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Blessed Tuesday;
Tuesday, January 25, 201112:46 PM

Good day y'all!

Today's Tuesday and when I pulled open the blinds, the sun came shining in, the birds chirping happily outside, ahhhh what a beautiful Tuesday. And a blessed one too! :) I'm amazed at the fact that I can actually wake up at 10am and obviously witnessing God's mighty and beautiful creation

Don't have any classes today, kinda free this semester. Classes are only on Mondays and Thursdays. Yay.

Second day of the brand new semester, and I can say that life's pretty good right now. Awesome timetable and close buddies and church mates. Staying alone this semester, thought I'd be facing lots of difficulties sleeping alone (i don't like to be alone cause i am like super talkative and i'd get all stressed up and depressed if left alone for too long) but God has been kind to me! Still not used to sleeping alone (i don't sleep alone at home) but been getting good rests lately. :)

One thing that is pissing me off, and everybody I reckon, is the internet connection in campus. Uber slow, and it automatically goes off at night. Pffftt. Which means that I can only watch movie and series at night.

Oh, and so if I can really pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars, my wish would be 'Let God transport Joe and Lily back to campus!' Missing them much, and life in uni would be better! :D

But still, I thank God for placing awesome people around me here in uni. They still ask me out for lunch/dinner and even go to the extend to bring me out to Tronoh for dinner. Thank you! Despite me living in my own world when the boyf was around. Sorry peeps :(

On a brighter note, I am going HOME this friday! double yay! Aunt and Uncle and The Cousins will be back on Friday as well, Bro's back on Saturday :) CNY's so gonna be a blast :)

Family, Food, Fun, Laughter, Happiness, Ang Paus.

Have a blessed tuesday earthlings!

Till then,

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Wednesday, January 5, 201111:25 PM

My long overdue blog post on my Melaka-Muar-JB trip. Nothing interesting about the places, because Melaka and JB are places that I frequently visit.

The main highlights of the trip however:
#1. First time to Muar
#2. First time visiting relatives from dad's side
#3. Quality time with the parents, bro and sis
#4. Spending christmas with the boyf
#5. Food and loads of shopping!

Okayy I did sinfully indulge in Melaka's awesome food. :D And jb's. Hmmm still fine tuning my taste buds to suit the locals. Like how joe put it - acquired taste. Hah. But I am getting used to their wantanmee. :) a step forward already *beams.

As usual, visited A Famosa, Studhuys, A Famosa Water World, Jonker Street, Mahkota Parade, Dataran Pahlawan, Portuguese Settlement. The usuals. Ate chicken rice ball, assam fish, satay celup, durian cendol. The usuals again. But found something that I love uber much! Can be found anywhere but I first had it in Melaka.


*lei cha! or also known as thunder tea!*

I know many of you will cringe at the sight of this bowl of brown rice filled with awesome vegetables. I can actually eat this for every meal like forever! And they give you mint soup to go with it :D

*chicken rice ball*

*the chicken*

*satay celup*

*durian cendol*

*assam pedas fish*

A day trip down muar to visit dad's sis. I've never met relatives from dad's side before. First time ever after 22 years on planet earth. May be because they are in Melaka and Muar. hmmm.

After that trip down to jb to celebrate christmas with the boyf. :) Had a great time with joe, joel and the brother. Played many, many rounds of photo hunt, basketball at the arcade, watched movies, go shopping. :) fun.

*joe and i*

*the bro and i*

*the x group. hah!*

xoxo (:

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Saturday, January 1, 201111:10 PM

goodbye you my beloved blackberry. :(

this post is dedicated to my current BlackBerry Curve 8520. i shall be parting hands soon with this beauty, whom will find her way into the hands of another owner.

but at least i know that the next owner is also a bb lover, so i trust the next owner completely that my beloved bb will be in good hands.

she has been with me since late of july/early august. got her in ipoh for rm900, after the blackberry craze started by my coursemate. and she has been faithfully serving me till now. and she'll be leaving my hands this coming monday. :(

i've used her to email my lecturers, buddies; to chat; play games; refer the bible; facebook; use the dictionary and so much more. ahhhh thank you! uber convenient, people can easily get hold of me 24/7, unless i am away on the bed.

i've had so many fond memories together with her, and indeed, one of the best phones i've ever had, owned, and used. so indeed i'll be parting ways with her with a heavy heart. there's practically nothing wrong with her, just that i am making way for another phone. so yeahh :(

goodbye youu. and i hope you will be happy with the next owner.

'it's hard to say goodbye. but life must go on! haha' - Ollie

and yes, she's the next owner. you know what to do ollie! haha.

so long blackberry curve. till we meet again. :)

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