Take me away cause falling in love ain't very far
thy queen
bow before me
click on me!
hook me up
scream your lungs
nuff niggas
links ahoy!
its easy to clap
where do you come from
Friday, April 29, 20111:20 AM

Oh hi! *waves

Just want to let you guys know that I've got a new blog just for pictures!

Head over to www.renaelyng.tumblr.com

Pictures are taken using Canon 550D. Either 18-55mm lens or 18-135mm lens.

Set up tumblr just to make sure I don't lose my passion for photography. It's a good motivation. :D

Check it out and give me some feedbacks if you wish. :D


p/s : First final paper is just next friday! O.o

p/p/s : Ei don't know why I can't get the wordings to be bigger. :(

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Welcome back!
Saturday, April 23, 20119:41 PM

Heyy. :)

I'm typing this, at the same time, feeling very, very tired. :(

Been in church the whole day, tomorrow's Easter! :D

It's the day Christ rose from the dead after being crucified on the cross as the sacrificial lamb to atone for all our sins. Your sins. My sins. Our sins.

The God who can conquer death, is the only God whom can give you eternal life.

They say you can get eternal life and the passport to heaven by doing good deeds (eg charity, helping others, etc). These good deeds are good, obviously LOL. But they are not enough to give you eternal life. And bring you to heaven.

For it is said, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. Nobody comes to the Father except through me (Christ)". John 14:6.

Very clearly said. And written. :)

And I am glad I have been saved, and have a beautiful walk with God everyday.

I hope my loved ones will one day be saved as well, hope they can feel God's love, be touched by God in ways they can't fathom. It's beyond words. :)

Anyways, happy Easter everyone! :D

Jesus loves you! xx

On a side note, I've just survived one of the toughest week in this semester. FYDP is finally over, left with Final Year Project. Pheww. Finals soon. Two more weeks from now. All is well. Still recovering from everything. Fatigue, etc. Tired beyond words :( Hence, the lack of updates.

Alright. Time to zoom off. Shower and time to rest :)

Have a blessed Sunday everyone! :D

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