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Ramblings of a final year first semester student
Sunday, October 24, 20106:12 PM

My 200th post!

Yay! :)

Currently in week 13. Ahhh two more weeks then it'll be study week and then exam week which means loads of mugging, late nights, last minute revision.

If it wasn't for the passion, I would have regretted taking chemical engineering. Seriously. This course can zap out all my life and energy. Last week was uber hectic. Nearly everyday in lab for my fydp (final year design project), at times staying up till 10pm and skipping dinner. And ended up eating supper. Great :D

Was so tired and sleepy that I actually kicked the pavement and fell, one super big bruise on my left arm and a bloody right knee. When I got up, I saw the frightened and surprised and shocked look on my room mate's face. And the first thing that came out from my mouth was 'Did anyone see that?' Hah. Cover. Embarassing. And the last time I really fell was like in primary or secondary school. :(

My knee still hurts, and it's a torture to be wearing long pants, jeans especially. :( Arm's still bruised ahhhh the pain and consequences of being a final year student. But at least I'll be finishing in May next year! But when I think of all the stuffs that I have to go through first, I am so demoralized. :(

What's up this week?
Wed - FYDP Presentation
Thurs - HI Test 2

What's up next week?
Mon - FYP and FYDP Interim Report submission, PUS Test 2
And FYP Oral Presentation.




Hectic to the max. :( I need my at-least-eight-hours-of-sleep without fail, I need my life. :(

God, I need You. Help me through this. Amen.

ahhhhh. I can't wait for this to end! Pfffttt!

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Monday, October 18, 201011:34 AM

Ola! I've been away like really really long. Last post was dated a month back.

Sigh. Life of a hectic final year student. Life ain't that hectic actually, I have poor time management. :( Classes are like only 2-4 hours a day, I am sleeping just too well, eating extremely well, but my fyp and fydp is in jeopardy.

Told you it's poor time management. :(

Anyway, convocation has just ended :D Not many seniors of mine graduated as compared to the previous batch, I had plenty of fun catching up with these people. :) One year later then it'll be my convocation! My turn to receive my scroll and loads of flowers :D

Convofair, still, once again, nothing much. I find it boring, but oh well. It's better than nothing and your common cafe food.

I've got no time to post up pictures, let me find perhaps this weekend or something. :)

And congrats seniors! For your graduation. Will be missing you guys loads.

bye people!


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