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A Small, Humble Business
Wednesday, April 4, 20121:03 PM
Wow. My last post was dated 8th August 2011.

Well, just a quick update.

*I'm still surviving. Doing just fine.
*Finally got my bold 9780, though that's old news.
*Graduated last October (old news as well)
*Enjoying life after graduation, but at times I miss my uni life with awesome friends.
*Going to start a small business selling brand new books! Yes, brand new. Much cheaper than book stores.

Check out my humble book blog! And do support me! :D


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No blackberry
Monday, August 8, 20111:14 PM

Gurney Plaza, Digi Center.
'Sorry we dont have any stocks left'.

Jusco Ipoh, Digi Center.
'Sorry, we are out of blackberry bold 9780'.

Went two stores in different states but yet, no stock for blackberry bold III.

Bold 9780, you so laku (in demand) meh? :(

Was quite disappointed so the boyf tried to cheer me up.

'You want to go shopping? Let's get you a top or something', 'You want to see books? You love reading don't you?', 'You want to eat sushi? Secret recipe cake?. Come my treat'.

:) So sweet of the boyf right?

Although I am disappointed, but it's okay. Because my weekend was filled with quality time with my family members, and Josiah Tay. :) Thanks for coming and making the weekend so beautiful.

Hope to see you again, real soon. :D

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Friday, July 29, 20119:28 PM

Today he came. He decided to drop by on his way back to Kuala Lumpur from Lumut. Buzzed me. Was sleeping at that time. He said 'Hey. I'm dropping by. See you'.

Although it was just only 40 minutes, but thank you Josiah, for stopping over.

Never knew I've missed you so much. :)


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Week 8
Thursday, July 14, 201111:44 PM

Week 8!

I think.

I've lost track of time, but I know that by August I need to settle FYP. Ahhhh FYP BEGONE! I hate you.

Tomorrow's friday and I can't wait to go KL! Gonna watch Liverpool vs Malaysia. :D My second football match live! After the Man Utd vs Malaysia match back in 2009 I think. No jersey to wear. :(

Can't wait for Saturday and wish me luck for my Ability Test with Petronas.


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Labuan FT
Tuesday, June 14, 20112:28 PM

Last post. April 29th.

Wow really had been quite some time.

Been really, really busy. Not with studies. But busy enjoying myself. :)

Anyways, latest updates. I just got back from Labuan. Love hate relationship with Labuan FT. Boring (only one mall, food not that nice, food expensive, small, ntg to do, etc, etc) yet awesome (awesome people, cheap chocolates, cheap liquor, beach? maybe).

So I was there for my field exposure with Schlumberger. 1 week in Labuan. One of the best experiences I may say, getting an insight unto how and what the engineers and operators in SLB do. :)

First time wearing blue coveralls, all these while yellow (Petronas).

Welcome to Labuan. A small and humble island.

We flew there by AirAsia. And I went with another UTP friend (Iffwad) and a new found friend from UTM (Ravin). It's like 1Malaysia. LOL.

Accommodation - Engineers' house (Lazenda 3). I have to say it's awesome! Double storey house and I got the master bedroom, fully furnished with queen sized bed, wardrobe, air conditioned. :) Stayed with another Field Specialist(FS) and a Field Engineer Vacation Trainee(FEVT).

Bus comes at 7.30a.m. daily, work practically begins at 8a.m. and ends whenever you are done with your job. First two days I went back at 5p.m., third day at 7p.m., 4th day at 10p.m. and 5th day at 5p.m. :)

Heck, tiring but fun! We get to touch the tools and even clean and service them. Hard work but interesting. :)

At the main entrance of SLB. Together with Andry (FEVT) and Wilfred (Crew Chief)

With Andry and Wilfred again. This time in the dog house.

With Wilfred, Dexter, Ravin, Iffwad, Andry, and some unknown workers.

Oh by the way if you wonder where we are wearing different coloured safety helmets, this is because for those who are there to visit, they need to wear blue helmets. Green helmets - for those less than a year in terms of working experience, white helmets - more than a year.

With the tools.

This is with Mr Rutat. Our Field Service Manager (FSM). He's from Thailand.

Last day at the airport. Doing last minute shopping.

With Iffwad. Back KL using MAS.

I've learnt a lot, observed, and had so much fun in Labuan. Thanks to awesome people who constantly brought me out for lunch and dinner, and also for shopping.

Honestly, in the beginning I really wanted to come back asap, but after 2 days later, I actually hoped that my field exposure would be longer. Haha. :)

Thanks to those who gave me advices in life. Especially Rutat, Welter, Wilfred, Baby, Phil, Ning.

Thanks to those who brought me out. Ning, Tiong, Clarence, Phil.

Hope to see you guys again in Labuan :)


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Friday, April 29, 20111:20 AM

Oh hi! *waves

Just want to let you guys know that I've got a new blog just for pictures!

Head over to www.renaelyng.tumblr.com

Pictures are taken using Canon 550D. Either 18-55mm lens or 18-135mm lens.

Set up tumblr just to make sure I don't lose my passion for photography. It's a good motivation. :D

Check it out and give me some feedbacks if you wish. :D


p/s : First final paper is just next friday! O.o

p/p/s : Ei don't know why I can't get the wordings to be bigger. :(

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Welcome back!
Saturday, April 23, 20119:41 PM

Heyy. :)

I'm typing this, at the same time, feeling very, very tired. :(

Been in church the whole day, tomorrow's Easter! :D

It's the day Christ rose from the dead after being crucified on the cross as the sacrificial lamb to atone for all our sins. Your sins. My sins. Our sins.

The God who can conquer death, is the only God whom can give you eternal life.

They say you can get eternal life and the passport to heaven by doing good deeds (eg charity, helping others, etc). These good deeds are good, obviously LOL. But they are not enough to give you eternal life. And bring you to heaven.

For it is said, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. Nobody comes to the Father except through me (Christ)". John 14:6.

Very clearly said. And written. :)

And I am glad I have been saved, and have a beautiful walk with God everyday.

I hope my loved ones will one day be saved as well, hope they can feel God's love, be touched by God in ways they can't fathom. It's beyond words. :)

Anyways, happy Easter everyone! :D

Jesus loves you! xx

On a side note, I've just survived one of the toughest week in this semester. FYDP is finally over, left with Final Year Project. Pheww. Finals soon. Two more weeks from now. All is well. Still recovering from everything. Fatigue, etc. Tired beyond words :( Hence, the lack of updates.

Alright. Time to zoom off. Shower and time to rest :)

Have a blessed Sunday everyone! :D

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