Take me away cause falling in love ain't very far
thy queen
bow before me
click on me!
hook me up
scream your lungs
nuff niggas
links ahoy!
its easy to clap
where do you come from
Sunday, February 13, 201111:14 PM

heyy y'all (:

i am back in penang, for 3 days already. life's awesome here in penang, obviously. unlike utp where i turn totally sluggish, i eat 4 times a day, sleep more than 8 hours and do nothing.

so it's better to do nothing here in penang than do nothing there in uni. wise choice i know :)

i should be starting on my fyp and fydp already, but still not in the mood. :( bleh. the mood will come later when it needs to.

and so today i went to queensbay mall. and i decided to pay a visit to umobile's shop before i leave qb. and i nearly got myself a BLACKBERRY BOLD 9780 deal with them. it was so close. this close. super duper close. parents were ready to buy already. but i was hesitating.

#1. aint fair for my parents to pay for my blackberry phone installment when they are already paying for my myvi monthly installment.
#2. the boyf's bb is not really in good condition. so he isn't on blackberry, which defeats the purpose of me using bbm. we used to bbm every single day when we both had our blackberry. but still, i have a lot of awesome bbm-ers. the list is growing everyday!
#3. do i really need the blackberry? i guess i could still survive in uni for 7 more months without the blackberry.

but the umobile's sales person was super convincing. very patient and nice. the plan is wonderful also. RM1700 for the phone and RM40 for bis monthly for 6 months only. The remaining 6 months of the year is free. SEE! See how close I was to giving in? Ahhhh.

okay then. guess i will just get ze bold later on. maybe end of this semester. or when i graduate. *shuts and disconnects mind from blackberry. evil thing.

oh since tomorrow's valentine's day, happy v day y'all! to the lovebirds and those in the process. to the singles. hmmm. cheers? okay this is awkward.

*runs away

the boyf aint around, but happy valentine's joe! :D

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