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another hour to go
Friday, December 31, 201010:38 PM

aight another hour to go and many people will be ushering in 2011 with confetti, paper hats, booze and also exchanging pleasant wishes.

may be that time i'll be in bed already. It's only 10.45 and I am already feeling darn sleepy. Told mum I need to go to bed already and she said wait for another hour to usher in the new year. So to kill time I've decided to blog. Again. Without pictures. Again.

By next year I'll be turning 23. I actually forgot my age when I filled up a form today. Horror can. But 22 years on planet Earth I've never actually partied with the masses to usher in the new year. For the past 22 years I've only stayed at home, watched the television and sms-ed and replied those who texted me, wished the family members and then off to bed.

Ain't my thing to be going out with friends/unknown peeps and party all the way down to midnight. So yeah this post is for me to recollect the ever interesting 2010. :)

#1. Did my internship with Petronas in a very secluded place I'd say, but nevertheless fun. And awesome.

#2. Won an iPod Touch. :)

#3. Crossed something out from the wish list. Hello BlackBerry!

#4. Parents got me a brand new car that will be arriving just in time before CNY 2011.

#5. Went cuti cuti Malaysia, covering places like Sarawak and Sabah. I now only have Kelantan, Pahang and Terengganu to go.

#6. Picked up guitar and on my way to becoming Joe Satriani! Okayy that's a lil bit too much. Hah.

#7. Picked up drums too!

#8. Got my baby, Canon 550D 18-135mm. Awesome.

#9. Visited Singapore 2 times this year, nearly made it 3 times though. Singapore is <3, so is Universal Studios Singapore.

#10. Had an awesome semester with the retards, and my beloved room mate.

#11. Ate like super much but still lost weight. A plus point for this ever interesting year.

#12. A very exciting year with the boyf :)

#13. Made more friends-yes; made enemies-hmmm i'd hope not.

#14. Lost two great friends, and several others. :(

#15. Hmmm what else? I have short term memory for your info. I don't recall things easily cause I choose not too. I prefer to enjoy life as it is and move on. Nothing else I supposed besides the minor stuffs.

List of resolutions for year 2011?

Have not started thinking but i bet it'll be too many to be listed here. Life's like that. You make 100 resolutions and you only achieve 10%-30%. So i don't bother to make any now and only make some along the course of 2011. :)

Anyway, may the year of the Rabbit bring you happiness and blessings nonetheless!
*whistles and throws confetti*

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quickie v1.0
7:57 PM
Okayy so I have about 3 post pending. :/

One is about my Melaka, Muar, JB holiday trip; 2nd is about fine dining at Cassis in Penang, where a set lunch can cost up to RM68 and lastly the post about ushering in the new year and recapping the good ol' memories.

Photos are in dslr and my blackberry, but the cables are in somewhere else. Pfffttt. Can't get hold of the holidays pictures and the set lunch pictures. Looks like I've got to wait a tad longer to get back my cables.

And oh, I am selling my BlackBerry Curve 8520 for roughly RM500. 4 months old baby. 99% new, not faulty at all. Still under warranty for 7-8 months :) Anyone who is interested do contact me please! No photos of my BlackBerry now as I can't transfer pictures from my dslr. Sigh. :(

But anyways, Happy New Year in advance people! :D May the Rabbit year be an awesome one. :)

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a little bit of this and that
Wednesday, December 8, 20101:42 AM
Yeah i know, i know.

Cut me some slack. I know I haven't been updating like ages. Pffft pardon me. This semester has been really hectic. FYP, FYDP, 3 subjects. May seem few, only 3 final papers but these subjects and FYP and FYDP really drove me up the wall. Sigh.

Ate a lot throughout the whole semester, late night snacks and even my biological clock went uber wrong. But thankfully it's all over :)

But seriously, I couldn't have gone through all these without God. He showed me that all these will come to pass and no matter what, He is still my God and I need to dedicate time to Him no matter how busy I could get. :)

Currently still in uni, can't wait to get back home to see the family. Missing them loads. Bro is back, my holidays are gonna be so fun. :) Parents are gonna bring us to Malacca and KL. :D Can't wait for the trip to Sunway Lagoon with the family. Missing my grandma to bits, can't wait to see her and to have lunch with her :)

The boyfriend got me a whooping pair of black classic converse sneakers! omgggg they are so gorgeous. I have never liked converse but the boyf made me change my mind after he got his converse. Best-est part : I can wear converse for kids and the sneakers are actually cheaper compared to the ones for adults. Hah! Saved about RM20. :D

Earliest christmas present ever! :D Have yet to find any nice checkered shirt oh well nevermind. Got to continue checkered-shirt-hunt in Penang. The boyf is still hunting for his christmas present though. :)

Been wasting my day by watching four eps of Glee. And I am kinda tired now. :(

Logging off!


p/s Random 1: I am not fully utilizing my dslr

p/s/s Random 2: I am super in love with my Blackberry Curve though I am still secretly wishing for a BB Bold 9780.

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