealand cheese

10 Country Pastas to choose from. And we tried India Pasta! :D India Pasta is pasta with curry and fish. Om nom nom. But as I was rushing, I had to pack that pasta and only eat it back in uni when it was terribly cold. But kinda nice though.

*menu, nice ambiance*

*our drinks (carrot and orange juice), taken by newbie josiah*

I don't like the fruit juices cause they (I think) are RM3.80 each and it looks like they only put a quarter of carrot only. What la scam my money.

*my spicy aglio olio with prawns*

*joe's beef bolognese*

My spicy aglio olio is fantastic. When they say spicy, they really mean it. Not that spicy but you can taste it somehow. And you can actually request for chilli flakes like what I did. And then it's the bomb! :)

Joe's beef bolognese is nevertheless awesome also. Nearly like the pasta sauce I always cook, but still mine's the best. Hah. *beams* They offer pork bolognese too, will try out later on. :)

Total : Beef Bolognese + India Pasta + Spicy Aglio Olio with Prawns + Orange Juice + Carrot with Milk

Damage done : RM50

Worth it or not? Hah. Portion may be a little bit small, that's why we ordered 3. And it only comes to RM50. Good enough. Reasonable enough.

Went back happy but I did not have enough time to try the desserts. Bah nevermind next time then. :)

PASTA HOUSE (just opposite Waraku Japanese Restaurant)
No 4, Jalan Medan Ipoh 9,
Bandar Baru Medan Ipoh,
31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Telephone : 605-546 3218
Business hours : 10am – 10pm
Pasta ranges from RM8.90 to RM17.90

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Week 4 and counting
Monday, August 16, 20109:26 PM

This is week 4. omggg like super fast. Another like 10 more weeks to go before study week? This is uber fast. Pfffttt.

Had a very, very fruitful weekend. :)

Went to KL, Seremban, had lunch with church juniors and attended COP Ipoh Anniversary Dinner. Still feeling very, very tired after all these, I still need more sleeping time and rest.

Final year is kinda taking its toll on me, still coughing nevertheless. Already a week plus :( Too tired, lack of rest, too active, hence the lingering coughing virus. Bleh.

I've got so many things to do. Like soooooooooo many!

#1. Transfer pictures from dslr. Checked.
#2. Update blog. Checked.
#3. Read journals for FYP.
#4. Do research for FYDP.
#5. Find information for this Friday's PCS Presentation. Checked.
#6. Prepare slides for next week's individual presentation.
#7. Assignments (soon to come)
#8. Plan outing for the girls.
#9. Photoshoot at Kellie's Castle for the retards.

O.o Way too much workload to handle. Worse still, I am sleeping like non stop. :( Have yet to find the right kick start switch. :(

*with late jasmitt's family*

*lunch with the juniors*

*COP Ipoh 25th Anniversary Dinner*

Aight guess I shall stop here. Still need to transfer pictures to FB. Pffftt.

Blessed weekend loves! :)


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Final year huh?
Thursday, August 5, 20109:32 AM

I'm now officially back in the uni as a Final Year student. That sounded old, but when I go around telling people I'm just only in Foundation, they buy it. Awesome much!

Anyways, it's already week 2, and still counting. 12 more weeks to go, and I'll be ending this semester already. Been very tired lately, falling sick after just a week back to uni (that shows either I dislike the uni or the uni dislikes my presence). Still in the process of recovering though. There was one night where sore throat, flu, cough, nose bleed, gastric came and visited me. Sigh. So tired lately, so many things to do, even when I sleep I'd worry about my FYP and FYDP.

Why the uni wants the chemical engineering students to do TWO projects simultaneously? And they ARE NOT SIMPLE. Don't know whether I can cope or not, but hopefully by God's grace and strength I'll be able to go through it.

The thing that I'm worrying more is FYP, cause I don't have a single clue about what my project is all about. I am always so tensed up and stressed out. It's time to be independent but I can't. Sob sob. :(

Ahhh FYP. FYDP. They are giving me more pimples, more wrinkles, a more haggard looking me. :((((((


I shall stay pretty and shall ignore FYP and FDYP. HAHAHAHA! *evil grin

*jumps back to bed.


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